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xandirules comments

Posted in: 2 dead cats found in Tokyo neighborhood within a week See in context

Two cats?

Oh God!!!!.. this is the end of the world.....

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Posted in: Man on bike sprays two girls walking to school See in context

This is an exemple of a very important news!!! Great job JT!!

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Posted in: Sounds of science: Japan leads push for high-res audio See in context

Does anybody still care to what Sony do or say?

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Posted in: Disgraced Japanese swimmer 'lost his mind,' says JOC See in context

"Those who have not sin should cast the first stone."

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Posted in: Yen in sweet spot for economy, but U.S. watching See in context

YuriOtani: So as domestic production is increased more good jobs will be created.

I really hope that this co-relation between inflation and production increase is bullet proof.

I understand that Brazil and Japan are totally different, there is no way to compare both economy but we had staginflation: the worst of both worlds...

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Posted in: Watson accuses Japan of coercing other countries to demand his arrest See in context

If there is a hard, high wall and an egg that breaks against it, no matter how right the wall or how wrong the egg, I will stand on the side of the egg. (Haruki Murakami)

Go Sea Shepherd Go!!****

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson tells U.S. court: 'We're not pirates' See in context

Go SS go!!

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Posted in: Brazil protests put leaders on alert See in context

The leftist party for years has successfully contrasted the boom of the Lula administration with the economic volatility before he took office.

What the Author is talking about ?????

The heavy work of fiscal/monetary stability was completely done by previous President Fernando H Cardoso.

Lula is his Worker's Party inherited Brazil's economy already stabilized.

The boom in the economy in President Lula's period is due entirely to the strong presence of China pushing up the prices of commodities. NO merit at all for President Lula.

Now that China's economy is slowing down Brazil's economy is heading south...

The reason for the protests is due to revolt against record levels of corruption inside the government of Worker's Party.

Three billion dollars are being spent only in stadiums. Total expenditures exceeded 20 billion.

The perception is that a lot of these resources are being diverted to corruption.

In a nation starving for better education, elementary health care and a decaying infra-structure, most people would prefer that these expenditures were directed to these areas.

This notion of a nation with much more important issues to be dealt hosting events like Olympics and Soccer's World Cup is the old Roman Empire's bread and circuses policy.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he lacked sensitivity to U.S. perception of prostitution See in context

How come japanese electors allow such bozo still occupy office?

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Posted in: Japan blames sabotage for record low whaling haul See in context

Go Sea Shepherd GO!!!

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Posted in: 10 drivers to be charged over 2011 pileup involving 8 Ferraris and a Lamborghini See in context

a gathering of narcissists.


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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

A better link with a look inside feature:


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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

Are you really interested in answers? Really?


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Posted in: Beijing restaurant removes 'racist' sign after fury, but manager refuses to apologize See in context

Nationalists are idiots.

It does not matter if chinese japanese or else.

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

Oh really??


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Posted in: Why aren't Japanese dating and mating? See in context

Most animals when placed in crowded, stressful conditions cease breeding. Humans are no different.

Bull's eye!!

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Posted in: Foreign media in Japan without piracy - Part I See in context

Another example of copyrights abuse:

Amazon has started to sell e-books in brazilian portuguese.

I've been a long time costumer of Amazon- USA Kindle Store but, to be honest, portuguese is much easier for me so I started buying some titles.

It was very frustating to realize that Amazon Brazil traced my IP Address back to Japan and informed me that brazilian contents are limited to Brazil located persons.

I contacted costumer service and stated that I understood that Amazon should respect the terms of the deal they stroke with brazilian publisher. However, I also expressed that I felt discriminated when my rights are lesser than a Brazil located brazilian's.

Next day I received an e-mail saying they changed their procedure. I still had to prove that my residence was in Brazil, by faxing my brazilian passport. Once proving I was a br citizen I could purchase e-books.

In my opinion a more reasonable approach and a much much better costumer service.

Thumbs up!! Amazon-BR

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Posted in: Foreign media in Japan without piracy - Part I See in context

Posters here are acting as if access to a product is some kind of civil right. It's not.

I respectfully disagree.

