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I saw 4 drunk young men spray the yotsuya platform about 20+ yrs ago, they thought it was funny. I also saw a middle age man on a subway platform whip it out 20+ yrs ago to let loose in his urgency emergency. Alog time ago I saw one about 20+ yrs ago on a shinjuku train sprawled on the floor passed out letting his number 2 run out his pants

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Posted in: Man stabs brother and sister, then leaps to his death from nearby building See in context

"those who are depressed. a person can only take so much verbal abuse." OR social abuse.

As a member of a western expat, and veteran, social world wide group, we have various locations near the bases, where we gather to discuss and share many issues, and by doing so we provide understanding and social support, and reach out to among ourselves to help with i.e. Japanese culture shock to us but to Japanese locked society issues, and we share helpful information to assist each other. A social support system is very important when living in a host country. We often discuss how when looking for answers about social issues from the Japanese the response sought can be different or very limited or perceived not helpful for many of us, even if we are fluent in Japanese, but when the same issues are discussed with our groups a more meaningful reaction is often received, mainly because we share similar values, traditions , mores, and can communicate globally with other westerners as well within similar global groups.

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"24-year-old man put his hand up the teenage school girl school uniform skirt and fondled her. "

pedophile sex offender, sexual assault lock this jookie up for 15 yrs.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for throwing bodily fluid on woman’s bag linked to 2 other incidents See in context

@ Mr Kipling "This is more frequent than you may imagine!"

Sure is, I've seen many such cases in the news over the years. They need to start publishing these miscreants, on a sex offender terrorist list. No telling how many and what STD's were in his body fluids.

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"Police in Tokyo have arrested a 39-year-old man on suspicion of attempted rape after he broke into the home of a teenage girl in. "suspect in similar crimes"

If convicted:

1) breaking and entering , prison time

2) attempted rape . prison time

3) multiple offender concurrent prison time.

or released back into Edogawa Ward, unemployed roaming its streets

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"The trial of a 29-year-old man indicted for murdering, dismembering and storing the bodies of nine people in his apartment in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture" wow, that's near where I live near Zama US base, terrifying indeed.

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I think the J police and firemen are competing against each to see who can create the most sexual harassment cases in 2020.

It seems that 2019 went to the police, but 2020 is definitely in the fire fighters favor.

ha ha spot on.

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"Lost of horrible acid-throwing incidents around the world. None of them, to my knowledge, started with pee."

....and many ended up with cracked skulls around the world.

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" It was NOT an accident and using alcohol or COVID stress"

If you ever read any of the archived articles, and other websites you would be surprised that some of these excuses were actually used in the past. I could post the links but this site is strict.

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Straight from the Fukuoka Prefectural Police

"“At present, we consider the response appropriate,” a representative of the Fukuoka Prefectural Police said regarding the incident.

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"The man forced the woman onto the ground and tied her hands and feet with cohesive bands. He stole her handbag which contained about 50,000 yen and ran away."

Oh ho, oh no!... Its time to stop playing and start pepper spraying.

She's lucky she did hot have to count the eternal sheep.

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Tarui, who is unemployed, has so far given no motive for attacking her husband.

Economic related?

Employment status is very notable in many criminal cases in Japan.

"Various news articles indicate that conviction of attempted murder can range from 6-10 yrs or more in Japan"

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot after attacking police officer in Kyoto See in context

Various news articles indicate that attempted murder can range from 6-10 yrs or more in Japan ....

"Upon his arrest on suspicion of attempted murder, Hiramatsu, who lives in the area, admitted to the allegations."


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@Aaron Brummett

"It sounds like he needs mental help"

They dont have such walk in help places, or they are expensive, and if you dont have the discount j-medical insurance your out of luck here.. and if your yen aint right, (Ryo Itoda, of no fixed occupation) you can hang it up.

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" pleaded guilty Tuesday to possession of illegal drugs" welcome to the criminal world.

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@Do the hustleToday 

"Using Rush for 30 years? What a loser!"

He'll probably come down with parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, dementia and alzheimer, later.

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Larr Flint "Sad, it will get worse before getting better!"

Definitely looks that way....

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested after burning mother's body in Sendai See in context

"has admitted to the charge"

"turned himself in at a police station"

Good honest perpetrator.

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"the woman repeatedly slashed her with the knife, including to the neck."

 “I thought it would be enjoyable to stab someone,” the suspect was quoted by police."



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Posted in: 84-year-old woman arrested over murder of 59-year-old son See in context

In Japan if you dont have any income, you cant take care of anything, that's why there are so many homeless these days in Japan.

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"GS9 and above live great!"

I also felt much safer when I lived on base, Bases have very low crime as compared to living off base. And crazy crime you see here hardly ever exist on base. The base police are very PRE-and PRO Crime oriented. If someone is even looking like they are bothering you, they are swiftly dealt with. Their were some Japanese contractors coming on base with bad attitudes, in one case and their contract was canceled.

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"admits cash handouts"

charity? b.s. he knew what he did, nobody gives away that kind of money for free. They can believe that, but anyone with horse sense can see it is horse s!#t

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"two men were loudly arguing"

you can see that at many places in Tokyo, especially on Saturday nite or Sunday. Once they start I never stay around to see if it will escalate.

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another site with his pic reported:

"I did it because nobody was around,”

sneaky pervert

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"dispenser in a public toilet in Edogawa Ward was switched with another dispenser containing acidic liquid"

domestic terrorism...

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"Its funny how many of the late bloomers wait until they get up in age, to check out violently."

Yeah you'd think at that age the judgment gates are around the corner, they'd be more prone to check themselves. but I guess the going down the elevator they may say "I dont remember/ I was drunk

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"he killed his mother and grandmother"

just terrible I tell you just terrible, lock him up for life.

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Posted in: 61-year-old woman beaten to death in Aomori home See in context

"Sato had been beaten about the head with a blunt object and was declared dead at the scene."

beyond ouch...

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

"Kawasaki introduced legislation adding punitive measures against perpetrators who repeatedly harass residents."

Only Kawasaki?

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Posted in: 36-year-old man arrested over murder of parents in Saitama Pref See in context

they should stop using the term "man" but use: male instead, etc, going forward.

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