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Posted in: Louis Vuitton quits Paris to show in China and Japan See in context

They will probably establish their new HQ in either Singapore or China after this.

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Posted in: Asian stocks sink after Wall St losses on economy worries See in context

Just a few days, markets go up and now they go down. What is in the world going on?

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Posted in: Ex-SoftBank employee found guilty of passing secret info to Russia See in context

Russia probably had what it had been looking for.

Meanwhile, Japan dropped the prosecution against an ex-Russian diplomat to show a kowtow gesture towards Russia. Abe administration has been using the re-acquisition of Northern territories to Sakhalin islands as a part of their propaganda towards delusional Japanese far right. In order to play the illusion among these delusional farts, Abe has to keep up the appearance of a strong man through appeasing Russia. He well knows that Japan will never ever get those territories back.

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Posted in: Tokyo to pay nightclubs to close as virus cases surge See in context

 It is controlled by the Yakuza, criminals who are a scourge on this nation. Shut down this satanic industry and drive the Yakuza out permanently! I'll pay for that.

Yakuza is on the decline. The Covid-19 is now killing their membership number in droves. Yakuza is so small and pathetic due to the police crackdown and Covid-19. They haven't in control of Japan for a very long time.

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Posted in: Itochu to take entire stake in FamilyMart See in context

Like the U.S. and China, the corporate nation-state, though showing many faces, is a single entity.

In the case of the US, Corporate America is binded to the nation because of the USD global supremacy and Federal Reserve/US Treasury. As long as the USD is all-powerful and Federal Reserve/US Treasury controls world finances, Corporate America is attached with the interests of the US for eternity. With such an exorbitant privilege of USD, The US can infinitely abuse the power to make its people better off than anyone in the world. Corporate America and the US are symbiotic to each other. However, Corporate America relies more on the US itself, so the image of a corporate state is half-fitting.

In the case of China, it is definitely not the case for a corporate nation-state. It is purely a National Communist state (Nazi Germany example). The Chinese Communist Party controls all private enterprises and the total economy. Unlike the US, the CCP values stability more important than anything, similar to LDP Japan. Except the CCP is even more extreme and having more economic ammos to sustain national stability better than Japan. China is not a corporate state nor a communist state, it is a fascist state.

Following the lead of the Walmartization of America, small to midsize businesses in Japan are taking a disproportional hit from the policies imposed to fight the bug. They don't have the financial reserves to see them though extended lockdowns, and the larger corporations get the lion's share of the government bail-outs, by design.

That's what the master plan of LDP cronies for a long time. Trickle down economics. However, the Japanese elites and people won't benefit the most from all of these trickle down economics. Foreign investors will dominate Japan utterly in the future. China, the US and EU will be biggest winners.

And with the resurgence and return of the zaibatsu of old, comes the dysfunctions of hierarchical concentrations of power and their zero-sum games.

Hell, no. Conglomerate model was killed in the West during 1980s for its notorious inefficiencies. Japan got the taste of their failures during 1990s with the bubble collapse. South Korea experienced the same thing in the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997. The only wealth clique model that preserves the tests of time can only be found among ethnic Chinese communities of Southeast Asia and Vietnam. Simply, Yue Chinese and Vietnamese have maintained the wealth clan model for thousands of years and still live on. The secret of their successes is in how they well-adjusted to the Western financial models. Outsiders can join the family conglomerates, changes plus criticisms are valued and their children learn the best schools in the West and speak perfect English. Especially, they don't hold the arrogant mindset that Japanese oyajis have. More importantly, the conglomerate model here is very socially, nationally conscious. They do not think of zero-sum games. In case of Vietnam, the Communist Party holds an important role of keeping those conglomerates in-line to prevent social disorders or economic disorders.

Zaibatsus won't return to Japan hardly again. The rise of Western activist shareholders and breakdown of trade barriers between Japan and the world will dampen the abilities for these conglomerates to exert massive political-economic power ever again. Not to mention Yakuza is also on brink of death, Zaibatsus won't have their shadow enforcers if things go against the conglomerates. In the international world, conglomerate model is greatly outdated, so Japanese Zaibatsu model won't stand a chance in a globalized world. Unless you are China, Vietnam or Southeast Asian Chinese/Taiwan because these people know how to conglomerate.

