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Posted in: Un-brella See in context

Looks like a really cheap umbrella anyway.

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Posted in: Gov't employees to start work early, finish early in July, August See in context

These sort of management techniques are used by logistics companies in the US to save money for the corporations they work for. Its a very discreet way of pushing more work onto the worker.

As stated by Yubaru and borscht, this is a psychological technique that openly states 5pm as the cutoff, but with the genuine cutoff being around 8pm. It sounds nice, but it will absolutely be utilized to overwork.

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Posted in: Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi See in context

There has been movements in the US to begin implementing insects into food, but this is still very uncommon.

I'm not sure why it has been so culturally unwelcome in the US or other places in the world. Many friends and strangers I have met growing up in the United States have phobias toward insects, not as a food, but just generally speaking.

I am personally quite interested in insects and arachnids, and it pleases me that people are not eating them globally.

Without a doubt - if insects become a common/accepted meal in the US, we would begin to see some very exotic species of insect become much harder to find in the wild.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson rams whalers for a living See in context


Although its true that most of us humans do consume meat from other animals, this does not change the fact that whaling, and most other major fishery operations - are damaging the wild environment that sustains that particular regional circle of life.

The same can be said of any animal that is hunted vigorously in a wild habitat, with little thought given to what part the animal plays in wildlife.

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Posted in: Bomber and bombed: U.S., Japan bound by atomic legacy See in context

Sometimes, I am exhausted by these ongoing politics.

In the truth of progression, if we set aside our emotion and all "what if" questions, we can see that our time should be focused on the issues that are more relevant to our current times.

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Posted in: The very idea of a President Trump scares some, bolsters others in Asia See in context

What scares me is that Trump is clearly pushing for votes from dumb people. These are people that like what they hear, but do not know better.

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Posted in: Throughout history, in every time and country, there have always been con artists. Why are they always with us? Is it because because people are fundamentally dishonest or gullible? See in context

It would seem that con-artists generally utilize the empathy trait for self-gain. If this is so, it would make for quite an interesting breakdown of psychology and spiritual identity. Unfortunately, these sort of personalities/individuals seem to struggle with their own honesty, and it may very well represent a serious mental disorder, one that has progressed into mostly uselessness as a result of what was perhaps a smart tactic in times very long ago (as stated by another comment above mine, regarding evolution).

I also agree that many politicians are individuals that carry this unfortunate curse.

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Posted in: Egyptian military finds debris of crashed airliner See in context

What bothers me most about this article is that US presidential candidates, Trump and Hilary, are so quick to make public statements with assumptions regarding terrorist involvement. This is not the professional or formal approach that any presidential candidate should take.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

If you must correct yourself, you aren't right.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

Toxins are actually a type of poison, not the other way around. It is one that is generated within an organic living property. It can be a bi-product of other poisons that are ingested by the host.

I think you have confused "toxin" with "toxic".

In any case, you don't need a dictionary. I implore anybody that questions this debate to use Google.

Please Google "toxin". Thanks.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

These are toxins. Do you understand now?

They are responsible for releasing toxins, but they are not toxins themselves.. Please stop. You are making the scientific community cringe.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

Toxins are not found "especially" in small fish and cetaceans. They are found especially in large fish and cetaceans.

As a matter of fact, there was no mention of toxins in the first place. Please read the post that you attempted to correct. The user, Disillusioned, makes no mention of toxins. He mentions the consumption of metallic and plastic materials.

I will also point out that you are generalizing your use of the word "especially". Although a larger fish has more body mass and thus more cargo room to store toxins, this does not allow you to generalize larger fish as "especially" toxic. There are many factors, particularly regional factors that play a bigger part. In some regions, depending on the particular source of pollution, you may find that the smaller fish are the ones most infected.

I was willing to listen to any viable points you had to offer, but now I understand that you are only intent on defending your false correction. That is a shame.

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Posted in: Virtual reality films comes to Cannes See in context

A virtual reality film will bring interaction to the viewer, and I'm not sure this is a good idea for being the "future norm" of story telling. As stated in the article, this may have very serious consequences to future generations. One problem that I foresee, is that this sort of medium will undoubtedly fast-forward the ever-declining patience/attention span of human beings. Technology is wonderful, but I do hope there will be more thought invested in the negative consequences of certain future luxuries.

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

@ Sioux Chef

I understand.

However, it would seem that your correction of Disillusioned's comment would imply that there was something wrong in the first place. There is nothing incorrect about his statement.

