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Posted in: Stalker arrested for groping woman in her bedroom See in context


"Is there any wonder there are so many perverts in Japan when sentences are ridiculously low?"

You hit the J-nail on the head. And this type of cosseting will in the sequel triturate the substratum, history teaches.

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Posted in: Crossdressing man arrested for stealing female high school student’s shoes See in context

Natsuki should have known: Illegal trespassing results in jail time. But it seems trespassing was not in Natsuki's reasoning., And when a second charge of theft was presented, Natsuki said: Although I did put on the shoes, I had no intention of stealing them. I wonder if the J-system will accept that. Such criminal angles are often used, Not to mention the unemployed societal stigma. I laugh cause Nutsuki's angles would get slammed in the states. I know this is how Japan does it but I digress.

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Posted in: Ruling in kidnap case postponed after defendant yells out he is ‘forest fairy,’ ‘ameba,’ other gibberish See in context

"he suffers from integration disorder syndrome"

Perhaps his lawyers should recommend separation orders

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of real estate company employee See in context

"How did he think violence would solve this?"

many suffer from temporary insanity-with built up pique, having been disillusioned by obsolete mores, folkways, etc., along with parsimonious attributes and a crumbling erudition, thus in such cases tumult actions instantly appear as countenance.


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Posted in: Woman attacked while walking home in Tokyo See in context

" attacked from behind by a man as she walked home"

"incident occurred at around 5 a.m"

walking around that late by oneself as a female is not a good idea, in safety Japan

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Posted in: Iwate high school teacher arrested for indecent exposure at convenience store See in context

Good thing he does not live in my home state of Texas and got caught, it may have meant "curtains" for him.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up woman’s skirt at train station See in context

":Police said Kitahara has admitted to the charge."

Good now get him the j-legacy help he duly needs

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested over death of 5-month-old daughter in Nara See in context

there are far too many cases like this in J-land

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Posted in: Skeletonized body found in Kawasaki building See in context

every so often these articles pop up...

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Posted in: Gang member shot in Kanagawa restaurant parking lot See in context

Wow I've seen Yaks having strange meetings at Denny too,

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Posted in: Man arrested after pushing commuter against moving train See in context

"can't understand why he was arrested"

Denial of reality is more like it

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested for setting fire on bullet train See in context


could be another : geriatric pyromaniac

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Posted in: Japan eyes putting TPP into force without U.S. See in context

""Tokyo’s leadership in keeping the momentum for free trade.""

Thats BS a businessman in JP cant survive here as an importer because JP customs is BS just like all other Asian Customs BS if aint graft its something else. Who they think they foolin, only themselves, with their lopsided business deals those days are gone forever.

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Posted in: Police inspector arrested for assaulting station employee over train delay See in context

"Community Affairs Division"

yeah right.

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Posted in: Severed crow head found on tree branch at Kobe school known for infamous 1997 murder See in context

"1997, the same school became the base of one of Japan’s most brutal serial murder case, in which a then 14-year old boy, known as “Sakakibara Seito,” killed two other boys and injured three more. The boy left the decapitated head of one of his victims in front of the school gate.

In 2015, the killer, then 32, “Sakakibara Seito,” wrote a controversial autobiography, titled “Zekka” (絶歌), despite objections by the family of one of his victims."

So they have immortalized the gruesome legend, given JP air time, publication, and infamous notoriety, What do you expect for more iniquitous tantamount inclined to do given the many foramen and concession to adumbrate simulacrum, exploit and skulk

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Posted in: Another arrest warrant served on ex-NHK reporter over 3rd rape See in context


"Tsurumoto was indicted in February on a charge of raping a woman a year earlier in Yamagata Prefecture, northeastern Japan, and indicted again Wednesday over another rape in October 2014 in Yamanashi."

This guy was on a roll..... he's up their with O'reilly...

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for throwing dozens of cockroaches around at anime music event See in context

" 33-year-old Kazuyuki Kawatani from Higashi Osaka City, admitted to throwing around at least a few dozen cockroaches near the audience seating area"

another unpredictable loose screw.

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Posted in: 3-year-old boy dies after being hit by truck; driver arrested See in context

"From what I see every day, it's pretty safe to conclude the truck was traveling at excessive speed on a narrow back street trying to beat traffic on the main roads." Such truck drivers are like bullies.

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend's 1-year-old son See in context

"lice said the child remains in a coma." I wonder how that happened.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested for killing his mother See in context

"There has been a family murder in the news nearly every day since the beginning of December. "

They are going to mess around and get perhaps get put on the UN watch-list, if Japan does not fix its societal explosive temper issues.

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Posted in: Body of woman in underwear found in apartment building parking lot See in context

"Imagine, as a foreigner you spotted a dead body on the way in Japan, would you guys dare call the police overlooking the sheer possibility of storm of questions and end up being a suspect?"

especially if you are tourist.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for shooting girl with air gun from car See in context

"The girl was walking along a street when the two suspects drove up slowly behind her and fired several pellets at her."

Sounds like they been vexed, Beavis and Butthead, practicing drive by's, they've seen on US media...

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Posted in: Dentist stabbed to death in his clinic See in context

@sensei258 & Disillusioned...on your comments I'm LMAO RAOTF..thanks guys!

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Posted in: Man punches Don Quijote employee after being asked not to bring his dog into store See in context

"Police said that Fujita, a '59-year-old' got angry and punched the woman in the face." Ouch.....Wha old dusty's mammy and pappy didn't teach him anger management.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attacking sleeping husband See in context

"According to police, the suspect, Kaori Ishikawa, hit her husband Yoshio with a metal bat and also stabbed him with a knife, while he slept,"

"Police said Ishikawa has admitted to attacking her husband but denied intending to kill him."


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Posted in: Man arrested after shoving woman on platform against incoming train See in context

"Police said Kubo, who lives in Shiga Prefecture, has denied any intent to kill the woman, and quoted him as saying he couldn’t remember the incident." Here we go again with the selective amnesia, and cognitive dissonance....Yet another candidate for the straight-jacket. award.

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Posted in: 3 bag-snatching cases reported one after the other in Saitama See in context

"Oh please. Like this doesn't happen in Tokyo..or Chiba or Osaka, or Yokohama. Its got nothing to do with Saitama"

For Buddha's sake

yeah it does happen all over Japan more and more.

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Posted in: Man arrested for snipping women's hair on trains See in context

well good news the keystones caught this one, really shames the "safe" country

Moderator: Please do not refer to the police as "keystones."

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Posted in: Employee of regional taxation bureau arrested for indecent exposure See in context

Daiki Yoshida, 23, dropped his pants at around 4:20 p.m. Sunday, while walking a long a street in Chuo Ward, Sagamihara City,


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Posted in: Man arrested for beating woman with bat outside Saitama convenience store See in context

"outside a 7-Eleven store" , at 8:10 a.m in the morning, in dai- saitama , surely there must have been people around getting coffee and such, who could have intervened on this poor woman's behalf, instead of having to rely on street surveillance camera footage, following this awful aftermath. But its a good thing cameras are everywhere in Japan these days.

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