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Xeno Man comments

Posted in: Dress more motherly? Japanese TV talent, single mom Kuran rejects criticism of revealing photos See in context

She will be hated more by the nationalist oyajis for having foreign blood. They will blame of her foreign background to pollute the pure Japanese cultures.

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Posted in: Suga considering October visit to Vietnam, Indonesia See in context

There are three things going to be likely discussed.

Indo-Pacific alliance = QUAD plus where Vietnam also has a membership

Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Japan = the highest level of relationship that the Vietnamese government can provide.

Japan desperately needs more Vietnamese blue colar and white collar workers. This time, we will see a steady rise of white collar workers from Vietnam to Japan.

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Posted in: Suga, Putin agree to promote territorial talks based on 1956 accord See in context

The USA will simply bar Japan from making any deal with Russia.

Japan and the Soviet Union ended their formal state of war with the Soviet–Japanese Joint Declaration of 1956, but did not resolve the territorial dispute. During talks leading to the joint declaration, the Soviet Union offered Japan the two smaller islands of Shikotan and the Habomai Islands in exchange for Japan renouncing all claims to the two bigger islands of Iturup and Kunashir, but Japan refused the offer after pressure from the US.

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Posted in: NTT to make Docomo fully owned subsidiary via ¥4 tril tender offer See in context

With sky high prices I guess NTT has the cash to throw around; a bit like Son and his SoftBank.

SoftBank is gradually being taken over by foreigners.


What worse is that Paul Singer and his vulture friends are joining the game to take over both SoftBank and Vision Fund. If you studied the history of vulture funds and Paul Singer, they aren't kind at all. They are like Hunnic hordes taking over national infrastructures and assets to exort money or political change from those nations.

Masayoshi Son is so scared that he has been discussing the solution of going private to protect Japanese control over the company.


Paul Singer is a political player who has a close friendship with Donald Trump. If Trump gets re-elected in the November, then he could help out Paul Singer to force Japan not intervening at American takeovers of Japanese companies.

The Japanese government fears the huge repurcussions if SoftBank becomes American. As you already see, American capitalists like to charge things at the huge price tags. Suga's plan is to lower the prices, and only nationalization can achieve this plan. Suga fears that Japan may not stand a chance against the American version of SoftBank who will likely monopolize the whole market.

Simply, just take a look at GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) who completely dominated the whole Internet sectors (search engine to e-commerce), while the J-govt can't make any of them to comply and pay taxes. Even the Vietnamese government actually forced Google and Facebook to censor posts and give the Internet control over the VCP, while Japan simply can't. Recently, Rakuten lost its crown against Amazon JP, and gradually loses its market share as we speak. SoftBank (USA) is going to be quite heart-attacking for the nationalist oyajis.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Motors eyes early retirement for workers 45 or older See in context

They will force all the talented engineers etc to chinese companies etc

Same thing that's been happening since the early 2000s and has caused the hollowing of all Japanese industries to become a ghost of their former selves

I will add South Korea, Vietnam and India as well. They all are building their international auto brands.

In the case of China, they are already capable of producing any type of Japanese automobiles at higher quality, while they really lack the European/American technologies like Tesla or Mercedes. The Chinese won't probably need any Japanese talent, much.

Coming to a workplace near you soon. And your chances of ever finding another job at 45+ with anything like the pay and benefits you once received are slim to none. Meanwhile, bills, kids' tuition fees and mortgages will still have to be paid somehow...

The age of lifetime employment is long over. Thanks to Junichiro Koizumi and Shinzo Abe!

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Posted in: Mitsubishi UFJ Lease to buy Hitachi Capital in deal worth ¥294 bil See in context

Have to soak up useless assets that no foreign investor wants to buy.

After the 1990s economic bubble collapse, most of the foreign investors, with the help of vulture funds, could have easily bought all of Japanese private sectors. However, Zai-techs have created insane, dumb speculative bubbles that do not attribute a profitable reality for most of their portfolios. This is why foreign investors didn't invest in Japan much, hence the Lost Decades continue unabated for many decades more and ongoing.

