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Posted in: Sri Lanka trainee takes maternity leave, gives birth in Japan See in context

As with the many other issues plaguing Japan, it will just get swept under the carpet; "mendokusai"

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Posted in: A digital divide haunts U.S. schools adapting to virus hurdles See in context

I'm confused. Is the US a third world country? There are tablets or notebook computers for less than a 200$ that can be bought online. And surely you can get monthly subscription for high speed internet for less than 50$ a month.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Yup, all he has to do is raise the minimum wage by a few hundred simple yet a foreign concept for the ruling dinosaurs

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for killing and injuring about 100 cats See in context

I dont get Suspended sentences!! How does that deter others?

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy drowns in river in Shiga Prefecture See in context

I'm just wondering why the kid wasnt wearing a lifejacket as many kids do here? Or was he?

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza after violent protests along border See in context

These are Israeli snipers shooting at kids...

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Nara See in context

For those that dont understand why she went to the police: I have also told my wife if she ever needed any sort of help of any kind (and if i wasnt around), to go to the police and ask for help. (she looked at me like i was insane) I mistakenly assumed the koban would have contact numbers at hand for all of the issues that might arise while on duty. I totally misjudged the lack of common sense/training/thinking outside of the box/taking initiative of the police. Im pretty sure they gave that poor mother the same advice as the "old lady" that came to my house for the one month check-up after having a baby. The 70 year old asked my wife if she's been feeling down or run-down, to which my wife replied, "yes, it gets hard sometimes" Old lady told her to "brush it off/suck it up" and that it is normal to feel that way. My wife shut down after that and couldnt wait for her to leave. She is thinking about complaining to city hall. My wife was able to handle her lack of sympathy/giving good advice, but worries about the other mothers who might be having a much harder time dealing with postpartum depression. We dont have any family members or friends living in our city or close to us. Back in the days when that old lady was a young mother, she most likely had her mother/husband's mother and other family members helping her out, just like in those developing countries one poster was wondering about.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

Thats what happens when you raise robots unable to think for themselves or to speak out. Lack of Communication skills is one of the few major issues plaguing Japanese society.

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Posted in: Over 140 Palestinians hurt in clashes with Israel troops: medics See in context


Not complex at all. Russell Brands interview with Dr Gabor Mate makes it real simple to understand. It can easily be found on Youtube. Another are the countless interviews with Abby Martin on the Joe Rogan show also found on Youtube. Very simple to understand. And Seth Rogen tells the truth about the lies his Jewish community has fed him through out his younger days, also found on Youtube.

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Posted in: Olympics worker arrested for allegedly raping woman at stadium See in context

I would like to remind everyone about the woman "did not resist " part. Unfortunately, most Japanese Woman when struck with fear, do not how to react. Do not know how to scream for help. Do not know how to kick, punch, fight for their lives. It happens way too often here, by Japanese Nationals as well!!

Perhaps this man knew he could exploit Japanese women by taking advantage of their silence. Or perhaps he just read the wrong signals Either way, he is doomed

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Posted in: Man arrested over sexual assault of junior high school girl in park toilet See in context

Many people ask why so many J men are obsessed with young girls. I have a theory. It has to do with the majority of the Japanese population not allowed to have a relationship during Junior High and High School. They might feel like they've "missed out" on those experiences. Also, because the majority of Japanese men are shy, only the few "bad boys" who have all the confidence, get all the girls. In other words, the majority of the population in Japan is sexually frustrated/deprived (especially males). Solution: 1. Allow students to date 2. Teach boys and girls on how to date and be confident. 3 Learn about safe sex and contraception.

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Posted in: High court judge faces impeachment for inappropriate tweets See in context

I don't get what he has done wrong? Did the judge reveal too much information in their tweets? Is there a law against something like that?

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Posted in: SoftBank's PayPay surges ahead in Japan's digital payments race See in context

Been using pay pay for about a year and a half now. They still offer 30% cash backs from time to time. Totally worth it. I've saved 24,797 yen so far according to the app.

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Posted in: American father, son to go on trial for helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context


You will be eating your words the day you get falsely accused by Japanese police for a crime you didn't commit. Held in prison and not allowed bail until you confess. Guilty till proven innocent, eh? Too bad for people like you who lack empathy, they only "get it" when it happens to them.

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Posted in: Gaza conflict points to new era of 'forever wars' See in context

This time even the Arabs inside Israel protested

I really thought they have been broken into submission over the 70 odd years, but they couldn't keep silent anymore. Fear didn't stop them. retaliation by the Zionist Apartheid Regime is happening now as we speak. Thousands of Palestinians are being arrested in Israel for going against their masters.

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Posted in: Israel-Hamas ceasefire holds; U.N. to launch Gaza aid appeal See in context

1200 Palestinians with Israeli citizenship living in Insrael have been arrested since May 12th. They announced 500 more will be arrested in the next 48 hours for protesting in the past few weeks. This is how they provoke unrest. This is not shown on mainstream media. They will kick doors down and take these young folks to jail for speaking against Apartheid. Please do some research and check these facts. Palestinians inside Israel that account for 20% of the population also need your voice. It's not just the Palestinians in the occupied territories.

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Posted in: Hamas defiant with military parade, appearance of top leader See in context

Hamas Hamas Hamas. War crimes against humanity towards Palestinians have been going on long long before 2007 when Hamas came into power. What excuse did the Zionist entity spew before then. What was the excuse in the 90's in the 80's in the 70's? What about the 60's. And all the way back to the early 1900. Always an excuse. Israel is an occupation force. The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) no matter how much the Zionists will try to twist it around, the facts are, Palestinians all over Palestine, and not just Gaza, are RESISTING cruel inhumane occupation by the Zionist Colonizer. Resistance is futile is what Israel (aka the both) tried so hard to convince the Palestinians and the world, but we still RESIST!!. Zionism will fall. And it will be the Jews from all over the world that will have a huge role in toppling Israeli politics and government.

