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Posted in: Fast food places like McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, etc, are frequently criticized. What do you think of them? See in context

Sure, if you want to fill your body with garbage...cholestorol, fat, hormones, chemicals...yum, yum. Finger Lickin' good...NOT!

Anyone who eats in these places has been duped.

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Posted in: Kim Basinger urges designer Yohji Yamamoto to go fur-free See in context

Concrete, You make no sense. What makes humans think they can reign over other animials? We are the planet's worst enemy. How would you like it if people treated other people like animals used for fur are treated? Japan is way behind on animal welfare. The Taiji dolphin issue, whaling, stupid women wearing fur...it all sucks. The cruelty is beyond belief.

Compassion can begin with the smallest of creatures to the biggest.

I respect famous people like Kim Basinger and Richard Gere who speak out about something. It shows they have some moral backbone and compassion, unlike stupid Paris Hilton who does nothing for society. I wonder what YOU do to contribute to society? You don't need to ask me what I do. I do plenty to support animal welfare.

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Posted in: Royal holiday See in context

Yes, yes! This is great. A dog that's not an accessory. A little girl who can love her dog. This will help her to learn compassion and respect. I have only admiration for them. Good for them.

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Posted in: Mercedes See in context

Fur is disgusting. The methods used to get fur are cruel beyond belief. When people start up on arguments such as "we shouldn't eat meat either", "leather is just fur without hair" etc it's just a way to justify that fur is okay. There is nothing compassionate about fur and this moron of an actress wearing it looks ridiculous (especially in the middle of summer). Japanese women need to wake up and realise that you can be fashionable without being cruel. Fur makes me sick.

"It takes 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat but only one to wear it".

FUR IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Serial cat killer on the loose again in Tokyo's Setagaya See in context

Well, with all you cat haters out there it's no wonder we live in such a cruel world. Your lack of compassion, stupidity and ignorance makes me realise why we still live in a world full of greed, with war, with hunger and so forth. Cats belong in this world as much as anyone else. Who said that humans were superior? Speciesism is sickening and brings out the worst in the human race.

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Posted in: The cheering gets nasty at a pro baseball game See in context

What a boring little story. Complain about something worth complaining about.

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