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Posted in: 7-inch tablet runs for 11.5 hours straight See in context

What a terrible "news" (aka commercial)... No word about the Android Version (it is just 4.4.2) or the disappointing Display resolution (600 x 1024)

Anyway, 11.5h during what? If just showing the time, I'm far from impressed. Not even the price is good...

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Posted in: Japan vows not to give up on hostages until very end See in context

No idea if real of course (but I think it is), but I'm pretty sure the death of Haruna is planned to lower the price. Also can't imagine Jordan releases the prisoner... Just hope this outcome will causes less japanese Hostages, as can't make benefit from them.

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Posted in: LDP set for big win despite low voter turnout See in context

Quite amazing that Abe will win it again. As far as I can see his only strategy is more or less the same as the last 30 years. Printing money no matter what. Japanese dept is already the highest in the whole world, but it won't be his problem to pay it back, so why care...

Weak Yen is good for Japanese companies (and, as I'm paid in Euro, for me, never felt this rich while being in Japan :) ), but I doubt for example Apple will except for long that their benefit per item shrinks by 20-30% just because Abe want go ahead with Abenomics (for me Damenomics is the better name). But ok, at least he is quite honest and tells the people, at least the ones who can't buy stocks and likes some foreign stuff, he want them poor...

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Posted in: Poor Wii U sales send Nintendo back into red See in context

It is a shame, the Wii U is, even maybe less powerfull, a great console and the games are amazing :)

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Posted in: Japan to impose sanctions against Russia over Crimea See in context

So first US/EU/JP supported to putsch an elected president to get someone who is on their line and now they don't accept the voting and boycott. Is this the new understanding of "democracy"?!

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Posted in: Mini-skirt turbulence at Skymark Airlines See in context

Free commercial for Skymark: Mission accomplished!

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Posted in: Microsoft hopes 'Titanfall' can boost Xbox One See in context

Did I miss it? The Xbox One was finally released in Japan?

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Posted in: Prime Minister Abe and the nuclear industry are hoping the Japanese people and the world will forget the victims and the terrible lessons of Fukushima, hoping that they will allow the restart of old, See in context

For sure green energy costs money, but for sure it will cost (much!) less than the clean up of Fukushima or even just the nuclear waste storage an coverage costs. Japan is an Island, had big chances for water power, many hot springs, but take any energy out of it?Japan could have been No.1 in clean energy, but as Sony and Panasonic missed the opportunities in Electronics and just kept going for decades, the energy business did the same...Besides that Japan should start being energy efficient. Come on, no double- or triple glazing of windows in new build houses? Wide open doors of each shop even in winter?I know energy isn't cheap in Japan, but still seems way to cheap to make people think about the consequences...

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Posted in: Taxzilla's coming! What to do? See in context

When we got the last increase in Germany it was quite funny, many became crazy. In the end shops had to give big discounts after the increase and the people who stayed calm got the benefit of relaxed shopping and cheaper prizes :)

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Posted in: Some nuclear reactors may be restarted in fall, Motegi says See in context

yey, and the nuclear lobby won again why ask the stupid citizens if the lobbyists know best what to do

The citizens were asked a couple of month ago and they made a more than clear statement about the future politics. Sad but true...

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