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Posted in: Japan's military seeks big boost in defense budget See in context

'China not a threat' ?! - sure, tell that to the Filipinos, the Vietnamese, the Indians. Those countries have been victims of Chinese aggression very recently and they know that if you give China an inch they will take a mile.

Oh, those countries were also invaded by Japan in WW 2 but can get over the past and would rather work with Japan knowing that China is the real threat of the future

Funny, those people advocating Japan not spend more on their defense are also the ones defending Chinese action in the Senkakus - Chinese gov't paid trolls anyone?

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Posted in: Microsoft to end support for Windows XP in one year See in context

Regarding businesses that still use XP - It's not just the OS itself. Those businesses may have invested in another software or machine (maybe several millions of yen worth) that is reliant on XP for its operation, there are no drivers,and those software may not be compatible with newer OSes. Of course there may be newer versions of those machines/software that will function with newer OS, but that is an additional expense which is not really a priority in today's economic situation. Add to this the fact that some of the newer versions of the software/machines are not essentially better.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro manner posters confuse and delight commuters See in context

@smithinjapan, It is obvious you've never lived in SKorea. I've lived there a couple of years, and, although I have no dislike for them and have several friends there - there is absolutely no way you can call the Japanese more rude than the SKoreans!

First few months I was there after coming from Japan, I was just in shock about the manners of the people, I showed the wife a picture of the place where we'd living she asked 'whats all that garbage?' 'Thats much better than the alternatives!' I had to assure her. In Japan on a pedestrian green you can cross with confidence that no one will try to run you down (you'd really feel thankfu;l to a SKorean driver who'd extend you the same coutesy, even when cops are there), If you ride a bus you have to run to your seat coz the driver will accelerate like in a race, he'll make sudden brakes while people about to descend are standing up (coz u have to stand up or he'll just drive through your stop). In just the first few months my wife got into a fight with a taxi driver, a fight with several ajummas,... theres so much more examples - we eventually took the 'rudeness' as matter of course and just learned to be rude back when necessary.

We now live in New York and we actually find New Yorkers much more docile and the place much more relaxing than SKorea, and that should say a lot.

On trains, I'd rather have the Japanese train anytime over the NY or SKorean one.

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Posted in: Android rises to top -- in malware threats: survey See in context

@TumbleDry where are you getting your numbers? Or are Apple lovers living in a completely different reality? iOS does lead android in Japan but by a very small margin, definitely not 'Almost the double (sic)'.

In the rest of the world Android leads by 10% http://gs.statcounter.com/#mobile_os-ww-monthly-201001-201301

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Posted in: China, Japan scholars seek way out in islands dispute See in context

@Hansaram @nigelboy re: International Court of Justice

China would just probably demand that '...rival claimants resolve the disputes through one-on-one negotiations' as they are doing to the Philippines


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Posted in: China relentlessly harries Japan in island dispute See in context

China’s Foreign Ministry said the exercises were “not conducive to mutual trust in regional security,” and urged the parties to “do more that helps regional peace and stability.”

Yes, and sending quasi-military vessels helps regional peace and stability? Reminds me of the old adage 'only the dead rest in peace'... basically what they're saying is: "Give up those islands, let us walk all over you and there will be peace in the region", or at least until China starts making land grabs somewhere else.

And if they are here to defend their own interests, we don't need to subsidise them to the tune of 4 billion bucks a year, do we?

and then the US shouldn't stop Japan from building up their military since the US will not protect them anyway...


These Islands are not the problem but it is the arrogance of the politicians who refuse to apologize for their mistakes and buying these Islands from their owners was one of them.

so if your neighbors dad had a fight with your dad and they (neighbors dad) never apologized for the fight, you then have the right to claim a room in your neighbors house because you're entitled to it? - I don't think so....

@SamuraiBlue & hidingout

avigator & iWorld are probably some of those guys China hires to troll forums like this.

regarding US involvement, or lack of it because of owing money to China. I can see that as a compelling reason why they would be involved if the confrontation intensifies. I can imagine a few scenarios: 1) The US will side with Japan and when China loses one of the terms of surrender will be erasing all or part of the US debt. However China now holds a lot of US reserves and could economically squeeze the US while thi hypothetical 'war' is happening which is probably why the US would be hesitant to get involved. 2) The US will side with China with a promise of reduction of their debt to China, but that will cost the US its image of dependability not only in Japan but in other parts of the world so I do not see the US agreeing to this. 3) The US will stay out of the confrontation with secret promises that China will forgive part of the US debt, but they will 'honour' the promise of mutual protection if China attacks inhabited land. I think this is most likely, its less risky for the US they stand to lose a little 'face' but not too much.

