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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of teenage girl See in context

well they got his pictures here:

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Posted in: 70-year-old man beaten to death with concrete block on street in Hyogo Pref See in context

No coincidence these random and violent crimes are happening more often these days.

Used to visit my grandmother there: Hyōgo Prefecture borders Kyoto Prefecture to the east, Osaka Prefecture to the southeast, and Okayama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture to the west. Never heard of such brutal things like that before.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking police motorcycle in Kawasaki See in context

"no recollection of the incident because he was drunk"

well since these buffoons can't control their own behavior and memory, perhaps a pipeline to a booby hatch would suffice.

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Posted in: Japanese man accused of fatally stabbing girlfriend at Airbnb in California See in context

"Ryoichi Fuseya, 25, a resident of Japan, faces one count of murder with a weapon enhancement for allegedly using a knife in the killing."

"The murder charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison if Fuseya is convicted."

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Posted in: Japanese man accused of fatally stabbing girlfriend at Airbnb in California See in context

Ryoichi Fuseya, 25, Fuseya is a Japanese national, sheriff’s officials said.!

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Posted in: Air Self-Defense Force base worker arrested for molesting woman See in context

"46-year-old man" groping a 19 yr old girl in public- just pathetic, lock him up.

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Posted in: 8-year-old-boy dies after being hit by car on crossing See in context

I'd bet the kid was crossing on a green light, and one of those ill mannered left or right turners, wanted to hastily proceed ignoring the green light for the street crosser. I've seen this too many times, as well as cyclist ignoring the red light- thinking they are on a bike and have no obligation to stop at a red signal.

In an OVERCROWDED country with over competitive drivers, traffic law enforcement is going to have to get off their buns and impose stronger penalties. BTW get that guys eyes checked. And check the street cameras to see how the accident really played out.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist killed in crash after being pursued by police See in context

"Police said a patrol car spotted the motorcyclist speeding and called out to him to stop. However, he ignored the police call and kept going, with the patrol car in pursuit."

Some of these motorcyclist speed like a bat out of hell, I almost got hit getting out of a taxi, the clown sped through a changing light and came within a foot of the taxi door. If I had taken 2 steps, he would have hit me. Another problem is the ridiculous noise pollution some of those speeding motorcyclist make, can be very disturbing.

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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

"“Unfortunately there was no trust. And some of our Japanese friends thought that the only way to get rid of Renault in Nissan is to get rid of me,” he said."

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after slashing tourist in Osaka shop See in context

"Things are getting worse with these random crazies."

you can see these crazies, drunks, freaks, vagrants walking around snooping, loitering, prowling, looking for trouble etc; especially on weekends, their crazed facial expressions, hateful frowns etc, shoddy attire and lack of grooming, smell, etc, are a dead give away, and they can roam virtually unchecked, and even pass by those unsuspecting law boxes. until they do something bad, which in most cases is much too late.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing wallet of driver sleeping in parked car in Yokohama See in context

Sorry but, you can see these vagrants walking around snooping, loitering, prowling, and seeking other such opportunities; especially on weekends, their shoddy attire and lack of grooming, smell, etc, are a dead give away, and they can roam virtually unchecked, and even pass by those law boxes. BUT I noticed where they have guardian angels on patrol, you see few of them. Thank goodness for the guardian angels in some parts of Tokyo.

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Posted in: Man fined ¥300,000 for online hate speech See in context

"Yes, what about them? I was talking about this with a friend at lunch today and we agreed we haven't seen any of them in Tokyo for a good while." 

Looks like they may shifted to Yokohama Fujisawa Odawara Shizuoka and Okinawa for the winter. But you can still find a few in Ueno, and Saitama.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man suspected of sexually assaulting caregiver after giving her sleeping pills See in context

"How does a near-80 year old still have such drive? Someone needs to take his pills away."

Many old men in Japan, would run circles around the same age group in america, they live much longer., and a lot of vitality, from their low animal diet.