It is the front-line working class who always loses.

This is true. In case of Japan, everyone in Japan will lose. From poor to rich, Japanese wealth decline happens at all levels for a long time.

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Posted in: Japan's first-half bankruptcies rise for the first time in 11 years See in context

Chinese, Europeans and Americans are flashing their cashes to prepare for the largest shopping spree of a lifetime in Japan. They would likely target hard assets (real estates as an example) and core assets (telecom rights like SoftBank).

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Posted in: Dancing robots replace fans at Japanese baseball game See in context

Even South Korea does better than this.


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Posted in: European Parliament urges Japan to revamp child custody rules See in context

Japan is still very backward and North Korea-lite in the social aspects. If the EU put the FTA on hold and sanctions against Japan on certain things, they would certainly force LDP cronies to bow down.

Japan doesn't quite export much to the EU, nowadays. China already accomodates the EU's basic needs, and now Vietnam has the EVFTA, so EU's reliance on China will become lesser. The EU can already produce its own hi-tech goods, so there is no need for Japan. In this case, the EU has nothing to lose if it sanctions Japan temporarily.

Japan isn't a colony.

They already are under the US. No Japanese leader ever dares to attack or criticize any American leadership, while Corporate America now owns many important assets in Japan. American corporations are on a buying spree in Japan.

In the shadow, China also colonizes Japan in a certain way through ethnic Chinese (Taiwanese), with ties to the CCP, who owns many important real estate assets in Japan.

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Posted in: In Tokyo, a temple offers pandemic-hit Vietnamese workers a safe haven See in context

Vietnamese who don't speak English trust Japan and like working there.

Don't forget South Korea and Taiwan. Unlike Japan, they have been passing legislation to protect rights of foreign workers.

South Korea has become more progressive than Japan in this aspect.

The govt set this up, KNOWING, exactly how these loopholes would be used, they have WILLINGLY ENABLED Japan Inc to EXPLOIT cheap foreign labour!!

Japan simply doesn't have a choice after the bubble economy collapse in 1990s. Japan is still primarly an export-driven economy. Without exports, Japan can't obtain the USD reserves from each export to build the national economy. Most importantly, the manufacturing sector still plays an important role of keeping millions of Japanese employed. The decline of lifetime employment as well as international intense-competition forces many Japanese companies to resort to the exploitation of cheap labor to survive.

I don't think you should worry for Vietnamese or Chinese workers for long. @Rubbedite pointed it out that the rise of Vietnamese manufacturing and export industries is making a better alternative for Vietnamese workers to be employed at home. They can make an equal salary or higher if they work for international FDI companies or a Vietnamese industrial conglomerates. There has been a trend of declining number of Vietnamese workers in Japan, or I should put as a transitional period. The blue collar workers from Vietnam to Japan are on the decline but the white collar workers from Vietnam to Japan are on the steady rise. Nursing job is already a prominent profession among Vietnamese workers in Japan, and IT jobs plus engineering jobs are also making waves as well. Japanese would rather trust Vietnamese for their white collar positions rather than Chinese, for sure. We will see a reshape of Vietnamese foreign worker population in Japan in the next few years, and it will be quite dramatic in the neoliberal world order that Abe envisioned.

The companies, not the govt, are the ones who don't give a damn. They are the ones doing the firing, the foreigners first, so they can maintain their regular (and more expensive) Japanese workforce.

It doesn't seem to be a smart business decision.

In the US, American businesses will force their native workers to train foreign workers before firing the native workers. American businesses will replace American workers with cheap, foreign workers in a heartbeat if they have a chance. Even Trump is in power, the global trend of cheap labor exploitation through visa workers will not halt.

Japanese citizens should feel lucky that they have "Nihon socialism" that protects their employments and benefits. When Abe and LDP cronies demolish the last of Nihon socialist structures to impose Reagan neoliberalism, Japanese workers will experience the pain that American workers struggle for years of trickle down economics.

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Posted in: Japan's ruling party calls for government to cancel Xi visit See in context

No, they won't do it. It is all an act of showmanship for their far right voters who still believe in the myth of Nihonjinron.

