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Posted in: In Hamas video, U.S.-Israeli hostage says living in Gaza 'hell' See in context

The war criminal Netanyahu needs to end this war for hostages to be released. Then he needs to face trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. The revolution is happening and there is no stopping it. End oppression. End occupation. Palestine will be free!

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Posted in: Palestinians say Israeli troops fired at people seeking food; Israel says scene was deadly stampede See in context

Israeli massacre of Palestinian aid seekers in Gaza condemned globally. But is it enough? What must be done for this Genocide to end.

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Posted in: Yemen Houthi rebels fire missile at U.S. warship, escalating worst Mideast sea conflict in decades See in context

Thank you Yemen for having the guts to stand up against the Israeli genocide of gaza with over 10,000 slaughtered children! By supporting Israhell , you are also complicit. STOP the genocide and the attacks will stop.

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Posted in: Qatar says Gaza cease-fire will begin Friday morning, with aid to follow 'as soon as possible' See in context


the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.

"a campaign of genocide"

the only reason the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) are pausing is for the release of some of the hostages. Israel kidnappes Palestinians in the west bank at an alarming rate and have thousands held as hostages without trial. Look it up if you dare.

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan to 'take lead' in addressing Gaza crisis See in context

People that keep commenting about other Arab countries not wanting the Palestinians as refugees DONT REALIZE that the Palestinians DO NOT want to leave their lands! They did that once in 1948 and they are STILL waiting to return.

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Posted in: Israeli forces cut off north Gaza to isolate Hamas as Palestinian deaths surpass 10,000 See in context

Hamas this hamas that. It is an occupation. Gaza is a prison camp. There will always be another group trying to fight the occupation for FREEDOM. Israel wont be happy till the last Palestinian is erased out of Palestine just like the Native Americans almost were.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister mulls Israel visit as Gaza war escalates See in context

@Sven Asai

schools and hospitals in Gaza have a/c with the latest tech unlike many schools in Japan How do they get them if not from Hamas?

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister mulls Israel visit as Gaza war escalates See in context

This is not a war. It's a Genocide!!

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Posted in: Gaza awaits aid from Egypt as Israel readies troops for ground assault See in context


They bombed two buildings just next to the church. Debris from the those buildings fell onto the 3rd oldest church in the world and crushed the church. Source: 2 nd cousins just died in the church.

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Posted in: German gov't okays 'controlled' use of cannabis See in context

Its time to follow suit

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Posted in: Food allergies among Japanese school kids up 1.8 points from fiscal 2013 See in context

Both my wife and I are allergic to house dust, hay fever and other bugs but no food allergies . Our kids have developed not only the above allergies but also peanuts. Its hereditary just like other diseases.

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Posted in: Russia hits military base in Ukraine in new wave of strikes See in context


i think the same. lets take the Palestinian issue as an example. They have been fighting colonialism for 75 years, and keep losing more and more land with each year that goes by. Soon, Palestine will be completely ethnically cleansed. Perhaps had they given up from the start, it would have been different. We all know what Russia and Israel is doing is wrong but with the UK, and the US having Israel's back, we all know nothing will change. If we dont want history to repeat, an all out WW3 needs to happen to stop Russia. Non of this proxy war bull.

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Posted in: Man arrested for dangerous driving resulting in death See in context

Many of times i have driven past someone walking in the dark on unlit streets and many of times i did not see them till the last second when i barely missed hitn them. People walking on streets at night need to wear reflective belts / gear and have a flashlight/smartphone to avoid such accidents.

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Posted in: Israeli strikes in Gaza kill 12, including three leaders of armed group See in context

Israeli crimes against humanity needs to stop. 4 young children assassinated while sleeping in their family home. Outrageous. If only you can see their innocent faces (go on instagram) and let me know how they deserved that.

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Posted in: Cross-border fire in Gaza after Israeli police raid Al-Aqsa mosque See in context

eye.on.palestine on instagram. You can watch the truth of this article. Palestinians are forbidden to pray by israeli army during this holy month of Ramadan. Palestinians are being defiant by going and praying, no rioting what-so-ever.

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Posted in: Cross-border fire in Gaza after Israeli police raid Al-Aqsa mosque See in context

You can watch lots of vids of the israeli police/army crimes of beating worshippers sitting on the ground refusing to leave the mosque on Instagram.

