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Posted in: 2 dead, 2 wounded by gunfire near California polling place See in context

This event was completely unrelated to the polls or politics, domestic dispute some say...

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Posted in: California voters embrace recreational marijuana See in context

Doesn't go into affect till 2018, California is still medical use only...The courts measure your blood, Nano count on a scale 1 to 50, There is no law as to what amount is considered impaired. You will still get arrested, you will go to jail, and receive a DUI on your record. Yes, a Marijuana DUI...not as loosy goosy as a lot of People Think...16,000 dollar fine, 1 yr community service...Peace out..

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

acknowledge move on...

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Posted in: Clinton pitches new gun control laws following Oregon shooting See in context

not necessarily we need to protect ourselves from government and people like this...and as far as Hillary...she has a very good chance of being the most powerful woman on earth, as long as Bill is in the room...Bill Clinton is probably the greatest politician on the face of the planet, I know I am not the only one who think's this...again just a thought...

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Posted in: Karaoke boxes great places for group study sessions with your classmates See in context

Good point above...I love karaoke and highly recommend it...even for the old...sing on ...Sing a like you mean it!!! love it!!!!

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Posted in: Clinton pitches new gun control laws following Oregon shooting See in context

Mental illness is the real issue, not new gun laws, evilness and mental illness go hand and hand. I bet the guy Chris who blocked the door wished he'd had a gun...! he would of returned fire and ended the thing right there...Now in America teacher's will have to carry gun's... just to survive...Just a thought...

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Posted in: Turkey imposes new curfew in battered Cizre See in context

Agreed, this charade cant go on forever, can it? Turkey pony up!!!!

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Posted in: Yemen government shuns talks, begins major military push See in context

Is America to blame?.....Buy the way I have a gun for sale...and a 50 MM Tank...on Ebay...serious inquiries only.........

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Posted in: 5 myths about solar power – and the real facts See in context

There combined in it's own use, Nuclear, Solar and Wind energy all at once...used as needed... dependable and safe if used in it's right capacity...! Not so hard to combine, accordingly.

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Posted in: IS demands ransom for Chinese, Norwegian hostages See in context

Made in U.S.A....Let that sink in...Now weapons cost money, sale's were at an all time high every time POTUS speak's, He is quiet now...Never has America ever been at such a low in there murderous existence...No one is going home safely...Fight or die...? We the people want freedom to move about. Now we don't even know how to greet one another anymore for fear of explosion...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... so let the myth die as we clamour in the fear of government hypocrisy... always lied to... never truly informed. so vote.???????..what are you going to do?.. run where?...fight ...?????? I say FIGHT...!!!! for what is your God given' right's...!!!!!!! and let god judge that............JIL JIG

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Posted in: Japan joins U.S.-Philippine humanitarian drills See in context

Ahhh! Subic Bay...I remember it well... when I was in the Navy, USS O'Brien DD 975, fond memories and thought's , Lot's of Red horse and San Miguel. We'll as I see it...First come first serve. It's all part of a larger design, I Think...? Good will to all humanity...!!! Peace Out!!!

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Posted in: Hong Kong swelters on hottest day in history See in context

Anybody who works in a kitchen or a laundry knows how to handle the intense heat. Lots of cold drinks and cold Sushi ...!

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Posted in: Afghan capital on edge after attacks kill at least 44 See in context

You need to go after these criminals with a vengeance, and put them behind bars. They will always be on edge, until you make an example of these terrorist with serious capital punishment. Rest in peace to the departed and Happy Hunting Grounds forever.

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Posted in: Made in North Korea: goods store opens to brisk business in Seoul See in context

North Korea meet ebay...I would buy online...

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Posted in: Asia backs Iran deal, Kerry says A-Bomb anniversary relevant See in context

Mutual Assured Destruction, If any country did launch their nuclear arsenal at United States, it would be death by Suicide. America has proved it, and will continue to provide War and Death as long as it continues to profit a few very wealthy men.

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Posted in: Colorado movie theater gunman gets life term after jury fails to agree on execution See in context

Sane or Insane? He will have plenty of time to think on the evil he has committed.

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

There was no morality then, and there is even less now. The only question that remains is? Who will use them next?

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Posted in: Which martial arts would you recommend to someone wanting to learn a means of self-defense? See in context

It's not the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog...I practice shotokan karate, judo and boxing, I have had excellent instructors. But most of all, like someone said earlier, the best self-defence is to avoid it all together...which I use.

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Posted in: 6 Baltimore police officers charged over Gray's death See in context

Now has come the time for law enforcement everywhere to be prosecuted for their overkill brutality. Respect human dignity and the right's of all human being's. This is just the beginning...

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Posted in: Obama looks past Republicans in promoting his 2015 agenda See in context

I Am, will imprison myself for democracy...i excelsior will premier to voted jokier... listen to my words?.....

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Posted in: What do Japanese college students think about U.S.? See in context

Native Americans are Friends for life. Real America is a melting pot Company of all Nations. When you speak of shallow people, you speak of yourself... Judge a person by their heart, not their Nation. I love Japan, it's culture, is similar to ours...p.s. Natives Americans prefer to be called Native Indians...

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Posted in: Nagano quake leaves 39 injured as houses collapse See in context

My Heart felt thought's go out to them, and I pray for all of them, Earthquake's are never good, as I went though the Northridge Quake and had a friend at the North Ridge Meadows Apartments who survived, I was three blocks away...terrifying morning...

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Posted in: Scientists say ozone layer is recovering See in context

I really don't think sea water will rise, because I don't believe in Global Warming...The earth will endure...and yes we may have to live through climate change, and maybe another little ice age...but life goes on and find's a way...

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. will attack IS inside Syria for first time See in context

Heavy is the head that wear's the Crown...Hang in there Obama! Be strong like a Man.

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Posted in: How Islamic State raises funds See in context

The Islamist's are barbarians and savage's. In one of his Rambo movies, actor Sylvester Stallone is asked to go back to Vietnam. He replies, "Do we get to win this time?" We need to reprise that American warrior spirit. Only Muslims can forge their own positive narrative, reconciling their faith with tolerance for others and embracing education as the basis for material progress on this earth. Muslim leaders have failed their people. Now is the time, for all concerned, to muster strength, and wisdom to defeat ISIL.

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Posted in: Euro-Japan auto alliances, good & bad See in context

Translated Negotiation's needed...One who see's both side's ...They said they read "The art of War" but did they really understand it? If you have never lead a large group of men or people, then this great book is not understood. You really have to think bigger than the box. Volkswagen and Suzuki can both profit and build. Pride? How much does that cost? The whole deal.

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Posted in: U.S. experts blame both Japan, S Korea for tensions See in context

I do not speak for the Politicians or my Government but sometimes there are more important things than what USA "want's"...or in their "Best Interest's"...Every Great Empire in history seem's to go broke and vanish when they continually support War after War after War, and this military industrial complex money making machine. Now is the time to plan a world involved project that would bring us all together for the right reasons. Space Exploration, Deep Sea Research, Medicine's with nano technology, and the like...

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Posted in: Arctic Monkeys ready to chill after global success See in context

Just u-tubed them, they sound great!....Go Arctic Monkeys....!

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Posted in: 18 must-visit heritage sites in Japan See in context

They all sound wonderful to me. Me and my wife were planning to come to Japan on Holiday. We have been learning the language and custom's, as to not offend anyone...We want to see all these places...We find Japan just Amazing...

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