I dare the LDP cronies to kick out all Chinese nationals (aligned with the CCP) who invested massively into Japan, like what Trump is trying to do. Or putting economic sanctions against China, like what Trump did. Or kicking out all Chinese workers and investors who have permanent residence in Japan, like what Trump is recently attempting to do.

Of course, not. Japan and South Korea are addicted to the Chinese market and bribes. Ethnic Chinese, with the CCP ties, have become entrenched and powerful in each country. The decoupling against China is impossible for them. Australia and Canada are prime examples of Chinese influence where ethnic Chinese investors controlled most of those nations' real estate industry.

People here should have a pragmatist, realist mindset like here. We can't destroy China for now; however, we can safely contain the beast until it is weakened enough. This is what the US is trying to do, while the EU sidelines to watch.

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Posted in: Japan's household spending drops at record pace as virus hits economy See in context

This article is relevant.


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Posted in: Koike, Abe say they'll cooperate on virus, Olympics See in context

At least, Koike has a better medical mask.

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Posted in: Ex-Russian diplomat exempted from charge over stolen SoftBank secrets See in context

Not true. Arresting and imprisoning a foreign nation's diplomat(s) is an act of war. At most the host nation may expel the offending diplomat and declare them "persona non-grata", meaning they can never return. The Russians certainly do harass the diplomats of their adversaries but do not arrest them or kill them. It is an unwritten rule that you don't do things to your adversaries diplomats you would not want done to your own.

In 1997, for example, the Republic of Georgia waived the immunity of its No. 2 diplomat after he killed a 16-year-old girl from Maryland while driving drunk. He was prosecuted, convicted of manslaughter, and served three years in a North Carolina prison before returning to Georgia, where he was paroled after two more years in prison.


The article is old but it states that any diplomat isn't untouchable.

This Russian guy is an ex-diplomat. I am not sure that he has diplomatic immunity. The arrest and prosecution of any diplomat is possible Any big, major global power can do it if they want! Japan isn't one of them.

Meng Wanzhou was considered to have diplomatic immunity from China, yet Canada can arrest her and the US wants her prosecuted. If Americans want to get her, Chinese diplomatic immunity won't mean anything to the Yankees.

In case of China, they  arrested former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and entrepreneur Michael Spavor on vague national security allegations. Canada specifically stated that both of them have diplomatic immunity!


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Posted in: Ex-Russian diplomat exempted from charge over stolen SoftBank secrets See in context

Diplomatic immunity, I know.

However, you still can have the ability of arresting a foreign personnel on the ground of espionage and sedition behaviors. The US, Russia and China do it all the times against foreign officials. In this case, Japan simply lets him go when they have the ability of arresting him for further interrogations.

Logically, Shinzo Abe desperately needs to score that win on the Northern territories and Kuril Islands. This certainly means appeasing Putin at all costs. Japan struggles to maintain a good face in the Senkaku debacle but they find it impossible with Northern Territories. Unlike China, Russia does not fear anyone and willing to fire upon anyone. Freaking China fears Russian military might, so it was the reason why Jiang Zemin dropped all CCP's claims on Russian territories that Qing ceded to Imperial Russia.

This act is merely a desperation for the notice from Putin-sama.

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Posted in: Government Pension Investment Fund posts record quarterly loss of ¥17.71 tril See in context

When the J-govt won't be able to service back their debt like Argentina, Japanese elders will be in the world of pain. They already are but this time it will be much worse.

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Posted in: Japan lodges protest with China over ships near disputed islets See in context

When Japan can actually send military force to the Northern Territories and Sakhalin Island, like they are doing with China along with nationalist truckers, then I can actually believe any of these meaningless shows of force can make any difference.

Don’t mistake my tongue! I am against China as much as Trump does. However, I simply doubt Japan’s ability of making any difference. If LDP is serious on taking down China, they should have taken any economic sanctions against China long ago. There is virtually none!

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Posted in: Remote-control VR robots to start working in Japanese convenience stores this summer See in context

From a capitalist standpoint, why don’t automate the whole store?

There are few places in America doing so. The results aren’t concrete yet.

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Posted in: Japan caught in dilemma with mainland China over Hong Kong See in context

Condemnation and big talks can't do a crap! Shinzo Abe and LDP cronies are deadly feared the CCP who has strings on every business leader of Japan that puts a factory in China. Mike Pompeo doesn't mention Japan much in his anti-China coalition because the US is aware of Japanese heavy dependence on China.