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Posted in: Hamas gunman wounds three in Tel Aviv attack before police kill him See in context

There are over 700 comments on Instagram blessing the terrorist/freedom fighter. I just can't imagine a world that condones the killing of innocent as revenge killing. I do get the fact that Israelis/ settlers are killing Palestinians on the daily (and gets twisted around in western news). I really dont know how to feel. Killing is wrong whether it be for revenge or not. God have mercy on both victims and killers. Palestine needs to be free for this chaos to end. Israel needs to withdraw to its 1967 borders as mandated by the UN and stop their daily invasions into Palestine.

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Posted in: Israeli jets hit militant site in Gaza after rocket attack See in context

Meanwhile in Middle Eastern newspapers the headline reads "israeli warplanes launch several raids on RESISTANCE sites west of gaza"

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Posted in: Israel promises swift response to synagogue shooting See in context

To many, Israel is a terrorist state that oppresses and occupies Palestine and kills civilians all of the time with media excusing its actions by claiming these civilians are terrorists and therefore the Zionist army is innocent. But when the scene is reversed, the Palestinians remain terrorists and the Israelis innocent.

this cycle of revenge is the definition of hell on earth. The colonial state of israel needs to end the occupation and return stolen lands to their rightful owners, the indigenous people of the land, the Palestinians, as a first step towards ending the cycle.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed by acquaintance after drinking session in Osaka See in context

Loss of blood from not being able to arrive to the hospital in haste. I wonder why that is...

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed at home in Miyagi Prefecture See in context

They should also arrest all of the nearby hospitals that refused to take him in. This system of calling hospitals/refusing patients in an emergency needs to be abolished!

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Posted in: Israel deploys remote-controlled robotic guns in West Bank See in context

@painkiller Excellent. Make Israel safe for its citizens.

What you aren't getting is that these "settlers" as called by everyone including the Israelis do not live in Israel but outside in the West Bank, on occupied Palestinian stolen land. This is where Apartheid is practiced. Anyway, Every year more land is stolen and given away for new settlements. This has been happening since 1967 when the Arabs lost the war and the rest of Palestine became occupied.

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Posted in: Israel deploys remote-controlled robotic guns in West Bank See in context

There wouldnt be a need for those weapons if WE end the occupation, end apartheid! I dont get why some countries are allowed to resist occupation and others aren't. Settlers (Jewish immigrants from around the world), who keep moving in and living on Palestinian occupied land in the west bank, have been attacking Palestinians and wreaking havoc with the protection of the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) , and is the reason why Palestinians have been rising up. The hell that Palestinians have to go through on daily basis cannot be observed on Western Mass Media BUT can be viewed on Aljazeera news, english.wafa.ps , many other Arabic speaking news, Instagram and Tiktok with a simple search. A FREE PALESTINE is the only road to peace!

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Posted in: Nintendo praised for new rules against customers who harass staff See in context

Customer service is already horrid in Japan. This will surely make things worse for the company and customers. Very bad move.

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Posted in: Man arrested after driving away with police officer holding onto car in getaway attempt See in context

Why not charge the suspect with attempted murder as in the recent case?

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Posted in: Crush kills at least 151 at Halloween festivities in Seoul See in context

Im still trying to figure out how one can die by being crushed! What does that mean anyway "crushed"?

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill convenience store owner over cup of coffee See in context

Lesson learnt. If someone jumps on my car, stop, throw them off, continue driving

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Posted in: Bookstores vanishing from Japan with fall in population See in context

Too little too late

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Posted in: Israel advances plans for another east Jerusalem settlement See in context

and as usual, nothing will be done. This is how extremists/terrorists like Bin Laden were converted. Someone/Something has/had to be done to stop the zionist plan taking over all of Palestine. These plans are written in books in the late 1800's. The World needs to act now before more needless wars erupt. How many thousands of people have/had to die because of the Palestinian cause? 9/11 and aftermath. Iraq wars. Do you remember the scud missiles lobed at Israel by Saddam? Iran and Israel-(what could that be all about?) Everything that went wrong in the middle east is mainly because of the US/England involvement directly or indirectly and the relationship/money/weapons that the US provides to Israel. Enough is enough. It is Time for peace. Give the Palestinians their stolen land back. It doesnt have to be all. A good start would be the 1967 borders.

Israel annexed east Jerusalem in a move not recognized by the international community and considers the entire city its unified capital. Palestinian residents of the city face systematic discrimination, especially when it comes to urban planning, making it extremely difficult for them to build new homes or expand existing ones.

Most countries consider the settlements to be illegal.

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Posted in: Japan, Israel step up defense ties amid regional tensions See in context

its a shame how Japan and others cannot see how oppressive the Israeli regime is. Theft of land is still going on to this very day. Lets not forget the concentration camp aka Gaza. How could you Japan?!

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