Imagine you are lined up in a kombini eager to taste that new onigiri everybody is talking about. You are about to pay but the cashier looks to you and says: "I'm sorry but shin hatsubay is only for japonese citizens. Gaijin will be served in another more convenient time..."

And that's the point where the current state of copyrights annoys me: sellers of contents, when they go to market offering their product they should not be allowed to discriminate to witch buyer they want to sell. Once in the market you have to sell to whoever wants to buy.

Everybody agree that copyrights should be protected, but very little is said about the consumers right.

After all I feel something is very wrong when they come and say:

Stop bit torrent my content it's a fellony!!! Right, I will buy it. Here is my cash. No, for you I will not sell!! WTF!!!

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Posted in: China pulls players out of badminton Japan Open over safety fears See in context

Totally ridiculous!!!

China in no way has concerns about safety of their athletes. This is just propaganda!!

What about the huge contingent of Chinese workers that were supposed to be studying but in reality are just brute work force in japanese factories? Right here in Gifu there are a lot, a lot of chinese peacefully working. Never heard of a single chinese being bullied here.

And the chinese government knows that!!!

This is just another exemple of the heavy hand of the chinese government throwing more gasoline to this fire.

This clearly not only about those island. There are something more and that's really keeps me worried...

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Posted in: Sony unveils new, lighter e-readers See in context

based on 30 minutes reading time per day

Wow!! Sony targets toilet readers...

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Posted in: Brazilian workers protest layoffs See in context

Why should a short-term part-timer, who has less investement in the company, have the same protections as a worker who's been with the company many years, for example.

Because of the exceptions. In this system os Shains and Hakens there a lot of situations where someone is doing haken because simply there is no other way.

Figure yourself up in a situation where you have been working for the same company for the last 10 years. All of a sudden the company goes bankruptcy. You are in the middle 30s. There is no way you’ll get employed as shain. NO WAY!!!

And the person goes haken for 20 years more and there are people who tell this a CHOICE!!!

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Posted in: Brazilian workers protest layoffs See in context

You're telling me the white-collar Brazilian nationals and blue collar work-visa aliens have the same priviliges? To put it politely, I'm skeptical.

Yes Nessie, in Brazil the Labor Regulations clearly states one kind of employment only. In reality, after three months of daily activities for the same company you terminate your experience period and become full flagged employee, no matter if you are white or blue collar, native Brazilian or foreign.

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Posted in: Brazilian workers protest layoffs See in context

I’m a brazilian, (third generation of Japanese grandparents), and I've been laid off.

The overall sentiment among our community is complex and mix-up…

Some feel discriminated because in many cases, like mine, the company we’ve been working for decided to lay off only the foreigners. Japanese workers, no matter haken, sei-shain or full-flagged shain, they all remain in their positions.

These felling of discrimination adds up to years, decades of:

hard work. The triple Ks job: Kiken (risky), Kitsui ( hard) and Kitanai (durt) is always reserved for us. low payment (haken kaisha eats up a big portion of our payment).

But we understand that this is the story of all immigrants, in all past times and in all countries. No matter if America, or even Brazil, the first generation of immigrants always live in sacrifice in hope that their children, been raised inside the local society may one day become full flagged citizens.

Like all other immigrants we live in hope. Not for us but for our kids.

But that don’t forbids us to express our feelings. To show to Japanese society our point of view. Protests movements is a common place is the western society. And I really think that if this is done in ordered fashion, not causing harm or disorder is always positive. It contributes to broaden up the excessively passive state of mind of the average Japanese society.

The protest here is because this whole concept of two different system of employment inside the same society is odd to Brazilians. Down there we have only labour and capital. Employees and employers. Company and workes.

This concept of some workers having more privileges than others is something very strange to us.

We understand that this is the way things are here in Japan. Many who do not agree are heading back to Brazil.

But many, who also do not agree, have chosen to stay and make our selves heard.

To offer to Japanese society a different point of view: -That everybody in a society is equal, and should have the same opportunities to work and to live.

If the Japanese society ever choose to embrace this and others concepts reigning in western societies is up to Japanese to decide. We believe this our contribution to this process.

In essence, this what this and others protest are all about.

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