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Posted in: Google drawn into S Korea-Japan island dispute See in context

Google couldn't care less - the Koreans don't use google maps anyway, they use Daum or Naver, same goes with search engines

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Posted in: Japan protests after Chinese ships enter waters around disputed islands See in context

'Civilian' those 'maritime surveillance vessels' are not. They have been more aptly described as 'quasi-military' vessels. You'll notice that the Chinese Navy just conducted 'joint exercises' with these 'civilian maritime patrol agencies': http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/0eb9e91a-19be-11e2-a379-00144feabdc0.html#axzz2AJzU1ozi

This is the tactic being used by the Chinese govt: they send in those 'Maritime Surveillance vessels' and wait for a reaction. They also did this in the Philippines just a few months back.

If the nation they just 'invaded' reacts aggressively they can accuse that nation of being the war-monger,

If the invaded nation doesn't then they start by planting a plaque or a flag on the disputed islands. They can then claim a basis for their supposed sovereignty.

If the invaded nation then comes and removes that plaque/flag, China would then claim belligerence on the part of the invaded nation.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

As someone who's lived in Japan, Korea, and now the US, let me offer my perspective.

First off, PSY's hit is legit, I could ask almost anyone here (NY) and most of them would know of 'PSY' and 'Gangnam style'. Whether his current success would amount to anything long-term for PSY (and K-pop) or just be a passing fancy is another thing. That anyone would be suggesting that it is a hit only because of 'bots' is ridiculous, it may have been started that way, but it has now taken a life of its own. The level of success of 'Gangnam style' has not been matched by any other Asian artist, and I think without any (and probably because of this lack of) conscious effort to be 'likable' on PSY's part.

However, the Japanese shouldn't be jealous of Korea (or of a Korean) for this success because Japanese culture and art is so entrenched in the western consciousness. So much so that Korea actually has to make a conscious and 'aggressive' effort to wrestle some of this cultural identity from Japan, through agencies like the Korean Wave Research Institute (KWRI) whose reaction to this 'perceived slight' is also ridiculous. I think smithinjapan and Carolee Thumma hit the nail on the head for the reason why 'Gangnam style' simply isn't a hit in Japan - it's not 'cute', nor 'pretty' - things that Japanese look for and are attracted to in Korean music.

Disclaimer: I'm not at all into K-Pop, my favorite Korean music being from a group called 'Bye Bye Badman' who are heavily influenced by 'the Stone Roses'.

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Posted in: People power See in context

KnowBetter, trillions maybe ... but that's just the material cost, the suffering/deaths due to cancer caused by the radiation ain't even factored into that equation. how much is the price in yen will you put equivalent for each person who will develop cancer within 10 yrs? 20 yrs? 50 yrs? THAT is the 'REAL COST OF NOT HAVING NUCLEAR POWER'.

err... I saw in your previous posts you were a banker...

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Posted in: Japan recalls Beijing envoy See in context

for if it comes to force, Japan will lose them guaranteed.

Although the Chinese Navy is current the second biggest in the world http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_Chinese_Navy_ships

the Japanese Navy, err... the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force isn't exactly a pushover either - with or without the aid of the US. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_ships_of_the_Japan_Maritime_Self-Defense_Force

There have been incidents reported in the past were Vietnamese forces have fired on Philippines airforce planes. All you need to do is look.

I've been looking for this and haven't come across any such info and have not come across any such incident, only China shooting Vietnamese, China bullying Philippines, China killing South Korean coast guard, China bullying Japan...

so please provide a link to this (Vietnam vs Philippines incident), I can provide you links for all the above incidents if you want.

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Posted in: S Korea's president raps cabinet on bungled pact with Japan See in context

This is bizzarre: http://english.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/07/03/2012070301530.html If you notice at the bottom of that article:

... But only 66 percent pointed to North Korea as the South's main enemy, down 10 percentage points from the 2010 survey. The others named Japan (12.1 percent), China (8.9 percent) and the U.S. (8.5 percent)...

Now, I can understand why they'd think of Japan as their enemy (due to historical reasons) but the US?! WTF? coz the US stopped them from living in the paradise that is Noth Korea?!

-that being said, I've been living here in Korea for a couple of years, but have never met any blatant anti-Japanese sentiment, not from the young nor from the old; the opposite actually - people always telling us (my wifes the Japanese) they want to visit Japan, they liked living in Japan etc... even from a guy who worked in the mines in Japan just after WW2, he was all over us like he met long lost family or something...

I guess this line says it all:

The planned pact had sparked angry reaction from opposition parties and activists in South Korea.

Its not the 'general populace' thats up in arms over this issue - its the ultra-rightists, its a shame that the Korean government is paying any attention to them.

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