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Posted in: China surpasses U.S. as world's top energy consumer See in context

China have the money to go green.. Lets hope they realize that green energy do benefit in the long run.. They are the oldest kid in the block and I say they will take the lead and will be major player in many field down the road...

For those ppl that bash China's economy... Read the thread title... Obviously its not the right place to bash China economy.. Red eye and envy spell out loud for those ppl that doing just that...

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

Japan pride her self to be democratic nation and yet its no difference from Communist China or North Korea.. Media black out on some sensitive issue, and control what to be shown and what is not to be shown to the public... I say the movie should be shown to public and let the public decide!

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Posted in: Emirates launches online visa service See in context

I wouldnt bother to go there even without visa!

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Posted in: China executes man who attacked 29 children See in context

Drugs and murder should get death penalty for sure! Why do you want to waste tax dollar to feed those A list criminal? Its better off spending on other things.

I say Japan should adopt this policy.. No more fake crocodile tears from criminal and get lesser penalty.

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Posted in: Australia to take Japan to int'l court over whaling See in context

Western nation used to kill thousand of these whales for their oil.. Japan only kill hundreds for their meat and Western nation cry like a small baby..Who care if they will go extinct! Its not like we can see them everyday.. Even if they go extinct, life will go on as usual.

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Posted in: Britain reveals extent of nuclear arsenal for first time See in context

The next world war is going to be the last... Who need the best tank, fighter jet and troops when there is already nuke? Say China go to war with US, China is going to get beaten down like dog if they fight without their nuke.. But they wont be like Nazi Germany where they fight till the last one stand! They have Nuke... China will launch all their Nuke and that will be the last war we ever see... China launched, US in retaliate, launched all their nuke and we will be back to flint stone baby!

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Posted in: Lee says N Korea must pay for torpedo attack on warship See in context

In this game, this is a "no" win win situation for both USA and China.. Both will loose a lot money for sure... Only thing is who can take the lost and survive.

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Posted in: Lee says N Korea must pay for torpedo attack on warship See in context

China looses big and they can take those losses.. Most Chinese still live under USD5/ a day.. Wont make a dent to those ppl life... Question is, can American take those losses? You see how bad already during housing crisis in USA...

American have 2 wars and alot military station all over the world plus big budget for her military and research etc.... If we loose big, we will loose our prestige in world stage if we cut down these budget...

China on the other hand have no wars and they dont care bout their place in the world.. Their govt only care to impress their people and the Asian region.

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Posted in: Lee says N Korea must pay for torpedo attack on warship See in context

How can the Chinese get hurt? Most of the crap China produce goes to budget store in USA... One thing for sure if China hurt, USA will hurt big time! Where can we buy all the cheap product now... Africa? No way.. Whether we like it or not, we need China and vise versa... Not everyone in USA is making a lot money.. Just remember that.. A lot of low income people now and especially at this economy downturn now we experience, probably a lot more people depend on cheap import from China to keep afloat.

I suggest US and China should sit and sort out the differences and find a middle way. No point bashing each other when both are actually connected in many ways...

I say sanction is the best way to go to squeeze NK.. Lets hope this could lead to uprising within their country... Its not worth American life to tackle Asian business... We are far away from home..

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