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Posted in: Demand for luxury goods in China bucks economic slowdown See in context

Well, considering the relatively high numbers of millionaires in China, I am not very surprised. Indeed, I would question the use of luxury goods as an economic indicator, given the huge income and wealth disparity that exists in China.

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Posted in: Japanese men turn to parasols to beat the heat See in context

Despite the assumption about pale skin that some posters here may be making, the article itself mentions a direct link between summer heat and a jump in parasol purchases, which suggests another motivation, namely keeping cool.

Indeed, a hat, long-sleeved shirt, and/or sunscreen would not have much effect on the heat from being under direct sun.

Locally, in this part of Canada, I have seen some men of African origin use black umbrellas as parasols, and they look anything but sissy. Perhaps, it is a tradition in some parts of Africa.

Finally, you might do well to avoid projecting your western (and American?) prejudices on others' choice of means to keep cool...

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Posted in: U.S. assures Afghanistan probe under way after rogue soldier kills 16 Afghans See in context

It makes you wonder about base discipline - how was he able to go out on a one-man "patrol", with no questions asked?

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Posted in: Chef Stéphane Gaborieau to bring taste of spring to Hilton Tokyo See in context

I must say that a white caption on a background of white clothing is not very legible!

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Posted in: EU force says anti-piracy raids endanger hostages See in context

I still don't see why there isn't a blockade of the Somali coast - if the pirates are based in Somalia, then they have at some point to get from the Somali shore to their "hunting grounds" (and back).

Somalia is currently a "failed state", so it is not as if they are going to be able to make a strong objection to being blockaded.

Finally, for all of this talk of "terrorists" elsewhere, why not deem Somali pirates "terrorists", too...?

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Posted in: Artistry on Ice See in context

Shen (the new bride?) seems to be watching Mao and Zhao, and the set of her jaw suggests that she may not be all that happy about their interaction...

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Posted in: English map & guide for Mount Takao published See in context

I wonder if there is a .pdf version...

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Posted in: Swimming Santa See in context

That looks more like Ms. Claus...

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Posted in: Yemen tribesmen kidnap Japanese engineer, local driver See in context


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Posted in: 16 U.N. mine-clearing personnel kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan See in context

Obviously, I meant the foreign powers that have troops on the ground in Afghanistan - e.g. the USA, UK, Canada, and others - rather than the UN.

Hence, the implication was one of more direct demining effort on their part, if there is not yet much already, instead of through the UN, with all of its bureaucracy.

Indeed, is the UN a "foreign power", so much as an international organization...?

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Posted in: 16 U.N. mine-clearing personnel kidnapped in eastern Afghanistan See in context

Militants often use the raw materials from the mines to make roadside bombs and other improvised explosive devices.

Given that connection, it would seem that demining should be a priority for the foreign powers that are currently in Afghanistan. Is it...?

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Posted in: Longevity of life a mixed blessing for Japanese See in context

Longevity of life

Errm, isn't "of life" a bit redundant?

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Posted in: Snowstorm See in context

Nice picture, but umbrellas with hats or hoods?

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