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Posted in: Nikkei tops 15,000 for highest finish since Dec 2007 See in context

Yay for the bankers? As usual the market has no correlation at all with actual economic fundamentals.

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Posted in: G7 says Japan playing by currency rules See in context

Indeed they are: the rules at the moment are currency debasement. Any major country that says they aren't doing it are lying. Pity any of us who actually live a prudent life and save money though, as they're trying to inflate us all into oblivion.

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Posted in: H7N9 flu 'one of most lethal' says WHO as virus spreads to Taiwan See in context

It's only a matter of time until the human infestation (there's no other word for it with 7 billion of us) receives a proper malthusian event. Not sure if this will be it or not, time will tell.

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Posted in: 24 injured after M6.3 quake hits western Japan See in context

@thepersoniamnow this one was a richter 6 AND a shindo 6.

Anyone who says "only a 6" is a fruitcake, maybe just trying to sound brave or something. And what the hell is a "lower 4". The shindo scale only rates intermediate levels for 5 and above.

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Posted in: M4.9 quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa See in context

@CoffeeHulk, those survival instincts will serve you well. Inspiring.

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Posted in: Fitch cuts ratings on Panasonic, Sony to junk See in context

@gaijinfo, well I think the product is still great, but the value isn't. We're measuring different criteria.

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Posted in: Fitch cuts ratings on Panasonic, Sony to junk See in context

@some14some, Ahh, not quite. It's an indication that they can't be assumed to pay back any debt they take off any long as they are on such shaky ground financially. All these companies still make great products, they just can't compete at the price levels they ask for in the market as their business models are inefficient and poorly managed financially. Kind of like all of Japan, sadly.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

It looks as though the biggest casualties of Apple's 'thermonuclear war' are in-fact Apple users themselves, who have to make do with the vastly inferior maps application. To date, the war has had no impact whatsoever on Android users.

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