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Posted in: Pair of Hokkaido melons fetch record ¥5 mil at season's 1st auction See in context

Tax deductions and marketing bliss. Hence, five millions yen.

5million handed over for the melons , then when everybodies gone home the buyer does an exchange of 5.1 million yen worth of actual everyday melons for the two 5million yen he just bought from the seller. Buyer gets a few extra melons over 5million worth and the seller get priceless free advertising

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Posted in: Trump blasts Democrats as impeachment talk heats up See in context

now its Mueller. they both failed you.

oh by arresting and convicting a number of Trump associated , confiscating their assets and actually making a profit for the AMerican taxpayer. Mueller didn't clear Trump of obstruction you know the same thing that finished Nixon. If you class all that as failure Id hate to know what you call success.

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Posted in: Trump blasts Democrats as impeachment talk heats up See in context

First you have to be convicted of a crime to be a criminal, but if Nadler and Pelosi want to go ahead, I sure wish they would.

I agreee with Pelosi, keep the investigation going slowly uncover all the slime under Trumps business past . then when the AMerican public has a good picture of who and what Trump is they can decide if they want more of it come next election.

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Posted in: Empress Masako conducts 1st official duty in new capacity See in context

She does look much better.

of course she is , she the bosses wife now, the imperial household goons opps staff cant boss her around like they use to. hoping the new emperor will push his weight and bring about changes that modern royalty require

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

and green hair, but the kid with blonde hair was pressured to dye it a natural know, like blue ;)

well you know many Japanese seem to be color blind as when the traffic lights change to "green" they actually say blue

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

 If there is no rule like this, the students would spend lots ot time dyeing their hair colors.

how is that going to affect their education!? maybe they should separate all girls and boy into different schools dont want them wasting time talking about the opposite sex, maybe they should ban all celebrities , cell phones pop culture. wouldn't want kids to waste their time talking about those topics also. Japan still has a way to go before it can really be called a modern free democratic nation.

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Posted in: Petition launched to stop forcible hair dyeing from natural color to black in schools See in context

Weird. The natural color of Japanese is black, at least it is the majority color and Japan is a democratic society.

Japanese natural hair color isnt solely black its also different shades of brown. Yes Japan is a democratic society, it gives people the freedom to choose their leaders, freedom to protest and protect their human rights. How is forcibly making people to change their natural hair color a democratic principle!?

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Posted in: Man stopped over erratic driving hasn’t had license for 40 years See in context

Of course there are many young drivers causing accidents and death too

unfortunately young driver can only become more skilled or experienced by driving, most elderly there isn't room for improvement as their mental dexterity /reflexes fade with age

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Posted in: Resolution submitted to rebuke lawmaker over Russia war remarks See in context

Mate, if war broke out between Russia and Japan who would win?

exactly and apart from the thousands that would die the high probability Russia would win that war, then theyd probably annex Hokkaido for their troubles. Or at least make the northern islands one big fortified military base with thousands of troops stationed there.

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

I don't see it that way. I see it as a beautiful painting on an even more beautiful canvas.

glad the vast majority of women dont see it that way and prefer to keep their skin the way nature intended it to be.

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

tattoos are very beautiful. I especially LOVE them on asian women. Don't have one myself, but I do love them.

WHY!? Japanese women have some of the clearest most beautiful skin of any race , very few freckles, moles or blemishes, my Japanese wife is in her 40s and her skin would embarrass many western women in their 20s. Why would you want to put stickers on that natural beauty.? like another poster stated , its like putting a wrap on a Ferrari , but it won't peel off later.

I look at tatts as a way for ordinary people to try and stand out or look intimidating, in almost all cases it fails.

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Posted in: Australian election vote count reveals close contest See in context

 So, not surprising that Labor is doing worse than expected. Making Australia Great Again!

your insinuating the Liberal party in Australia is somehow a mirror of the conservative Republican party lol. Thankfully they still have morals and wouldnt stoop that low. Both parties agree affordable medicare for all and strict gun laws will remain in Australia for the indefinite future. Australian PM dont have the power to change laws and make decisions without the support of the senate, they understand democracy is about compromise and not dictatorship.

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Posted in: 87-year-old driver involved in fatal Tokyo crash released from hospital See in context

Ugly comments here with regard to the elderlies.

a 3yrs old and her mother were killed by this moron , and people still want to lump this idiot as elderly and deserves respect and leniency even if they killed somebody. That in itself is just plain brainwashed stupidity.

This man should be doing prison time for his CRIME, if he dies in jail so be it. he already deprived two people of their lives while he gets to keep living his!

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Posted in: Trump lifts tariffs on Mexico, Canada; delays auto tariffs See in context

Dunno, his poll numbers are rising, he’s got an almost over 80% approval rating among Republican voters, so his popularity is a lot higher than that hating media are trying to make it out to be.

the average of all major opinion polls proves otherwise, even right leaning polls like Fox have him at a higher disapproval rating

he’s got an almost over 80% approval rating among Republican voters

80% of Republicans doesnt represent the majority of Americans far from it.

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Posted in: Trump lifts tariffs on Mexico, Canada; delays auto tariffs See in context

Commentors should read the article before spewing your hate against America.