The only ones, who are willing to buy those useless Japanese assets, are the Chinese. The Chinese investors only do it for political reasons, and this is why most of Japan scare of the Chinese influence for a good reason. Not one of any racist, far-right organization in Japan, even right-wing Yakuzas, dare to attack any Chinese or burn any Chinatown. Japan's Lost Decades can easily end tomorrow if Japanese politicians remove all barriers for foreign investments. The Chinese investors are willing to save Japan's economy in a heartbeat, for a political price. Of course, the USA won't ever allow Japan to fall into Chinese domination.

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Posted in: Top Toshiba investor calls for inquiry in widening votes scandal See in context

This is why most of foreign investors are retreating away from Japan in packs, except the Chinese and American big investors.

The Chinese do the CCP things, political subversion and domination. The Chinese don't quite care about the profits of running companies much. They only care about the assets and political perks coming with it. Additionally, Chinese investors can muscle their Chinese triads to hire Yakuza nannies to resolve issues quickly. Perhaps, the foreign investors of Toshiba should have done the same.

American big investors, like Warren Buffett or Paul Singer, are seeking two things. The currency hedge or strategic assets liquidation. In the case of Warren Buffett, he is looking for the currency hedge through the purchase of 5 Japanese big sogo shoshas. Japanese stocks are dirt cheap as well, so he is anticipating the possible decline of USD against the Russia-China new Petrodollar regime. He fears a currency Cold War, so he simply diversified his investments, and only big guys in the West can pull this trick. Secondly, the strategic assets liquidation is what Paul Singer and his friends have been doing across the world. They purchase the Japanese assets, mostly real estates or IPs, then they inflate the prices to sell back to American/European investors for higher profits. Classical vulture activities, of course! However, Paul Singer also pursues an unusual strategy to secure his control over SoftBank, the core asset of telecommunications in Japan. If Paul Singer managed to take over SoftBank, he literally owns a money printing machine that dominates all of Japan. This type of asset is never ever going to be liquidated, and it can also leverage political influence which Paul Singer is a master of suchs.

In conclusion, any foreign investor should contact Trump and lobby the EU Parliament/US Congress to force Japan changing for the better through corporate and economic sanctions. That's the only way that one can make Japan a feasible place for foreign investors.

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Posted in: Nearly 36,000 Japanese firms shut down business due to COVID-19 See in context

Many businesses had been hanging on by a thread hoping for a change in fortunes brought along by an Olympic boom. There was no boom, and even if the games go ahead as planned next summer, there will be only a fraction of the original attendance.

This is why you don't hold everything in one basket. NOr Hoping everything going well over one event.

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

Kick China out, admit the Group of 4 AND Taiwan to the UN Security Council. Simple as that.

Japanese nationalists are nowadays among the most delusional ones as the Chinese Wumaos.

First, it is impossible because China pretty much got all other non-permanent members on its side.

Secondly, the West wouldn't have that in mind.

Thirdly, Russia doesn't want Japan on the group either.

Japan wants all the prestige and none of the heavy lifting. It doesn’t work like that.

Precisely. Japan hasn't been ass-kissing the USA as much as the UK did. Trump is right at one thing about Japan that her people only consume the USDs at the losses of American economy, while Japanese people don't pay back through buying American goods. The UK at least bought a lot of American goods, while Japan had a huge trade deficit with the USA.

Japan does all the eatings but none of the fighting or giving back at all! The wild parties of 1980s were all about consuming the precious American dollars that the USA subsidized for Japan through favorable export conditions.

Today UN is irrelevant. The presence of Britian and France as permanent members does not make any sense.

France actually still has its colonial empire in Africa and America. France has a nuclear aircraft carrier, and knows how to create a few more.

Meanwhile, the UK has none of the empire nor nuclear aircraft carrier. The British Commonwealth is all the name but the real power lies in the USA through the Five Eyes.

they would also have to award a seat to somebody who was not under America's control to balance things out.

Very accurate. The UK is already an American puppet. Aside China and Russia, France would not be happy if an another American puppet enters the UNSC. France has its own independent interests against those pesky Yankees.

