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Posted in: Cumberbatch and 'Sherlock' to return for 4th season See in context

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I heard that the series was not coming back until 2017. Oh man, the show is amazing! I can't wait!

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Posted in: Body of 10-year-old boy, naked with hands and feet bound, found hanging from tree See in context

This is freaking horrifying and disgusting!

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Posted in: U.S. warship sails near islands claimed by China See in context

I think The United States is the only country that would be able to do this without fear. I have read about other countries being run off from these disputed reclaimed islands by the Chinese military. While I believe the US does have imperialistic tendencies, I do not believe this to be the case. They really are just trying to maintain a balance of power in that area, and they are the only ones that can do it. Keep it up!

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Posted in: Japan offers India soft loan for $15 bil bullet train deal in edge over China See in context

I have ridden the Shinkansen many times and found it very satisfying. I have not ridden the Chinese bullet train however. As long as they build them and operate them safely I would support either country in creating this infrastructure medium all over the world. it is a wonderful technology.

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Posted in: Jolie's film 'Unbroken' finally set for Japan release See in context

I watched this film just the other day and I was surprised at how good it was. I think the Japanese just might enjoy it.

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Posted in: Indonesia's Aceh to start caning gays caught having sex See in context

This is so repressive it is ridiculous. but at least they pay pure gold as a substitute for caning... terrible.

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Posted in: Japan's top gangster at risk of Al Capone-style fall: experts See in context

I find it amusing how tax evasion appears to be used frequently to take down the baddies. At least they can get him for something.

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Posted in: 'Back to the Future II' - Truth is stranger than sci-fi See in context


Beat me to it! HA!

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Posted in: Man waiting for taxi stabbed by assailant who 'wanted to kill someone' See in context

Is it just me, or is this "I just wanted to kill someone" line becoming more and more commonplace? Scary as hell.

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Posted in: Russian entry into Syria's air wars raises worries See in context

I know it will be difficult, but straight and frank communication between Russia and The United States should hopefully prevent any air related "mishaps".

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Posted in: New arrival See in context

That is one mighty piece of technology right there.

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Posted in: China detains 2 Japanese men on espionage charges See in context

While these two may not have been spies I really cannot believe that Japan does not spy on other countries.

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Posted in: Hitman See in context

What Upgreyedd said. It was indeed surprisingly good.

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Posted in: Pope Francis arrives in U.S., faces a polarized country See in context

This Pope is awesome.

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