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Posted in: South Korea beats Japan 2-0 in World Cup warm-up See in context

Okada had ordered Japan to avenge a 3-1 defeat to the South Koreans in February that very nearly cost him his job but the Blue Samurai were second best in every department in an entertaining first half.

hilarious. All the best guys. Miracles still happen

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Posted in: Father dies trying to stop son's hydrogen sulfide gas suicide See in context

I was thinking the same thing - if a kid of 13 is up at what would have been around 5am taking a shower - no wonder he was tired!

During this season of the year, the sun is up by 5 am and most people start commuting by that time. RIP little soul and poor dad

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man robs Aomori post office of Y10 million See in context

Seriously? A fruit knife?

Safety first is always the motto here. In most other countries, handing in 10m when the robber is using a knife will be considered an insider job. If you are two people, while one is giving the guy the cash, the other should be hitting the guy with a chair. It's just a knife not a gun. I think Japanese companies should start giving their female employees knife attack drills besides earthquake or fire drills. In that way jack*** like that knife guy will not be a menace to a society

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

Bento-san What I'm saying is this: just sitting next to weird figure makes anyone unconfortable and this leads to all kinds of nightmares. Scientifically proven. Gropping in not acceptable even if the gropper is miss earth (assuming the "gropee" is male). The woman in question (here after refered to as "victim" to be fair enough) was asleep when the alledged gropping took place. She could have been dreaming of being gropped.... Anyway, I'm not supporting the man in question (let me refer to him as "gropper" to accomodate your point of view) but what I'm saying is that don't call him a criminal before we hear his side of the story. There's a saying that "the first person to speak in court will always appear to have won the case already. It is not until his opponent has spoken that a fair enough judgement can be made".

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Posted in: Man arrested for kissing woman during overnight bus trip in Shimane See in context

we gotta be very careful on this. Sometimes it just happens that the woman might have been dreaming of being gropped. This is very possible. If the guy wasn't good looking and was seated next to her those kinds of night mares can't be ruled out. And then there is also a possibility that the guy actually gropped her. That also can't be ruled out. But because he is a man (and Japanese), he is (and will always) be guilty until proven innocent. So many weird things happen in this country. Someone can bring gropping allegations on you and your whole life will be basically ruined. Gropping or rape allegations are the worst allegations on men. Winning legal cases is almost impossible irrespective of the circumstances. I just pray that a fare and thorough investigation is done before anyone is convicted. We should treat the guy as a suspect and not a criminal until the police conclude their investigations. I wish some cute lady could grop me when I'm asleep, anyway

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Posted in: Mother, son, 2 junior high school girls arrested for assault in Aichi See in context

According to police, the man in his 20s and the unemployed woman, 37, became acquainted through an online dating site and met in the car park on Dec 6. The woman introduced him to two 15-year-old junior high school girls and moments later several men came up to him asking him what he was doing with their girls. The men demanded he hand over 100,000 yen and punched him in the face, inflicting injuries that took a month to heal, police said.

I think the woman has been doing the business for a living. She arranges to meet the guy and then suddenly brings the young girls and the muggers. Fearing publicity, the man is usually forced to pay the cash in return of not reporting the matter to the police. In most cases, if the man is an employee of a company or some big public servant, he is bound to lose his job if the news is made public. Paying the muggers is always the only way out. In this particular case, the poor man happened to be a mere lad. Ptobably a beardless boy in his 20s who had nothing to offer. I guess this is why the story ended up in the news and the police. Internet dating isn't that bad but I think it is advisable to meet for the first time in a public place like a coffee shop. If the parties involved are of legal age I think there is no reason to hide.

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Posted in: Companies angry over thoughtless students amid economic downturn See in context

The companies want new hires to act like retarded children but actually be intelligent. No wonder it's so hard to screen them.


I've appeared in many job interviews and those guys want you to answer all questios in standard japanese ways; shout on top of your voice even when the interviewer is right in front of you. It really sucks if you are a foreigner. You are not expected to ask questions related to the working conditions. If I want fun why not ask if I can enjoy myself while working?

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Posted in: Aso says world religions can learn from Japan See in context

Hard-work for a better 2morrow is good. Wasting too much time expecting others to call it hard work is the opposite. I get a lot of entertainment from Taro Aso. kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

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Posted in: Ginza See in context

We all know (or believe) that Christ existed as a human-being (or in human form) 2000 years ago. That is the reason why we are celebrating Christmas. Christmas is the time we celebrate Jesus's birthday. It is not Santa Claus bd (if you didn't know). The message Christ preached was clear. He preached the message of love. He said "we must love our neigbors as ourselves". Anybody offended by that should insult the woman in the picture. There is no other saviour than Christ = without love, nothing good can be accomplished. If you are against that, then go ahead and criticise the woman.

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Posted in: Woman downs 383 bowls of soba in 10 minutes See in context

I doubt the news. 383 bowls? How big is 1 bowl? How much does it weigh? The smallest possible bowl will have weighed 200grams. 383 of them will mean that she downed 76kgs in 10 of soba in ten minutes. It is impossible. Check the news and clarify me

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Posted in: 46-yr-old man held for kidnapping 20-yr-old girlfriend in Chiba See in context

what does a 20 year old want from a 46 year old? Sex? Money? And what does a 46 year old want from a 20 year old? There are many single women in their 30's and they should be his first target.

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Posted in: Aya Sugimoto See in context

I don't know why I didn't succeed in the photography career. Damn. She's 40... I wanna hear her message.

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Posted in: Lawyer arrested for flashing woman on train in Kanagawa See in context

Lawyer arrested for flashing woman on train in Kanagawa Let's be fair enough here. Of course he must have had some mental disorder that made him practice his "flashing talent" in the train. that is understandable. But I'm always flashed by young ladies riding their bicycles almost half naked. I need the help of that 19-year-old vocational student. Anyone who knows his where abouts should mail me.

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