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Posted in: Japanese reporter freed from Myanmar says inmates were abused See in context

Japan needs to take a stand against Genocide!! Seems the Japanese government for some reason has interest in such regimes all over the world. Shame on you Japan.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire to end bloody 11-day war See in context

Israel is part of Palestine

@Commodore As of 1948, then yes. But, Go to your local library in any part of the world and ask for historical maps of the world. Any map before 1948. Tell me which name you see, Palestine or Israel? Palestine was Colonized by the Zionists and called it Israel as we all know. Before that, Palestine was colonized by the Brits (but the name Palestine was not erased) and by the Ottmans before that etc (also the name Palestine was not erased). Even then, during Muslim rule for 1400 years, Jews, Christians, and Muslims of Palestine, lived peacefully amongst themselves. Then came the Zionists. Look at Palestine now! You dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure out who the aggressors are. Apartheid needs to end for peace to thrive. End the occupation. Return the land. Apologize for all the deaths, pain, and heartache caused over the past 70 years.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire to end bloody 11-day war See in context

"You take my water, burn my olive trees, destroy my house, take my job, steal my land, imprison my father, kill my mother, bombard my country, starve us all, humiliate us all, but I am to blame: I shot a rocket back" (Noam Chomsky)

Gaza is a reaction, Israel is the action.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas agree to cease-fire to end bloody 11-day war See in context

BDS movement by the Palestinians

very good watch in regards to the US support and recent Arab nations lack of.

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Posted in: Israel's Netanyahu determined to continue Gaza operation See in context

@bass4funk by your argument, the West Bank, should be free already. Tiny Gaza and Hamas represent a tiny fraction/section of Palestine. Zionist Israel does not want peace. They want to cleanse the Palestinians of their land. Surely you have seen the map of Palestine/Israel from 1948-2021. You can clearly see how the constant/continuous settlement expansion over the 70 odd years has almost left them with no land. this is always about settlement expansion. stealing more land. ethnic cleansing. nothing more, nothing less.

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Posted in: Israel's Netanyahu determined to continue Gaza operation See in context


War crimes against humanity towards the Palestinians, have been going on LONG LONG before Hamas. Hamas came into power in 2007 BECAUSE of the Israelies Apartheid regime. The indigenous people of Palestine have the right to resist occupation by the colonizers (the zionists from the UK) by international law. The colonizers have imprisoned gaza, population of over 2 million, of which 40% are under 16 years of age, as collective punishment. Let that sink in. Israel only allows 4 hours of electricity a day for the past 15 years! (has been completely cut off as of yesterday) let that sink in. THESE prison guards are just inhumane. Period. Lets not talk about the food shortages, clean water, sewage, etc. Read about how this open air prison has been surviving for almost 15 years.

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Posted in: Israel's Netanyahu determined to continue Gaza operation See in context

14 year blockade. Open air prison. Gaza, the 21st century Ghetto. #endapartheid #crimesagainsthumanity #freepalestine #jewsbreakingtheirsilence #genocideingaza

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Posted in: Man ordered to pay damages for tweeting insults over late 'Terrace House' star See in context

In Japan its a common insult/swear word to tell someone to die. This needs to stop. Teachers and parents need to teach their young about this word. I used to teach with a young Japanese teacher at an elementary school and would scold her students and explain to them why its so bad to tell someone to die. This teachers sister took her own life.

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Posted in: Most Japanese medical workers still not fully vaccinated See in context

How could this be true? Surely they are mistaken!!

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Posted in: Israel strikes Gaza tunnels as truce efforts remain elusive See in context

Abby Martin Exposes Zionism & Israel on Joe Rogan Podcast

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Posted in: Japanese gov't to ease prohibition of cannabis-derived medicines See in context

In the local news here in shikoku, there's a bust every other month. The demand is here. Lots of secretive citizens of Japan partake in it. You just dont see it in public. Cant wait for the medicinal form of it. I prefer digesting it anyway. It Feels like you are taking a long hot bath when you eat it. so relaxing.

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Posted in: Israel kills 42 in Gaza as calls mount for cease-fire, greater U.S. efforts See in context

Jews in Israel and around the world are breaking their silence and aren't afraid to speak their truth even if they will be labeled anti-semitic by the Zionists. Go on Instagram and search jewish for peace posts. Search for Palestine and watch the heartbreaking videos and pics that the mainstream media is avoiding. The truth is out there. There's no more hiding for Zionist Israel. Rest in peace people of Palestine. You will be free one day!

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Posted in: Israeli strike on Gaza kills 10; unrest spreads to West Bank See in context

"My ancestors and family in Palestine deserve the right for their history to be told without any obstruction or lies," said Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

"They have a right to be able to explain to the world that they are still suffering from Nakba, when the world watched with no intervention."

Nakba, or "catastrophe, is when over 750,000 Palestinians were forcefully displaced and expelled from their homes by the Israeli Zionist government from 1947 to 1949, creating the worlds largest refugee humanitarian crisis in the world.

Millions of Palestinians refugees still reside in refugee camps across Gaza, Jerusalem, West Bank, and in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria clinging on the right of return to their homes and cities, a right Israel denies.

Around 15,000 Palestinians died in a series of attacks, including at least 70 massacres that erased entire neighborhoods and towns.

Follow cravingpalestine / jewishvoiceforpeace / on Instagram, for another side the western media does not show. Watch cellphone vid and images from Palestinians in Palestine and Israel as the crises continues.

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