One puppet is far more than enough.

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Posted in: Trump, Suga discuss 'free and open Indo-Pacific' See in context

This means that Trump will make Japan and South Korea into the ATM machines, while Suga and Moon will probably comply.

"Free trade" with the Americans is like Johann Georg Faust deals with the Devil. Last time, the Americans demanded both those nations to open their economies freely, then the citizens of both nations get an economic depression or nigh-collapse.

Trump is not a very compromising person, so he will be straightforward and brutal.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Japan now officially enters the Third Lost Decades and Great Japanese Economic Depression.

The Japanese assets bubbles of 1990s

The Great Recession of 2008

The Great Depression of Covid-19.

No wonder why people are killing themselves.

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Posted in: Abe tweets that he has visited Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Suga: God damn it, Abe!! Why do you keep making my jobs much harder?!

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Posted in: Japan's August consumer prices fall at fastest pace in four years See in context

Thanks to the god damn tax hike a lot, Abe.

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Posted in: LDP elects Suga as leader to succeed Abe See in context

Go GO GO print the money!

Deja vu

I've just been in this economic situation before

Higher on the Wall Streets

And I know it's my time to QE

Calling you and the search of my profit

Standing on my money printer

It's so hard when I try to be me uoooh!

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Posted in: Japanese firms want Suga to become next PM, tackle fiscal reform: poll See in context

Abenomics greatly overinflated the values of stocks and assets, while it created no actual values at all!! Of course, Japanese firms want Suganomics as the extension of Abenomics. These firms have been desperate to sell their assets to naive foreign investors for years, except most foreign investors are spooked and cautious through the recent exodus of more than 132 billion USD out of Japanese stocks/assets.

Warren Buffett's streak of acquiring five Japanese trading dinosaurs may encourage many of them to think that Abenomics was successful to fool a legendary investor. They put more faith into Suganomics as the result.

For the people of Japan, the sales of Japanese economy has already begun. Their economy is gradually Americanized by the neoliberal world order. Expect the part-time employments to become a permanent aspect of Japanese labor economy. Low unemployment rate is actually just a very high part-time employment rate. Decreasing quality of life will become a norm, and more J-companies are operated by Anglo-American principles who poisonously emphasize growth above social values.

This is the future of Japan, thanks to old geezers vote for LDP cronies and apathetic youngsters.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

I am out of words to describe the incompetence and idiocy of the Japanese bureaucracy at this point.

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Posted in: Amazon's Japan unit to return ¥2 bil to suppliers See in context

Amazon has completely defeated Rakuten. The Japanese government has to resort a dirty trick to hinder the foreign competitors. I warn them not to anger Trump who is very vengeful at anyone who puts the Americans at the disadvantages.

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Posted in: Japan's households, firms keep hoarding cash at record pace as COVID-19 strains broaden See in context

Liquidity trap!

Never ending economic malaise.

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Posted in: Death knell sounds for some of Japan's oldest department stores See in context

In Yamagata, the future of the Onuma department store remains unclear. Although Yamashita's company is keen to keep the store going, creditors could opt to sell to a higher-paying bidder.

Ding, ding, ding!!

Another real state asset for the Chinese.

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Posted in: Nissan received record ¥130 bil state loan guarantee See in context

Ghosn might soon be proven right.


Who in this time would want to buy a Nissan? At the current rate it may be gone before the pandemic is over.

The Chinese, Vietnamese or Indian are pretty damn happy if they can seize the assets of Nissan for good. All of three nations have a huge interest of developing their own native automotive industry for the global market.

However, I think Renault will takeover the rest of Nissan if the company ever goes bankrupt. We assume if the J-govt will not intervene since they love their J-companies being taken over by Americans or Chinese instead of bleeding heart "socialist" Europeans.

JGOV just printed fresh money from thin air again under the name of Japanese citizens to pay corrupted company...

One more reason why LDP cronies are just as bad as Chinese bureaucrats.

Japan's present government or "next prime minister" demand "self-help" to citizen but they help large corporations with huge tax.

