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Posted in: Giuliani, Graham testimony sought in Trump election probe See in context

Trump to announce presidential run in order to attempt to shield himself from prosecution.

presidential pardons dont cover state crimes only federal

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Posted in: Inflation, not deflation, is now Japan's political hot potato as election looms See in context

its ironic that Japan finds 2% inflation too difficult while the rest of the world has this amount of inflation almost every year. the problem isnt the inflation its that the government doesnt force companies to increase wages at least what the inflation rate is. 1st thing they can do is increase the minium wage to 1200yen hr

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Posted in: 27-year-old woman indicted over murder of 3 daughters See in context

the only person who could have prevented this is Dad...

why many people have mental break downs, doesnt mean they become murderous.

Im curious how the father could have prevented it, is he part of some new precrime tech

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Posted in: UK to strengthen internet laws to fight Russian disinformation See in context

These bill has no rule of law in the US

same as Americas first amendment rights means nothing to the UK or EU,

American companies want to operate and sell their products in the UK EU then they;ll abide by their disinformation laws, as Twitter is finding out

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

yes somehow in liberal Chicago 15 people getting murdered (including kids) and 60 people shot is just a "normal weekend"

oh how quickly republicans forget about Vegas

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

yes somehow in liberal Chicago 15 people getting murdered (including kids) and 60 people shot is just a "normal weekend"

yet red states still rank worse

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

More Anti-4th Liberals doing what they do best in a Blue State, but no reports of the gun shootings on a daily bases in Chicago.

why red states constantly rank in the highest violent crime per capita and homicides per capita, once again the stats proving the republican's wrong.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

We have less terrorist attacks than Europe so I do believe the second amendment places a huge role in that.

LOL its becuase you dont share a land mass for Terrorist to easily travel to Europe.

So it depends on your outlook as to which nation is more violent because there are a lot of variables when you put it in that context, but I get your point,

its not, US violent crime rate, homicide rate is higher than every democratic European country, some 4 to 5 times higher, those are the facts.

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Posted in: 6 dead, 30 wounded in shooting at Chicago-area July 4 parade; man detained See in context

land of the free, cant even be free on July 4th.

liberty justice for all, WAFJ

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Posted in: Kyrgios wins bad-tempered clash with Tsitsipas at Wimbledon See in context

Kyrgios said Tsitsipas should be kicked out of Wimbledon, recalling the incident at the U.S. Open in 2020 when Novak Djokovic was defaulted from the tournament after hitting a line judge with a ball.

dont agree with Kyrgios often but on this i do, if a players bad temper hurts somebody on the court or in the crowds, it should be an automatic disqualification, although I think most of Kyrgios outburst was to rattle Tsitsipas and it seemed to have worked

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Posted in: ANA to resume one-way flights from Beijing to Narita after 2-year suspension See in context

How are the ones flying from China supose to get home, as ANA only flies passengers out of China

ANA isnt the only carrier flying from Japan to China

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Norther Alps in the distance and not a single person is around perfect for swimming which often do this time of year.

nah my pool in the backyard is far better full privacy BBQ cooking up a feast, a couple of my sons soccer team over for a swim and BBQ, no sand in your butt, no need to cart all your gear from the car/ house to the beach , then viseversa at the end of the day.

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Posted in: China's Xi: No reason to change Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems' formula See in context

bit late for that bud

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Posted in: Australian, French leaders meet to mend frayed ties See in context

gee French got half $billion for basically doing nothing for 7yrs , not one weld was done on any of the subs.

Nukes subs far better option, doubt Australia will go back now

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Posted in: Tokyo raises alert level amid resurgence in COVID-19 cases See in context

 vaccination is not effective at stopping infection therefore there isn't such thing as herd immunity with the vaccines. 

i never read anywhere that the vaccine would stop infection, what it does do is drastically reduce long covid, deaths. many people will still get covid vaccinated but their risk of dying and long term heath effects are greatly diminished, statistics from around the world is showing exactly that. nobody is forcing you to get vaccinated, there are no mandatory vaccinations in japan. Yes Japan is adverse to risk and their slow reopening is annoying, but of you live here then youve got to accept that or leave

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Posted in: Power crunch averted as record heatwave scorches Kanto area See in context

solar on all roofs to use during heat wave .. solar can easily power a conditioners for a house.

the effect is that it gets even hotter because of all the conditioners running lol

But Solar is the best solution

agreed Japan could have done something years ago, mandate that all new homes built to have a minium amount of solar panels installed eg 4kw 6kw etc, solar panel system isnt a big investment compared to the price of a new house. if every home /business in Japan had a few solar panels installed we wouldnt be have electricity shortages. problem is big generators dont want the competition and will lobby the government to stop it.

