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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

When the comedian from US, Ellen DeGeneres got married with Portia de Rossi nobody complain bout that...and when a multi million British singer Sir Elton John married David Furnish nobody say something bout that too...and when you watch Glee....that Kurt fellow fall in love with a gay guy....nobody cares to complain bout it either...because they are rich people and celebrity...but when Koyuki and Hiroko chan got married..it started to be an issue...why???? do you have a grudge on them?? or are you jealous on them because they choose to be with the same sex....instead of being with the opposite sex...and yet some of the hypocrite love to watch the same sex doing sex... don't be a hypocrite!!!!! Love is in everyones heart....nobody knows where they will fall in love....and to whom you will love....it's better to love someone whom you trust then to waste your life in an unhappy marriage... Seriously....Disney??? my god...there a some part where Goofy kiss Donald...and Pluto kiss Mickey...but doesn't mean they will get married...gosh...wake up...it's just a cartoon...where have you live all these time???

I congratulate them and hope they will built a happy life together as long as they shall live....

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Posted in: AKB48's newest album sets music industry sales record See in context

@Supercross I agree with you since im an AKB48 fan too...AKB48 have put all their energy and effort to put them on the top of Oricon Chart...every single they sang hit the no.1 chart no doubt on that compare to other artist in Japan... it's not because of the sexy trend but it's their culture...I rather want them singing then watching them killing themselves from jumping from a tall building or become the trash of society such as become a "HOOKER" or "GEISHA" since that is what all man in this forum want to see..right?

@plasticmonkey As what people said "The most dangerous person in the world is the one who don't talk" because they dun know what is happening to the world around them. For AKB48 and their sister group..they have a strict policy on "NO MEN's OR BOYFRIEND ALLOW" while they are in this idoling group compare to other Japanese group now a days. It is to teach them on responsibility as a girl group artist...each member is like a family and be taught to look after on one another. Bcoz they stay separately from their own family. Group member is the closest person they have then their own family. So i dun think they can give a bad example to the young ones. And yes they do ware sexy outfit as their trademark is "SKIRT HIRARI" it is also in one of their song Album. As for bikini's they are all sponsored by their sponsor. FYI they even have their own Fashion show for Summer, Winter and Autumn you can google it in youtube for more info.

@globalwatcher AKB48 also have another elderly group call the OJS48. It's stand for Ojisan group or old men's group. This group is specifically for all pensioner or old men's who have talent. And yes...that's a good idea too..but we could never know what AkiP is thinking. Maybe he will create this Obasan or OBS48 group in the future if they have a lot of supporter.

Everyone...this is not a debate on what's wrong and what's right coz everyone have different opinion on they seen or heard. But look at the bright side at least they are not doing criminal activity or westing their parent money or their time on something in bad influent. They event help their country raise $1 million USD for the Tsunami & Quake disaster. Learning and attending the Red cross drill in order to help their people in future disaster. And they are still helping their people by pleading for fund disaster in the recent event in "Music of Hope", help by other artist from other foreign country. Otaku fan or non otaku fan every singer in the world have their devoted fan. And it happens that AKB48 also can be famous like other famous Singer or actor in the world. But no artist have been in Genius World Book of Record like this them..So i will support them and support other artist too for doing something that they can for other (^_^)Y

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima most popular of AKB48's members See in context

@Shogun36:To you maybe your fed up to see them being the no.1 and runner up top idol in their Senbatsu Election group but it's all up to their fan..they didn't ask to be famous..and they are not only 48 people..there are also 48 beautiful ladys in SKE, 48 more in SDN & 25 more in NMB...these lady are all beautiful inside & outside and each everyone of them have their own fan & fan club all over the world...

@Venomblue: Variety show?? Cmon...they have a lot of show..Shukkan, AKBinggo, AKBar Wasshoi!, and they even acting in some Movies and many more...their song is on top Oricon Chart...and AKB48 alone have produce 22 Single within 5 years...PLUS they currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the "Pop group with the greatest number of members"...what more could you not be interested in this group???

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima most popular of AKB48's members See in context

@Youdontknow: cmon...Lady Gagais a Guy befor he become a woman but still all straight guys lover his song & his new appearance..at least Oshima Yuko is a genuine Woman compare to him...To her fan such as me we found her beauty inside her heart not on her face..At least her effort & her group manage to donate Y500 million to their Tsunami & Quake victim and how much did you donate? or did you ever donate your money to the needy???

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima most popular of AKB48's members See in context

OMG!! OMG!!! hell yeah...she is...Vote for Yuko...vote for AKB48 and Vote for Japan (^_^)Y

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Posted in: Grow-Your-Own-Rice bra See in context

This is my first time seeing people planting rice on their breast...I wonder how it taste? Milky or Creamer? Luckily I'm a man...(^_^)

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