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I think a big problem comes from parents and schools not getting involved in difficult talks. For example, i had 1 student in 5th grade that was bullied for smelling badly. I tried to protect him but he honestly did stink and i was also trying to keep my distance without being obvious. Another example of a girl that was extremely hairy being called a gorilla. For the mercy of the Gods i couldnt understand why the parents wouldnt shave her or wax her etc. There are a million other examples like these i have noticed over my 10 years in public schools. Please parents, be proactive. please teachers, have these talks with these brainless parents. I honestly put more tan 70% of the blame on the parents and 30%on the teachers for turning a blind eye.

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Hold on a sec people. wohhh slow down. This has been going on since Bush and 911. There are millions and i say millions of stories about such incidents. America and its hate for muslims stems from the bush era and nothing has been or coukd have been done to fix this disgusting behavior during Obama.

People will blame anything they can on Trump. You guys are the ones who are disgusting for not having the kahhoonas to do or say anything before Trump and now just jumping on a wagon. Do some searches and read about these millions of instances on the news that yall chose to turn a blind eye on. Shame on you!

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I remember my father teaching to always be aware of my surroundings especially in dangerous situation like standing on a platform or drivimg or walking along the streets. He continued to say that its the other peoples mistakes that you really have to watch out for. This piece of advice had saved me on numerous of occasions. Wish more parents would teach this, especially in Japan. A green light pedestrian signal does not mean to cross without first looking both ways!!

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I totally agree with the author. Everything she says is what the majority of polite good Japanese follow and adhere to. Having said that, there are exceptions as mentioned by our lovely foreign residents who refuse to adapt. Hugs are very awkward to the normal Japanese. Doesnt mean you shouldnt introduce them to this gesture. It just means be a little considerate and explain how hugs are common from where you come and if it is ok to give one. Its very common for men of some cultures to kiss other men on the cheek as a greeting. Imagine if those men were as inconsiderate as many of the commentators on JT and gave you guys a kiss on the cheek. I bet that guy would be on their arse.

Yes, there are rude people in Japan. Many high school kids and elderly do speak in loud shrieks but that isnt the norm and that is rude. Please gaijin, do not follow those bad examples.

A lot of what was mentioned is common sense or you would think so. Unfortunately, people in general lack it and hence the article.

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