Large corporations that will be mostly owned by American overlords and Chinese super-customers. J-govt has a huge hypocrisy of punishing all talented foreigners in the country, while they give the Americans and Chinese a free pass.

The free pass for greedy American elites and cunning Chinese CCP members.

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Posted in: Maximum caution urged as super typhoon approaches southwest Japan See in context

Things can't get much worse in 2020 for Japan, can't it?

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Posted in: GM, Honda announce North America car alliance See in context

Everytime, there is a Korean mention anywhere at anytime at any site. There is always a Japanese nationalist lurking around.

Why do Japanese people obsess with what Korean people do so much?

General Motors and Honda announced Thursday they were establishing a strategic alliance in North America to share vehicle platforms and development costs.

Even China is having its own automotive depression, so does the global auto market in the developed world. Tesla might come around as the biggest winner in the end.

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Posted in: Japanese drama set in New York is your next binge-watch series See in context

Japanese dramas have one big unifying theme: They contain characters who behave in ways no real Japanese person ever behaves. Whether it's the heartfelt conversations between lovers, family members, or at corporate meetings, etc. it's so far removed from what really happens in Japan that you can't help but wonder if this is some deep yearning on their part for how they wish they could be, but never will.

This is why K-drama is making a killing, while J-drama doesn't

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Posted in: Eneos to hasten refinery consolidation as virus hits demand at home See in context

Eneos is still in talks with Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex) to collaborate on refinery projects, and it eyes renewable energy projects in Australia to make CO2-free hydrogen, he said.

Petrolimex is currently interested to acquire a stake (or probably take over in the future) in the Eneos-owned Marifu refinery in Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture. At the same time, Eneos is owning a 9% stake in the Petrolimex. I can already imagine that both Eneos and Petrolimex already have a cross-shareholding mechanisms.


God damn, it is quite mindblowing that Japan and Vietnam are so alike. Cross-shareholding and conglomerate companies are pretty much prevalent in both cultures. Except Vietnamese companies are much more aggressive and progressive, alike the Chinese, and unlike the Japanese. Trump said at an interview in the UK, last year, as he described Vietnamese business people are very "brutal."


Eneos and Petrolimex are going to become cross-shareholded and cooperated for political reasons more than economic reasons.

In fact, Vietnam isn't the first case. China and Japan already have a cross-shareholding mechanism between big Japanese corporations and the CCP state-owned enterprises. Now, Japan Inc moved to Vietnam because the political risks from China are far too great.

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Posted in: Nikkei recovers pre-pandemic level See in context

The Fed did it, and the BoJ simply follows. The global stock markets have departed much from the reality, long ago.

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Posted in: Suga announces candidacy for PM; says he'll continue Abenomics reforms See in context

I can already imagine what Suga will do.

First arrow, printing more money to enrich the foreign investors and LDP cronies. Mostly more towards the foreigners, especially the Americans. Corporate America can finally absorb Japan Inc into a subsidiary, and the Americans may finally bring an end towards Japanese economic model of "social stability above growth." Most likely, the insane stock markets, boosted by QE, will act as intermediaries for a hidden capital flight of Japanese elites to move their wealth from Japan to the outside world - There is a Bloomberg article detailed an insane surge of Japanese money rushing into the Dollarized assets outside Japan, last month - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-06-18/there-s-a-flood-of-japanese-money-rushing-into-dollar-assets.

Second arrow, fiscal reforms once again to benefit the greedy Japan Inc who is close to the LDP cronies. Giving large grants and contracts to Japanese corporate giants who have huge foreign investments within their companies, like Keyence or Dentsu. These economic projects will continue overinflating the stock values to lure more foreign investors, while none of these projects will prove any economic value for the nation and people. The second arrow merely reinforces the illusion of a prosperous economy in the first arrow.

