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However the prosecution already has sufficient evidence. They just want to load their deck. LOL

oh please if that was the case then there would be no need to detain Ghosn, no need for a false confession just go straight to court with the so called evidence they have, even J law professors are sceptical of the evidence the prosecutors have , they seem to think the majority of their case is made up with circumstantial evidence

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Posted in: Trump's son-in-law Kushner possible next chief of staff: U.S. media See in context

Melania does not give interviews

don't blame her , even if her english was fluent shed struggle to defend her lying cheating husband.

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Posted in: Main landfill work begins at disputed U.S. base relocation site on Okinawa See in context

Seeing as democracy is not respected, time to prepare for seccesion.

I doubt most Okinawans would want that even if it meant the US marines would leave.

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I predicted this the day Meng Wanzhou was arrested, Im not stating that Meng is innocent, but when a government arrests a high level government official (lets face it all high level CEO in China have links to the Chinese government) in China, you shouldn't really be surprised when they do the same to your citizens. This could turn into a cold war spy exchange like the Soviets and the US were accustomed too in the 80s. Any country doing business in China needs to be aware of the ramifications of their actions, and vice versa

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

He was disgusted and you can see it.

Pence was thinking , impeech this moron so I can take his job

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

Trump finally gave the smack down those two bobble heads deserved.

the only bobble head in the room was the raging orange one in the middle, lets see him get that funding through the house. may have to settle for the fence thats already there. LOL

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Posted in: Triumph sums up Japanese women, trends and achievements in Heisei bra and skirt lingerie set See in context

That waist though!

this is what you get when you starve yourself, no muscle tone, very little muscle mass, no butt or bust

apart from her teeth theres not really much healthy looking about that figure, keep up that lifestyle shell look hagard by the time shes 40

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Posted in: Trump ex-lawyer Cohen given 3 years in prison; blames 'blind loyalty' See in context

Face it Trump supporters/anti-'westerners': Trump's a thug. Look at the **global leaders he does business with, all global thugs, all pushing for greater control over the world - and especially oil and gas.**

heres a good inlook into who Trump asscoiates with and puts into positions.

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Posted in: Town in Niseko ski resort area to tax lodgers See in context

so bascially a tax on top of another tax, so itll be 10% now and 12% in Oct 2019. let the lodgers stay where their money get the best value for money, many more ski resorts than just Niseko

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Posted in: Arrest of Ghosn raises speculation over coup by Nissan See in context

took over a month to figure that out!?

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Posted in: Don't contact our board members, Renault tells Nissan See in context

one things for sure the next CEO of Nissan needs to be another gaijin, thats outside the J extablishment, keep these fools honest, with Renult 43% stake I think theyll get it also

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

slapping down the two that think they have power

but they do have power, cant get a wall to congress if it doesnt get through the house first, threatening to starve millions American of their paychecks because they wont give him his wall, thats totally on Trump.

First he peed off women and that lost him the house, go ahead donny pee off the public servants next , see what you lose next. LOL

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

Their brains can't take it...meltdown..

So does that mean Democrats will go away??

why!? majority of educated and higher wage states are blue

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Posted in: In rare on-camera clash, Trump, top Democrats argue about border wall See in context

go ahead donny shut down the government, starve those workers of their paychecks, well see if they think you border wall is worth it then. LOL

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Posted in: Trump awarded nearly $300,000 in legal fees in Daniels defamation lawsuit See in context

Trump has denied he had an affair with Daniels, saying she was paid to stop "false and extortionist accusations."

LOL well if he didn't have a affair with stormy show the judge your pecky donny, stormy seems to describe it in vivid details, if she describes it accurately then you must be lying , if she hasnt then she must be lying

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Posted in: Court rejects Ghosn's appeal to end detention See in context

It is not independent of the government and its actions are based on political motives rather than any desire for justice.

wow that sound very familiar to another asian country thats not a democracy.

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Posted in: Japan keeps distance from FX as U.S automakers target yen manipulation See in context

They don't want to tie trade with this because they want to continue to seretly do. If Aso wasn't manipulating the yen there would be no reason to ask for this request.

why should Japn sign anything about currecnly manipulations until all the G8 countries agree to the same agreement and that includes the US. If any country continues or does it in the future the all bets are off.