Furthermore, I would like to inform you that many small fish found on the sea food market have contained enough plastic to warrant press attention. Generalization or not, there is an undeniable catastrophe that is effecting all levels of marine life. Whether you find it easier or not to find it in a big fish, or a small fish, does not change the facts that plastic is consumed by all sizes of fish.

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Posted in: EgyptAir jet missing after mid-air plunge over Mediterranean See in context


After seeing as many planes go missing and never recovered in the last decade, I agree.

Must we send more satellites into orbit?

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Posted in: Japan’s demand for seafood declines, especially among young generation: report See in context

That would be "larger fish and cetaceans" (biomagnification).

There are plenty of small edible fish that are also ingesting plastic crumbs.

I'm personally quite pleased to know about these declining sales. A large amount of ocean pollution is contributed by seafood vessels, and regardless of the pollution, there is reality of a shrinking population in marine wildlife. I am not an environmentalist, I am a regular guy - but I know there is a very real problem.

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Posted in: Trump's brand of populism: Is he the next Andrew Jackson? Or the next Groucho Marx? See in context

It would seem odd to compare him to either.

Donald Trump is a troubled individual. He may very well become the first man to ruin the US presidency in its entirety.

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Posted in: Lennon's lyrics, Cobain's letter and Gaga's piano up for auction See in context

I did not mean to insult her musical work, there is nothing I disagree with you here. She still has time to make her mark a more everlasting one, and you are correct that I do not know of her discography and I have never read or seen a biography on her. However, I do know some bit about her lifestyle and interests. I also stand by my statement that Lennon and Cobain have left a larger footprint in the musical scene then Gaga has.

Again - she ain't over yet.

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Posted in: Obama and Hiroshima: Revisiting reconciliation in an age of lingering hatred See in context

@domtoidi Can you please explain what it is that makes you believe half of the US is still warmongering towards Japan?

As somebody who was born and raised in the US, I can assure you that there is no significant group that perpetuates an anti-Japanese agenda. If you were to sit down and ask your modern US youth what they thought of Japan, you would see that it tends to conjure images of high-tech innovation, anime culture and strict schooling. It may be ignorant in some light, but its certainly not hateful.

As far as I can tell, the US has been fine with Japan since the 90's.

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Posted in: Obama and Hiroshima: Revisiting reconciliation in an age of lingering hatred See in context

As technology progresses, so too might the alliances of differing cultures.

Although there is many imperfections that have not been worked out between the two nations, I personally believe that Japan and the US shall continue to have a very promising future working together. Both countries breed wonderful scientists, and our collaborations continue to shape mankind.

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Posted in: Widening the STI net for sustainable development See in context

Although I agree that progress in these areas of work is necessary, I would say that money is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to obstacles that are holding this proposal back. Perhaps some of the more basic goals of the 2030 Sustainable Development project are in fact key to widening opportunities in STI. Promote better welfare on a larger scale, begin focusing on spending a larger portion towards youth education to increase the workflow of tomorrow's localized researchers and developers.

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Posted in: Cosmeceuticals are a growing market See in context

There is plenty of cosmeceuticals on the US market. One of the more popular is an acne medicine under the name Accutane. Its extremely powerful, and is generally prescribed only in severe cases of acne.

It should be noted that a lot of these cosmeceuticals pose health risks. Many of them have faced class action lawsuits.

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Posted in: Here’s what Japanese men and women think about cheating See in context

The emotional scale changes from human to human. Some of us want love to last. I don't think many people share this feeling. If you have ever fallen truly in love, you know that you would never want the person you love to cheat on you.

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Posted in: Lennon's lyrics, Cobain's letter and Gaga's piano up for auction See in context

Gaga is a celebrity. It may even be fair to call her a household name, as she does have that level of fame. She does not have a musical legacy. She is a musician, but her music only plays a portion of her success. Much of her fame is attributed to her clothing design, which is usually quite unique and tends to demand attention.

Kurt Cobain and John Lennon, on the other hand - claimed musical fame through strictly musical production.

Cobain and his band, Nirvana - are perhaps the most famous band of the grunge genre, and without them, there would have been much less attention for grunge music. They inspired a countless number of bands, and even today are still very popular with youth. Kurt Cobain left a true musical legacy, one that is not to be forgotten before Gaga.

On a final note - I would like to say that its absolutely irrelevant to include what a musician does outside of music, including general entertainment, politics or philanthropy. These may help a musician in their musical success, but they do not help in musical legacy.

Lady Gaga does NOT have the musical legacy that Lennon and Cobain have secured.

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Posted in: Atsugi City Hall, 6 schools receive bomb threats See in context

Public wi-fi or pay phones. It sounds like something a student would do for a chance to miss class.

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