People here talk much about Japan is capable of standing up against China. My question for you is HOW?

The EU is hesistant, but the US is determined. Japan can't stand a chance against Xi's wrath.

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Posted in: Japanese bank predicts years of gloom for tourist hub Osaka See in context

With Shinzo Abe's deregulation of Japanese economy, which it's a good thing in neoliberal economics, Osaka would be foreign-owned in the next decade. Many commenters pointed out that locals here struggle to make a living. The 500 yen lunch is now more and more evident in Osaka and for restaurants not pandering to this market, bankruptcy will be the result. Chinese already owned the large chunk of Osaka, and global economic depression accelerates the Chinese takeover of Japanese real estate industry.


The true winners from all of these are foreign investors with a lot of money, mostly Chinese and American, and Japanese Osakans lose-lose harder. Under a foreign ownership, they shouldn't expect that their foreign bosses will treat them in Japanese style, like lifetime employment or stable wages.

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Posted in: Japan calls China's reported move on Hong Kong 'regrettable' See in context

Do something instead of talking.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, France prod companies to rely less on China, but few respond See in context

Out of all G-7 members, Japan is the most relied one on China. Most of Japanese big businesses have their facilities in China. Tadashi Yanai has 80% of his fortune built in China! The CCP holds all the assets over there as hostages. Abe has been talking harshly against China but his inaction contradicts the talks. The Keidanren, likely bribed by China, always defends the investments in China and steers the J-govt from taking any action against the CCP. The EU and US spoke with action, not Japan.

Abe wanted inflation in Japan, being next to hina means that will never happen...

We wants controlled inflation rate to normalize the economy before the bubble. Japan is actually more susceptible to inflation than many people think due to decades of QE. It is actually hyperinflation. Definitely, it is not an outcome that Abe and his cronies wish.

Those companies still reluctant to leave China, including Toyota Motors, would have happily done business with Hitler’s Germany.

They are being blackmailed by the CCP. Their important assets are stashed in China. Most of their leaders are bribed and manipulated by the CCP as almost every Japanese business in China.

The CCP is more insidious and intelligent than Nazi Germany ever was.

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Posted in: Japan pandemic jobless data mask problems for millions: experts See in context

Even if Japan has "perfect employment" that LDP cronies like Aso suggest, then I bet more than 60% of them are unpaid or paid-cut. Not to mention, it is also estimated that 80% of them are working in multiple, part-time jobs.

A lot of Western capitalists and financiers do not believe in most J-govt statistics, especially labor statistics.

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Posted in: Japan to boost space cooperation with U.S. in revised policy See in context

 The Chinese will subjugate Japan if given the chance. Don't be naïve.

They already controlled Japan.

Taiwanese Japanese, with ties to the CCP, have accumulated many assets in Japan and paved a hole within the system to allow mainland Chinese flushing their cashes to buy out all important real estates in Japan. They can vote and have political power as any Japanese people.

Most of Ginza and all of Kabukicho are Chinese-owned. The Chinese Communist Party also holds all performing, high growth assets of Japan as hostages in China as well. Japan is more dependent on China and Chinese investors than anybody in the Western world. The US and EU are willing to forgo their assets in China if there is a decoupling. Japan finds it impossible to decouple! Keidanren is too entrenched in the pockets of Chinese politicians and businesspeople.

Freaking Yakuza is not even a force that Chinese triads or Vietnamese syndicates care about nowadays. Yakuza is the shadow force that governs Japanese national stability, and now it is merely a shadow of its former self as Chinese triads and Vietnamese syndicates dominate the Japanese underworld, in term of profits.

Japan is evenly dominated over by China and the USA.

basically USA is trying to squeeze as much tax money from japan and is using Abe’s deflated ego to get it. $8billion for US continued occupation, agreement to only buy silly US weapons, blah blah blah.

Exactly, this is why I don't support rewriting the Article 9 without Japanese true autonomy from American influence. The US will put Japan into the endless war gang with the UK and Australia. Only wasting countless amount of Japannese taxpayer dollars.