Just another way to enforce another "plaza accord" of the 80s onto Japan, because the US was never competitive against Japanese manufacturers.

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Posted in: Japan to offer free rubella vaccinations to combat outbreak See in context

How does a foreign person living in Japan get their free vaccination ?

be sure you health insurance payments are up to date, classify in the age bracket then ask your city office for doctors that adminster the test and if its not free , how much?

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Plus it makes sense from an added value perspective- having Putin as a tenant makes all the other units more valuable.

oh you conveniently forgot Rutin is the president of Russia an exKGB agent and America main political and military rival for the last 60yrs

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I wouldn’t say that, but I would say, the Democrats are fools if they think the GOP Senate will pass any of their radical policies. Two can play that game.

Rpublicans are idiots to think any of Trump's BS signature policies will make it past the house on the way to the senate, yes two can play at that game for sure.

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Posted in: U.S. automakers call for currency provision in trade deal with Japan See in context

Japanese car manufactures do a lot of dodgy stuff in terms of emissions in recent times.

yep bit like the decades of dodgy stuff GM Ford Chrysler did prior the 2008 GFC, needing over $50billion in taxpayer money to save them from bankruptcy.

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Posted in: U.S. automakers call for currency provision in trade deal with Japan See in context

The BoJ has been devaluing the yen not by specifically intervening in foreign exchange markets, but by creating money like mad. Did these unnamed officials think readers would be deceived by this misleading statement?

its called quantitative easing , America were the kings of it until they weren't, the EU just stopped their version of it, If America wants to stop currency manipulation then it needs to get all the G8 countries to sign up including itself, if anybody breaks the agreement then the whole deal is off. Japan should never agree to anything that'll put itself at a disadvantage to other economies thatll continue to same practices either now or in the future and that includes America. America strong currency now has nothing to do with Japan and mostly to do with its far stronger economy and rising interest rates.

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Posted in: Ghosn planned to oust CEO before his arrest: report See in context

Ghosns mismanagement forged by it own path,

yep from almost bankrupt to the largest auto conglomerate in the world, whether Ghosn is guilty or not that in itself should be some praise and certainly not some weasel stabbing him in the back because he can't stand the fact a gaijin did what he never could

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Posted in: Trump calls for end to Mueller probe despite Russian campaign bid findings See in context

OK so even IF he is impeached the person who'll replace him will probably be much worse. I'm no Trump fan but be careful what you wish for.....

Pence is a looney but its highly doubtful he has as much dirt and corruption or could do a worse job as Trump

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Why haven't they interrogated the CFO or the accountants! 

because Japan, to arrest Japanese is to shame all Japanese and tarnish the image of a self proclaimed "law abiding society"

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If they don’t pay tax, city tax, health and pension...on their bikes.

there are many Japanese that dont pay into the health insurance and their fair share of taxes, what about them can we send them to the same island!?

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Posted in: U.S. prosecutors name Trump in hush payments; detail Russian contacts See in context

 You guys really need to stop reading these liberal sites. Collusion in itself is not a crime despite what Jake and Lemon are telling you.

and those rabid dogs Hannity and friends are a reliable news source. LMFAO

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Posted in: City hires a hawk to chase occupying army of crows away from city hall See in context

Crows are very intelligent. I've caught them more than once, trying to unzip my backpack at the beach.

they also leave nuts on the road for vehicles tire to crack open for them

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Posted in: Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn; calls his cooperation 'substantial' See in context

then thankfully thr President has his Presidential pardoning powers which he can use to make wrongs right.

go ahead pardon convicted criminals, come next election itll probably backfire, just like the women's vote turned on Trump and lost him the house, pardoning convicted criminals will just turn more people against a POTUS who has no respect for the rule of law and the American constitution

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Posted in: Mueller recommends no jail time for Flynn; calls his cooperation 'substantial' See in context

“If” but he won’t! I’m 110% sure of that.

maybe so but it wont stop the Dems controlling the house, no more forced through BS legislation for Trump, if there is hard evidence and Trump still isnt forced from office then the resistance will just intensify, 2020, 75 seats congress seats up for reelection the majority of them Republican, history has shown that most parties lose seats than gain them in this situation. If the Dems control the house and senate Trump will be fully neutered

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