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring 14-year-old daughter with umbrella See in context

"Matsumoto jabbed his daughter in the stomach with the point of a closed umbrella and then hit her left arm, left leg and head with it." I guess verbal counseling went out the door....

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

"a 43-year-old unemployed" native male.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife in Sendai koban See in context

"She is lucky it was here that she did this"

and they know that very well, that's why they do it here.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for attempting to kill daughters aged 4 and 3 See in context

Perhaps Margaret Sanger counseling could have helped her

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing woman on her way home See in context

Why would he need to steal her shoulder bag? He has a company job. Shibuya Ward, does have a lot of Vices in that area.

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Posted in: Man arrested over threat to kill woman after garbage dispute See in context

"Ito has denied the charge, saying the woman made the story up"

but who made the garbage pile up "at the entrance to his apartment and also in the building’s car parking lot"

Well at least in Japan, his reply may receive gent-privileged affinity as an argument, until they figure it out; he may even throw in "I dont remember" or "I was angry" or "I was drunk" or "I just wanted others to feel my unhappiness"

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in separate incidents in Yokohama; suspect arrested See in context

"and what about the concealed weapon charge "

maybe they have open carry laws

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog OKs restart of aging Ibaraki nuclear plant hit by tsunami See in context

"Nuclear watchdog OKs" doom.

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for abandoning dismembered body of mother along Shiga riverbed See in context

"Nozomi Kiryu, who is a nurse, has denied the charge. On March 10, the torso of her mother Shinobu was found on the riverbed "

Nurse? she sure took care of that.

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Posted in: Indian taxi driver arrested over rape of Japanese tourist See in context



Some Japanese women don't read the news or know about world events.

You mean the string of incessant rapes, not to mention, how they prey on female tourist handbags.And dont let me start talking about their insane police corruption. (they always have their hands out) I lived there before and had to stay in a hotel highly security guarded hotel, with hotel secure taxi service, because many of their taxi drivers are scammers.

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Posted in: Man in prison arrested over murder of 9-year-old girl in Okayama in 2004 See in context


Admit it or not, but there is a lot of heinous crimes involving knives and abductions used on little school girls in Japan. Obviously some serious problems in society that are far from being addressed.

I cant even imagine how some-thing-a hole could do this to a child...dam shame.

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Posted in: Man arrested after injuring motorcyclist with rope stretched across highway See in context

"He was quoted as saying he just wanted to stop traffic."

Who made him in charge of traffic flow- I get it another loon.on the loose.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing man in back after argument on Chiba Pref street See in context

"Police said Shimizu has admitted stabbing Hara"

that's being honest for what its worth.

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Posted in: 87-year-old dementia patient arrested for stabbing nurse See in context

He's suffering from dementia usually marked by memory and reasoning disorders; but he knew and remembered how to get a hold and use a scissors deadly at the nurse...who probably pissed him off.

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Posted in: 7-year-old girl likely killed hours before being hit by train See in context

"when she failed to return home, her mother contacted police"

The days of letting children walk around by themselves is very risky these days.

Don let your children go anywhere by themselves.

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Posted in: Decapitated cat found on Tokyo street See in context

For hundreds of years or more "cats" are an integral part of Japanese culture and history and hold a special place in Japanese society i.e literature, spiritual. In Thailand "dogs have a similar position. In Japan birds are not attacked by humans like in America, that why people can walk very close to them, many argue rare in most cities in America. Therefore under such characteristics, it seems fitting by the Japanese media to mention the abuse of animals in Japan , which does carry strong penalties.

"Cats are an extremely important part of Japanese society,” says Miwako Tezuka, director of Japan Society Gallery"


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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 3-year-old stepson because he ‘wouldn’t stop crying’ See in context

"stomped on the boy’s left leg and thigh, causing a bone fracture"

WOW, this will cause the child's leg to have length problems (broken leg and thigh will be shorter over time) when the child gets older, because "growth lines" in the leg will be disrupted. What a parent.

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