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It's like GANTZ, but if the characters had been smarter.

In all seriousness, good on him for his quick thinking and risking his own life for someone else.

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You mean your gaikokujin bubble didn't work? Wow...I'm kind of surprised. I guess a lot can change in a couple years. Whenever I got on trains in Tokyo I usually got the spot where you can lean against the rail because of the bubble. Though...the one time I really need a seat I couldn't get one. I was about ready to collapse because I'd already been standing for 6 hours without food or water before getting on the train. It wasn't until almost the end of my ride that I finally found a seat and I was probably very visibly in pain.

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Posted in: 17-year-old Ibaraki boy dies after being found bleeding with tire marks on his head See in context

From a pedestrian's point of view: I would rather wait until it's safe to cross a road before I cross it than just start crossing assuming that the driver will stop. Drivers are in their own little world inside their cars and can't always see or hear what's going on around them. For all we know, this kid could have been in the driver's blindspot and was backed over. I'm not defending the driver though. The jerk should have stayed and faced the consequences of his actions or at least done something about it so the kid would have had a chance to live.

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