Third arrow, structural reforms to make Japan more like American which will be difficult due to the bureaucrats having some backbones against Americanization of Japan. Except these bureaucrats were stubbornly responsible for Japanese economic malaise in the first place. There will be a reform to boost more women and immigrants into the workforce, probably the only success that Abe did in this category. However, this reform only creates more trainee slavery, overworked single mothers and rising part-time employments. Abe has effectively killed the seniority pays and lifetime employment during his years, which it is a good thing. He unexpectedly exacerbates more inequalities and part-time employments across Japan. Suga will continue the legacy with more Japanese poverty, more foreign slaves-who-turned-into-criminals, more part-time employees-who-considered-as-fulltime-for-the-good-look-on-Japan's labor statistics. The third arrow will go nowhere, and Japan will remain the same conservatism with much worse effects.

Simply, Suga's decades will be the years of getting-nothing-done, Japanese people-get-more-screwed, and Neoliberalization of Japan. Of course, Daddy Reagan and Mother Thratcher will be worshiped on the pedestals of the LDP politics. God Emperor Trump will get in the third pedestal if he gets reelected, and Suga will be expected to kowtow at Trump for the rest of the American presidency. Bigly!

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Posted in: Japan considers tax reform to lure foreign financial firms, annual policy says See in context

That's what it's like to live in global financial centre. Tokyo is currently the most affordable global capital, where many of my friends own detached homes. When the bankers move in, say goodbye to that and hello to skyrocketing home values, higher living costs for those in the low and middle income ranges and even greater social inequality. Being a global financial centre can be a liability, not an asset, for the 99% population who aren't in the upper echelons of financial institutions.

Basically, Tokyo will be like London. Running money laundering industry for foreign elites, while your own people will never ever get any benefit. Singapore at least exploits a lot of profits from being a financial centre of the world, while UK didn't do much and give huge tax break to foreign elites. Of course, Shinzo Abe and LDP cronies idolized the UK conservatives for giving huge tax breaks towards rich elites, especially American ones.

I personally know three former Singapore expats here in Tokyo, and they would vehemently disagree with you.

At least, I need to know how wealthy they are. If not, they are definitely not the target customers of Singaporean government.

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Posted in: Here are the 10 richest companies in Japan: Can you guess which is number one? See in context

Most of these companies have high foreign ownership or completely foreign-owned. I am not entirely surprised. The only way for Japanese companies making huge money and having a high stock value is through the foreign ownership, mostly Chinese or American.

Nintendo is actually an American company at this point due to the dominant number of American shareholders.

No brainer. Shimano owns the global bicycle brakes and derailleur segment. 

Actually, the Chinese owned the whole global industry but we only account Shimano for the segment of high-quality bicycles in the West.

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Posted in: Japan's jobless rate rises to 2.9% in July See in context

It is much worse in reality than in statistics.

Japanese government is notorious for manipulating the labor statistics, and most foreign investors do not trust them.



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Posted in: Next Japanese PM faces daunting challenges See in context

Critics said Abe's "third arrow" of structural reforms - the first two were hyper-easy monetary policy and government spending - was not bold enough in the face of a fast-ageing population and a rigid labor market.

First arrow is successful for those with most money aka foreign investors. Abe artificially inflated the stock markets and asset markets to lure foreign investors buying them. Meanwhile, most of Japanese economy didn't greatly benefit from his action, especially the regional banks.

Second arrow is to stimulate government spendings that only benefit the big firms like Dentsu. Most of Japanese economy again do not see any benefit. SMEs and Japanese individual investors suffered greatly due to the tax hikes, and they never got any benefit from the massive spending programs.

The two arrows were successful for Abe and LDP cronies because they enriched them and their foreign masters.

*I think with USAs annexation of 3.5% of Japanese land, total control of areas of Japanese airspace it deems nesassary, dictating which most expensive American only weapons we can buy, keeping nuclear weapons in japan against Japanese law, I don’t understand the press Tokyo to take sides part.*

Also adding the part where the USA forced Japan to become a world's net creditor through forcing the Japan Inc and J-govt to buy all US Treasuries and put all Japanese assets in the USA or Western world that the US controls. The US Treasury has the power to embargo the entire Japanese economy and confiscate all Japanese assets in a heart beat if any Japanese leader opposes against Washington DC.

Japan is a client state to the USA.

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