No your misguided nobody is spewing hate against America, just Trump. No Trump isnt AMerica, if you haven't figured out why people hate or disapprove of Trump more than approve over the last 3 yrs then Im sorry you probably never will.

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Posted in: Trump pitches U.S. immigration overhaul See in context

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the bubble.

yep the bubble of illusion, delusion, confusion, collusion all mixed together, then you've got a nice big batch of Trump MAGA kool aid, cheers

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Posted in: Do you think the escalation in the U.S.-China trade dispute is a threat to world economic growth? See in context

U.S.' economy from this trade dispute, and in the long term the U.S. will emerge from this in far better shape.

how wil it emerge in better shape , overall deficit is still rising , debt limits continually get hit and have to be raised. China may lose manufacturing to other countries like bangladesh, India, Indonesia, but already have many factories in those countries so while the US trade deficit may drop with China itll just grow with those countries that dont have tarriffs with the US , the overall trade deficit will probably still grow as all thats happening is reshuffling the cards. Manufacturing will never come back to the US in any meaningful way, there are at least a dozen low cost labor countries that take up the loss of Chinas manufacturing

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Posted in: Report reveals alleged labor issues at 2020 Tokyo Olympic building sites See in context

Learning a trade is a good alternative to going to university.

in some countries they earn more than many University graduates, my friend runs a roof tiling business, its hot in summer and can be a little dangerous , work is difficult, but he can clear about 2K a week doing it.

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Posted in: U.S. abortion rights activists vow to challenge landmark Alabama ban See in context

After all, my body my choice right?

"all life is precious , until it steps on my property" my property my choice right?

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

are you WILLING to pay 1000 yen for a liter of gas IF you can find it for this precious war.

a large spike in gas like before the GFC will unlikely happen again. Consumers can now purchase affordable electric vehicles and the solar panels to charge them. Also shale gas from the US Russia Australia countries not bound by OPEC can ramp up production should OPEC raise prices considerably. OPEC tried to kill of shale but failed now theyre struggling to make a profit

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

 so the only people to make ground from it would be terrorist groups.

itll basically be another Iraq and Syria with others gaining controlling interests. The US stuck with the bill and another mess of their making, and the 100s thousand that die from it

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Posted in: Bolton beats war drums in U.S.-Iran standoff See in context

The chicken hawks are at it again, it's only a matter of time before they concoct a premise for a preemptive attack.

"your either with us, or with the Iranians"

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Posted in: Trump to meet Xi after defiant China slaps U.S. with $60 bil in new tariffs See in context

Does Trump (or his voters) actually know what a tariff is?

just another tax for them to pay , plain and simple

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Posted in: Trump to meet Xi after defiant China slaps U.S. with $60 bil in new tariffs See in context

Long term, not short term is what Trump is going for.

But China will be around long after Trumps gone, then the next POTUS can get busy fixing the global mess hes made of everything.

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Posted in: Trump to meet Xi after defiant China slaps U.S. with $60 bil in new tariffs See in context

Why to you think they built all those "ghost" cities and keep state-run (money pit) enterprises afloat? 

probably like all those subprime loans US lenders fooled borrowers where a good thing, which as we now know lead to the 2008 GFC leading to about $6 trillion being wiped from the global economy.

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Posted in: Perdue barbecues to sell Japanese on buying more U.S. beef See in context

British beef has a high reputation - particularly Scottish. You just may not be used to the flavour of beef raised on grass.

maybe in the UK, but given UK track record with livestock diseases and the scale of its beef farms it really isnt in a position to become a major exporter of beef to the world. Just to give you some persepective, Australia largest cattle property is about 23,677 square kilometres, 1/3 the size of all of Scotland,.many of Australia cattle stations have between 50~100,000 head of cattle. There are approx 26million head of cattle in Australia depending on the weather. vast majority is free range grass fed. Australia has had no major disease out breaks of foot in mouth, mad cow etc in the last 50yrs thanks to its strict quaranteen practices.

Yes more cattle in Australia than people lol

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Posted in: Yen firms but yuan, Australian dollar slip as U.S.-China trade war heats up See in context

When the big boys come out had better stay behind one of them rather stand in the middle.

wrong Japanese yen always strengthens in times of turmoil as investors think its a safe haven currency, nothing to do with Trump. China is the future no matter what people think, ask any well respected investor , theyll tell you the same, America future growth potential is limited, China will eventually be the largest consumer market and economy in the world nothing will stop that.

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Posted in: Americans victorious at World Relays in Yokohama See in context

wow China got silver with the Japanese team sitting in the stands, that must have hurt.

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Posted in: Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike; ignites social media See in context

And, again, killing human beings is murder.

well you know more American have been killed by gun violence in American than all the Americans killed in all wars since WW1. Yet America still allows access to weapons that are the cause of this slaughter. "All life in precious, until it steps on my property"

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Posted in: Japanese man jailed in Ecuador for trying to smuggle out insects See in context

Well ya gotta admit that spiders, cockroaches, wasps, bees and butterflies are not generally referred to as animals.

referred to or not they still are animals, arthropods and insects of the animal kingdom, basic biology 101

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