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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested for abusing one-year-old daughter, breaking her leg See in context

Tanzawa’s wife noticed her daughter in pain later that morning and took her to a hospital. That's hella painful.

Washing machine to a broke leg, what's next?

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested for stealing woman’s clothes from her house See in context

"Police believe Fujita may be responsible for more than a dozen thefts of women’s clothes"

there you go...

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Posted in: Saitama police officer arrested on suspicion of filming up high school girl’s skirt See in context

"Police in Yoshikawa, Saitama Prefecture, have arrested a 43-year-old police officer on suspicion of filming up the skirt of a high school girl."

another "12" doing what they do best!

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Posted in: School vice principal arrested for allegedly groping woman on train See in context

"Kenichi Kimura, vice principal of a public elementary school in Narita City"

A vice example among their elementary schoolers...just pitiful

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted bank robbery in Tokyo See in context

"Police said Kazuto Inaba, a company employee from Edogawa Ward"

pointed what looked like a handgun at an employee, aint that what they call obstruction of business too?

Mastermind already has a job, looks like he could use a leucotomy.

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over father’s murder in Oita See in context

"Police said an autopsy revealed the cause of death as suffocation."

So much for honor thy pappy.....

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Posted in: Woman arrested over mother’s death at home See in context

So much for honor thy mammy.....

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Posted in: Man's 18-year sentence upheld for 2017 Japan highway road rage deaths See in context

forcing the car of Yoshihisa Hagiyama, 45, and his family to stop on the passing lane of the Tomei Expressway in Kanagawa Prefecture, near Tokyo, on June 5, 2017, where it was rear-ended by a truck.

Terrible horrible, and hellish.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn infant in trash can See in context

Didn't mention the boyfriend nationality - most likely Japanese guy

They never do in such circumstances but, Nimrod's Judgments wrathfully consumes.

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Posted in: Man held after woman fatally stabbed at karaoke parlor; another woman's body found in bathtub at his apartment See in context

"Police said Soga told them he had also killed a woman who lives with him by drowning her in the bathtub at his apartment about two kilometers away."

"Catchin Hell"

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Posted in: Man suspected of driving into crowd, village office in Ibaraki See in context

The public nuisance nutcraks are getting way out of control!

Had one pop on me as I turned a corner, and coughed out a influenza canon blast directly in my face. On the same day another one. let out a bazooka blast style cough directly at me. These are terrorist, projecting their sickness upon innocent pedestrians! Later I got diagnosed with influenza type 1.

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Posted in: Woman assaulted, robbed outside Tokyo apartment See in context

occurred at around 2 a.m

she briefly lost consciousness. She was taken to hospital to be treated for injuries to her neck and bruises to her face which she sustained when she fell down

I see a lot of Ladies commuting at around 2 a.m-4am. Ladies must be vigilant walking around at those times period!

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for unlawful entry into woman’s apartment See in context

Police said neither the woman nor her husband know Uzu

yep a complete stranger psssst.

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Posted in: Man arrested for voyeurism after filming up woman’s skirt See in context

 he used his smartphone to film up a 19-year-old woman’s skirt.

super clod; dunderhead

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Posted in: Man who impersonated police officer arrested for scamming woman out of ¥3.85 million in cash See in context

" Yamashita, who was arrested on Tuesday, was quoted by police as saying, “ I can’t recall what I did back then.”

A convenient workable time buying excuse used in Japan among others.

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Posted in: Woman stabbed outside Osaka apartment See in context

"Heard this story too many times in so-called safe "Japan""

"Stay safe and watch your surroundings."

uh hmm.

Had one run up to my gate and take a picture at night (sic), then took off running. Later had some hating on a bike as they rode by.

Both losers were males in the 20 -30 range.

PSA: As "state dept says now, be Alert!

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Posted in: Man arrested over sex with minor he met online See in context


MOST CREEPS and PSYCHOS come out this time (summer) of the year.

Totally agree!

> Also August is when the Left/Right wings loudly parade around especially by the YAK_sue koooni shrine!

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting woman’s skirt from behind with scissors See in context

Police said Takayuki Kamimiya, a company employee, approached the woman from behind

the classic sneak attack.

Probably was used and abused as a child is the usual pathology

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for pushing elderly woman off bicycle and stealing her wallet See in context

"The three suspects were arrested after being identified from an analysis of street surveillance camera footage."

Good, prevalent street surveillance is imperative, for perp apprehensions

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Posted in: Senior Japanese diplomat in Oregon attacked in alleged hate crime See in context

@blue in green

The once beautiful city of Portland has become a den of drug abuse, homelessness, and general lawlessness.

Addicts and insane live and walk in the streets.

> > Much thanks for confirming what JerseyDevil said!

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Posted in: Man denies sexually assaulting woman who had fallen asleep on sidewalk See in context

"had fallen asleep on a sidewalk in Tokyo," never a good idea..

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 8-month-old son in 2022 See in context

welfare officials visited Arata’s home once a month and contacted his mother by phone. They claim that nothing suspicious was observed during the monthly visits.

"Nothing suspicious," so they thought everything was ok according to them. In the US they more likely, would have contacted CPS. (Big difference)

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke arrested for alleged role in mother's suicide See in context

"Magazine published a report detailing Ennosuke's alleged involvement in bullying and sexual abuse of people,"

Be careful to objectively criticize, gets high thumb downs here. Remember to always save their face, or get censored here.

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Posted in: Ghosn says $1 billion lawsuit against Nissan reasonable given his suffering after arrest See in context

"government’s last-ditch effort to prevent a foreign entity from taking a controlling stake in one of Japan’s Big Three automakers."

> I hope they learned their lesson, and future peeps

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested over fatal assault in Yokohama in February See in context


"This is why I have maze in my pocket whenever I leave my home."

But, I heard it was illegal for Americans to carry mace or a taszer in Japan, but legal on a US base, with a permit in Japan.

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Posted in: 65-year-old man arrested over death of older brother See in context

On the streets of Tokyo you can see "suspected" such walking around with demons, and multiple demons on them. Be watchful in public these days.

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Posted in: Man arrested for placing spy camera in women’s toilets in Fukuoka cafes See in context

"Too many pervs in Japan."

"It's not just the creep taking the video. It's also the creeps buying the videos."

You can see these walking sidewinder, "fiddlin bins" everywhere now, even the obvious weirdos can pass under the kobans radars undetected everyday.

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested over alleged thallium poisoning of aunt See in context

IMO sneaky poisoning is a disgusting, awful crime, and all such perps should swing if convicted. There was a very very case long ago where a maid tried this on a gaigin, but was terminated swiftly, due to a good suspicion and discernment of the maid.

Matthew 24:12  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

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Posted in: Cambodia deports 19 Japanese cybercrime scam suspects See in context

"It sounds like they may be victims themselves."

the result of increasing HIKIKOMORI etc.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of his 77-year-old mother in Yokohama See in context

"Police said Yahagi has remained silent since his arrest. "

I wonder why?

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