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Posted in: Russia steps up attacks in Ukraine after landmark NATO summit See in context

seems like Turkey wasnt going to save Putin as the fanboys hoped,

got to thank Putin for make NATO great again

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Posted in: 1/6 hearings fuel the question: Did Trump commit a crime? See in context

Yes, and the Dems had over 6 years time to build over dozen cases times 3 and still nothing and the Dems still are trying.

republican's spent 2.5 yrs investigating Bengazi, closed it down through lack of evidence.

Jan 6 hearing have shown far more evidence, by republican's than anything the GOP could of dreamed up.

these are only the hearings the trials come later, even FOX is getting twitchy

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Posted in: 1/6 hearings fuel the question: Did Trump commit a crime? See in context

She testified under oath she wrote something on a notecard. Someone else already testified previously that THEY wrote it.

so all those that says shes lying under oath are the same people that can say whatever they want on social media news etc, if theyre so convinced shes lying then they should testify under oath as well.

lying under oath has ramifications, saying what you want in public , doesnt

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Posted in: Restaurant breakfasts enjoying surge in popularity See in context

been going to my local restaurant, offer bacon eggs salad all you can eat rice for 400yen,

also Japanese breakfast

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Posted in: Trump lunged at driver to try to join Capitol riot: aide See in context

Who knows, we have a one-sided so-called committee without any counter-balance witnesses or cross examination of their evidence.

because this isnt a trial, that comes later

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Posted in: F1 labels Piquet's racist language toward Hamilton 'unacceptable' See in context

used a racially offensive term when referring to Hamilton on a Brazilian podcast.

last I checked majority of the Brazilian population isnt white, seems like hes using derogatory terms for darker skin individuals, for which there are many in Brazil.

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Posted in: Relaxed mask usage guidelines barely spread among Japanese public See in context

I do not wear one when walking the dog in the park. I’m the only one....

no i dont wear one when im outside and know im away from others,

common sense approach

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

and yes we are ready for EV era...LOL

and thats why I get 70% of at night to charge my EV, you know while everybody sleeps and they dont need electricity as much

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion See in context

I would rather live knowing my parents wanted me, rather than knowing I was alive because my mother wa subjugated by religious zealots and forced to give birth under duress.

its worse than that many states will not allow abortions even if the woman has been violently raped, or even raped by a family member, seriously which woman would want to give berth and raise a kid under those condition

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Posted in: Exec returns to Toyota in U.S. as adviser after 7 years after arrest in Japan See in context

If it can source battery, it can sell millions of EVs.

why Toyota make the worlds best solid state batteries, although not as cheap as China.

Toyota is just pushing the hydrogen vehicle which is invested heavily in, unfortunately itll never challenge BEV in the long term

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Posted in: High court rejects paternity harassment allegations by Canadian man See in context

this case isn't as clear cut as this story makes it out to be. he took extended leave, not just paternity leave, for his child. and when he finally decides, on his own terms, to return to work, he expects everything to be the same. well, sorry, dude. 

this is one reason why government jobs are so desirable, there are clear entitlements set by the government that workers are entitled to.

My J brother in law works for the government, and he takes every entitlement that hes allowed, even if other workers complain about it. He took maternity leave for both of his kids, takes all his annual leave hes entitled too as set by the law. theres a few co workers that hit him up about it, for which he firmly replies Im entitled to it just like you, if you wont take it then that's your fault. Hes even questioned his boss about withholding pay rises to their staff, which is actually illegal, pay rise went through shortly after. Hes not a trouble maker hes a worker rights keeper, sort of an unofficial union rep. He knows the law well and he acts according to what the law states. He cant be sacked unless he does something illegal, which he never does. Even his boss is respectful of him and doesnt try and pee him off, unless he knows hes wrong, which is rarely.

The whole point is know your worker rights and stand up for them, this is far more difficult if you work for a private company. There are still a few that dont like him because hes got nads and stands up for himself, but the majority of them do like him because they know hes actually standing up for their worker rights also

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Posted in: Foreign IT giants not registered in Japan will be punished: minister See in context

whatever information is stored foreign server cant be viewed by Japanese regulators, so what if its a Japanese living in Russia using a server in say China, bullying Japanese online in Japan, whats Japan courts going to do?

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Posted in: Russia warns Lithuania of 'consequences' over blocked rail to enclave See in context

Go ahead Putin attack Lithuanian,

then youll see the combined might of NATO sending all their high tech weapons to Ukraine and Lithuania.

NATO countries make up over 500million people and far more wealth than little Russia, not to mention the non NATO democracies that contribute even more aid and weapons to Ukraine and Lithuania, Putin is a madman but hes not stupid

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Posted in: Totoro's home: Japan crowdfund for forest that inspired film See in context

Saitama is the best place to live!

nah plenty other places in japan better than Saitama

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