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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 7-year-old daughter had consulted with authorities in 2019, 2021 See in context

"autopsy revealed the girl had been strangled to death"

How gruesome can you get? ....sheesh

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping body of 80-year-old mother at home in Yamaguchi Prefecture See in context

"a 48-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of abandoning the body of his 80-year-old mother at their home"




add a section called creeps today

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of ‘noisy’ patient in Hokkaido hospital See in context

"attempting to kill another patient" in a hospital

its getting pretty bad when developed countries "hospitals" start having these issues. And don't compare it to the U.S cause we all know what could happen there, much more worse.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for fatally beating 82-year-old mother See in context

"admitted to punching his mother Shina in the face several times"




I once saw one of them loopy geezettes lose it in the 100 Y store, and another woman looked like she was going get at her. I quickly left, cause it aint my problem..Japan these days, their on their own

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Posted in: 23-year-old woman arrested for abandoning infant’s body inside suitcase hidden in closet See in context

"noticed an unusual odor coming from her daughter’s room."



that old tell tale smell

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping mother's corpse in toilet at home See in context

mother had died about two weeks earlier 

long enough to build up quite an odor.

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Posted in: Man arrested after attacking 2 men with knife on Osaka street See in context

"attempted murder" risk for "just out for a walk."

and cant defend yourself? Japan is for the birds.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 84-year-old mother See in context

BUT: "he didn’t mean to kill her."

Blah blah blah...

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to woman says he has done it on at least 30 occasions See in context

"47-year-old man who has been arrested for exposing himself"


Wow another deranged maniac roaming the streets of Tokyo.

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Posted in: 30-year-old man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on high school girl See in context

"a company employee, was seated behind the 18-year-old girl on the bus when the incident occurred."

This filth is utterly disgusting!

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Posted in: 78-year-old man stabbed in head by pick after argument with neighbor See in context

"Police said Saito’s wife told them there had been trouble in the past between her husband and their neighbor over noise."

Wow, long time brewing...I guess he picked the wrong neighbor to squabble with.

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Posted in: Australian man arrested over Osaka supermarket robbery See in context

"An Australian? Well, that's a first."

" the suspect threatened a 21-year-old part-time male employee at the first-floor service counter with a knife and demanded money."

The Australian was serious wasn't he?:

Assault with a deadly weapon, and robbery, that's big charges in America.

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Posted in: 38-year-old man questioned over murder of mother See in context

Another disdain, pretentious, cretinous, and perhaps palatine scumbag.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after stabbing woman walking along street See in context

At least he remembers...

"He got out of his car and stabbed the woman in the face and chest "

B.S. "I didn’t intend to kill her.” 

WTF she did not know the man. SO WHAT!

She definitely needed the Mace, take heed.

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Posted in: Ex-Yamato worker gets 27 years in prison for murder See in context

"A case can take 5-10 years to reach the civil courts."

that's encouraging..."and could add to the myriad of reasons why many JN's are blanched to report things."

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Posted in: Ex-Yamato worker gets 27 years in prison for murder See in context

AND failing to provide for their employees protection in the days subsequent to his firing."

even the flatfoots will snitch on the complainant- j-sys is very weak in that regard, and many JN's are blanched to report things.

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Posted in: 3 arrested over death of 37-year-old man who was handcuffed and confined at home See in context

"aging parents & live-in siblings unable to cope with the diminishing mental health issues of an adult “child”"

"he would physically assault them and he eventually stopped wearing clothes to live completely naked. Last May, he left home in the nude, causing a ruckus."

at least he did not drive a vehicle into a crowded busy area, etc., like some loose screws. i.e the infamous Akihabara manic.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested over fire that destroyed Osaka warehouse See in context

"because by law he will be free to do it again anywhere from tomorrow"

@smithinjapan I believe that. You know Japan very well!

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Posted in: Uber Eats cyclist indicted over death of 78-year-old pedestrian See in context

"There is a larger problem not limited to Uber Eats, which is bicyclists think they do not have to stop at red lights. They think it is OK to barrel through and pedestrians have to leap out of their way."

Some predict that casualties from selfish bike speeders on those narrow sidewalks, will take a chomp out of the "Japanese aging population", and add perhaps may have an affect on their already "declining birthrates"

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Posted in: Woman arrested for keeping father’s corpse in house See in context

"suspicion of corpse abandonment"

More like "woman arrested for trying to hide father’s corpse in da house

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Posted in: Man arrested after 3-hour siege in Tokyo restaurant See in context

Wow another terrorist, and the numbers keeps climbing.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted robbery of internet cafe See in context

"he was desperate for money"

so go do a robbery?, get a job scum!

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Posted in: Australian rugby player arrested on cocaine possession charge See in context

"The Japanese will never in a million years stage a trial, find him guilty, and then lock him up; as they most certainly would do for any local who wasn’t a celebrity or well-connected. "

Why Japan Is So Strict About Drugs:

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Posted in: TV station employee arrested after head-butting police officer See in context

In Japan , if he apologizes, bows, pays the fines, says he was drunk, and doesn't remember, he could get a suspended sentence, like the one that cut off ones thumb, back in the day.

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Posted in: Man arrested for exposing himself to school girl admits to at least 50 similar offenses See in context

"admits to at least 50 similar offenses"

a serial one WTH....

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Posted in: 6 teens, one man arrested for throwing fire extinguisher at police car in Kochi See in context

"one junior high school student, two high school students, and three other male minors" 

"Kōchi is the capital city of Kōchi Prefecture located on the island of Shikoku"

Its on a nice but a somewhat small island, nice in summertime, surprised at this news from students.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sent to prosecutors for groping two girls on trains See in context

"How are we supposed to trust law enforcement."


When you see so called public servants wandering and increasingly abhorrent, during the last decade, and the hoarding of their spoil, their penultimate term is waltzing in. 

(every nation has a term)

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Posted in: Two brothers arrested after keeping remains of father in house for 2 years See in context

"kept the remains of their father in their house for two years."

mental illness is strong, charlies angels: dottie, belle, and enola, did a number on that.

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Posted in: Woman attacks 2 passengers with blunt instrument on train in Yokohama See in context


The public in Japan does not want to get involved.


*Eizaburo Fukushima, claims to have seen the man shoplifting at a supermarket at around 1:20 p.m. on Saturday, Sankei Shimbun reported. The incident unfolded in the supermarket parking lot after *Fukushima followed the man out of the store and accused him of stealing

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing elderly woman in her apartment See in context

@Sven Asai

"Highly probably there’s more to come like this"

Yes sir,

iniquity stacked upon iniquity, until the "curses overtake their land."

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