When the US pulls all of its force from Japan, very impossible, then Article 9 rewrite will lend some merits.

We did not go in debt because we spend on the military. We did not go in debt because we spend money on the space program... That has more to do with terrible aggrements Japan signed in the 80s.

Faustian curse. Japan accepted the US aids to rebuild their economy but Japanese people became too greedy to take everything for granted. Germans received the same aids but they weren't greedy and knew that they have to be independent away from American aids. Japan abused the exorbitant privilege, granted by the USA, to make themselves richer without paying back a fair share for other allies of the US and USA itself. President Reagan put a brake against Japanese abuse of American economic/financial privileges. The bubble economy collapsed, and Japan loses its economic edge against China and Asian Tigers. Soon, it will be Vietnam and India.

This is the reason why China and the EU don't like the US at all.

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Posted in: Koike leads in Tokyo governor race: poll See in context

Nippon Kaigi.......slowly but surely takes over the entire country.

Actually, Nippon Kaigi is the just a one of sect religious movements which parasites to LDP. There’s historical and financial problems of Shintoism and Buddhism in Japan behind this kind of movement.

There is “The Religious Authority of Jinja Ministry(Jinja-Honcho), which member is almost 0.0% of the total population of Japan. In Japan, without the registration and proper management is done as the religious authority, the shrines, temples and churches are required to pay huge tax while the revenue of the shrines, temples and churches are very few. But, Shintoism Jinja now a day doesn’t have that many visitors for “paid-prayer(oharai)” unless that Jinja has some tourist visitor worth or big and famous enough. The small local shrines with support of less than a hundred family hold cannot afford the registration of the religious authority by themselves. So, over thousands of small local shrines pay the annual fee to “Jinja Honcho” to sustain the tax exemption benefits. And Nippon Kaigi is parasitising over the Jinja Honcho, thereby Nippon Kaigi seems so huge system which might be able to conquer entire Japan. This is the reason why Nippon Kaigi is powerful.

However, Nippon Kaigi is merely a front of delusional idiots that was encouraged and influenced by the CIA. The Pentagon pulls all the strings among the political leadership of Japan, the US Treasury controls the Japanese economy through holding almost all of the Japanese overseas assets as hostages, the NSA controls Keiretsu bosses through an intricate network of surveillance for blackmails. Nippon Kaigi is no different than a tool of political manipulation that keeps Japanese masses under a pointless, nationalist dream, fostered by incompetent leaders. The US does not want Japanese people hating the Americans for dominating their country. Nippon Kaigi is a perfect tool to redirect Japanese anger and hatred towards Koreans or Chinese. The classical, Western strategy of divide and rule!

There is no freaking way that Nippon Kaigi can miraculously resurrect the Japanese Empire. The US has been pushing Japan to rewrite Article 9 because it needs some Japanese soldiers meat-shields for American endless wars. Additionally, the US military-industrial complex wants to sell more weapons to Japan.

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Posted in: Nissan executives face angry shareholders See in context

I will not be surprised if Nissan eventually got brought by either French Renault or any Chinese company. I added Chinese companies here because Nissan has decided to expand production and selling into the Chinese market. China is notorious for unfair trade practices and protectionism, so Nissan won't stand a chance against any Chinese automaker who got full support from the CCP. The CCP will make Nissan unprofitable in the long run, then eventually use an elaborate scheme to make Chinese investors acquiring the entire company. This was how a Chinese firm brought out Segway!

Either situation with French or Chinese, Abe administration with his nationalist force have failed with the plan of preventing Nissan to become a foreign company.

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Posted in: Japan puzzled by Indonesia's policy shift over high-speed rail plan See in context

Japan has to abandon trouble making role in East Asia. Join China to make great east Asia co-prosperity sphere for all east Asians.

Not many Japanese right-wingers and nationalists accept this truth. LDP cronies and Shinzo Abe had sold Japan for the Chinese and Europeans-Americans. FOR YEARS! Chinese simply dominate the Japanese real estate sector, while Europeans and Americans are rapidly acquiring distressed Japanese assets for cheap.

This is the very reason why Mike Pompeo barely mentions Japan as an active contender in the American-led coalition against China. The US currently evaluates India, Vietnam and Russia even more. Freaking South Korea is also included!

Japan has too many vested interests and investments that have been sold out and dominated by the CCP. Japan allows the SoftBank's ARM being dominated by the CCP through selling of the majority stake in Chinese JV for the CCP's SOE firms (owned by Chinese military).

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Posted in: Japan conveys objection to Trump's plan to add S Korea to G-7 See in context

The Japanese obsession against Koreans is really damn dumb and contradictory to me. Meanwhile, I don't like Korean obsession against Japanese, either. I will focus only the Japanese, in this case.

The Chinese with the help of CCP, who bullied Japan all the times and forced LDP cronies becoming their whores, control a large stake of Japanese economy and all important growth-inducing overseas assets for Japan's world net creditor status. The Chinese and Taiwanese businesspeople now owned most of the Ginza and all of Kabukicho. Sharp is an ethnic Chinese company, or SoftBank's ARM sold the majority stake of Chinese JV for the state-owned Chinese companies. Yet, none of Japanese right wingers bats a voice, while they laser-focused on Zainichi Koreans who just operate some panchinko parlors or own some Japanese assets. Where the hell are Nippon Kaigi when the Chinese are now buy distressed ryokans across Japan? LINE is a Korean company, yet I haven't seen any right-wing protest against them as well.


G7 was created for the Western-aligned democracies, so I don't see anything wrong of having South Korea in it. We need all the helps against Chinese hegemony at the moment. At the same time, I highly doubt that most of the G7 members, except the US, have the strength and the will to stand against Beijing. The Chinese held a hold on France, Germany and UK through keep these nations' performing assets in China as hostages. Chinese billionaires and multi-millionaires have completely controlled most of Canadian real estate industry, and have a strong political presence here. Italy's economy is so crappy that it now begs China to invest into Italy through OBOR, while Italian luxury brands are addicted to Chinese consumers. The EU is also a mess as well with China uses money to shake-off the political systems of every member, like Serbia's leadership is pretty much in Chinese pocket. In case of Japan, I already said everything happened above.

The US needs all the necessary helps that it can get. China is an uncommon foe, so Russia and South Korea can play an important role if President Trump sees fit. Especially Russia, Putin is very angry that Xi allows Covid into Russian borders. Russia has never been a friend to China, so the US can exploit that weakness against China.

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Posted in: Travel agency H.I.S. to shut third of its outlets in Japan See in context

It's likely going bankrupt soon.

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Posted in: Koike proves presentation matters as much as policy See in context

I would rather have Koike than Abe. She has a good personality and speaks perfect English. Not god damn Abe!

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Posted in: JR Central to delay planned start in 2027 of maglev train service See in context

Very few people know that commercial high speed rails is a very costly, unprofitable program that generates social goods. Countries with massive bureaucracy, China and Japan, are likely to adopt high speed rails to exert the state control over transportation even more. Even more sinister, it is all about the good old corruptions. In case of China, the state-owned high speed rail corporation racks up more than 1 trillion USD in insolvent debt. However, the company will never go bankrupt because the CCP allows it to exist for the provision of social goods. Japan is the same story as well as many European countries.


The US refuses to adopt high speed rails because they already have one aka high speed freight that Japan or China is very envious of. American railroad system is so efficient that it can transport cargoes at more than 300km/h. Of course, American high speed freight is a profitable investment that provides social goods and profits at the same time.


Well, I am going off quite long on the hidden side of high speed rails because there has been a disturbing trend of "nationalist socialists" like AOC or Shinzo Abe who thinks that deficits and debts don't matter. These people also subscribe to the voodoo theory of MMT. The Covid Depression is testing whether "national socialism" of unlimited Central Banking will work.

I like high speed rails but don't like the unprofitable aspects of it. Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation almost went bankrupt over the unprofitable aspect of the system.


Japan's debt has been downgraded recently by Moody and S&P, while the Covid economic depression severely damages the Japanese economy. There is a paper from S&P that predicts Japan won't be able to service their debt after 2026. The Covid Depression pushed the possibility even closer and faster. I am afraid that Japan may not be able to service Maglev train by 2027. They should look for different methods of transportation for growth. There will be a lot of technological changes, likely outside Japan, coming between 2020 and 2027. Maglev isn't the only choice.

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