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Posted in: Bill to ban TikTok in U.S. unless it divests from Chinese parent clears Congress See in context

Ban it. TikTok is the e-fentanyl. They should have done it long ago. The next one should be Zoom, but it is much more difficult as it owned and controlled by Chinese who had gained US citizenship. Democratic countries beware.

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Posted in: Taiwan happy with U.S. aid package; China objects to arms sales See in context

Now it is Japan's turn to do more to defend Taiwan against imperialist Fascist China, which would ultimately be for Japan's own good too.

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Posted in: OpenAI unveils voice-cloning tool See in context

What are the social benefits of inventing voice cloning, if any? The article unfortunately doesn't mention any.

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Posted in: More foreign students set to be eligible for Japan gov't scholarships See in context

Harsh but sensible. If kids are born here or mostly raised here, there is a higher likelihood that they will stay for life here, and investing on their future is good for the country. On the other hand, foreign students who come here to do university work and who get scholarships may soon depart for other countries and never return, and so the investment on them will not be as efficient.

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Posted in: Netanyahu snaps back against growing U.S. criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza See in context

If HAMAS shows no real remorse then Israel should go all in. Schumer should keep quiet or he will lose his next election, which won't be a bad thing though.

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Posted in: Bernie Sanders wants U.S. to adopt a 32-hour workweek See in context

Oh in socialist heavens people don't need to work at all. Don't you see that young people in China are lying flat? America should follow suit. 32 hours? What a bad deal.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs new foreign trainee program to promote longer stays See in context

Should discriminate between letting in people from friendly countries and those from hostile states. This is critical in ensuring a healthy development of Japanese society going forward.

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Posted in: Canada can increase role in Indo-Pacific through IPEF: Japan envoy See in context

For Canada to really step forward, Trudeau must renounce the pro-China stance of many of his predecessors including his father. But it is not easy, as Canada has been quite thoroughly been infiltrated by Chinese interests.

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Posted in: Biden opposes plan to sell U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel, citing need for 'American steel workers' See in context

Mr Biden thought that Japan buying a US steel mill would bring it home. What a president.

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Posted in: Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni Shrine picks ex-admiral as chief priest See in context

Come on! The SDF is not the same as the Imperial Army! Anyone who cannot tell the difference should be ignored. Likewise for any country.

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Posted in: Mos Burger spices things up with a brand-new gochujang burger they promise is addictingly good See in context

Yum. Any raw veg in Japan is good!

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Posted in: Amazon argues that national labor board is unconstitutional, joining SpaceX and Trader Joe's See in context

Unions are bad. Union bosses are bureaucratic fat cats. If people want unions they can go to Europe, Cuba or China.

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Posted in: Anger over Messi's absence in Hong Kong game spreads: Argentina friendly in mainland China canceled See in context

Doing anything less in ghastly Hong Kong would have been inhumane. But will Argentina be able to stand up to China?

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Posted in: Japan OKs new foreign trainee program to attract more workers See in context

This is the correct direction but needs a much faster, bolder pace.

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Posted in: Dive final See in context

great athlete and great pic!

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Posted in: Koike, Taipei mayor agree on urban governance cooperation See in context

Anyone in any government has the freedom to travel to Taiwan and meet its officials on equal terms. China fans don*t panic. Taiwan is already independent anyway.

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Posted in: More students in quake-hit central Japan evacuate to continue studies See in context


This is good news story with a personal touch. The world is not always a circus.

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Posted in: Okinawa rejects court order to OK revised U.S. base transfer plan See in context

This Tamaki guy is playing straight into the hands of the Chinese. He should be replaced somehow by a more sensible person.

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Posted in: Court orders Okinawa to approve modified plan to build runways for U.S. Marine Corps See in context

NIMBY-- not in my backyard... very damaging mentality for a nation. The government could give compensation or help those who want to leave Okinawa and settle elsewhere in Japan.

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Posted in: What is the fundraising scandal engulfing Japan's ruling party? See in context

Got to give credit to the Japanese Communist Party this time. Good job as opposition.

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Posted in: Philippines, China trade blame for collision in disputed waters See in context

China has had territorial problems with the USSR, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, India, Tibet, etc. It thinks it owns "everything under heaven", and that's a five-thousand-year-old belief. Just like it says often -- "since ancient times".

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Posted in: China, Japan trade blame over confrontation near disputed islands See in context

China has tried land grab ever since the Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago and has never stopped. Other countries did for a while and stopped. That's the difference. To a country civilized, land grab is no more interesting.

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Posted in: EU opens probe into TikTok, YouTube over child protection See in context

Youtube can be reformed. TikTok is beyond redemption.

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Posted in: Japanese island holds disaster drill in shadow of China threat to Taiwan See in context

Japan should support implicitly or explicitly Taiwan independence, in case China attacks Taiwan, for its own good. China is bent on invading and expanding. Now the East and South China Seas, tomorrow everywhere with a drop of water.

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Posted in: Australia holds crisis talks as ports disrupted by cyberattack See in context

Look which country is eavesdropping on the Aussie-US naval base in Darwin by taking over its port management and you know who-dun-it this time. China. No others. Albanese is nuts to do further business with China.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain eye ministerial security talks in Tokyo next week See in context

Good partnership to counter the Russia-China axis.

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

Japan has managed its affairs well, in the context of a fast ageing society. Much better than some other countries with problems not half as bad. Japanese citizens are responsible for that decline too, just like elsewhere. My generation and my parents' were poorer yet we raised many more babies.

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Posted in: Samurai trash collectors clean Tokyo streets after Halloween revels See in context

Worst countries have a lot of garbage in streets and no garbage cans. Better are those with no garbage and lots of garbage cans. Best and most advanced are those with no garbage and no garbage cans. Japan normally belongs to the third category. Halloween in Shibuya is like Daytona Beach in the US, smaller in scale and tamer. We will forgive the kids -- foreign and Japanese, just once in a year, but they should be educated in civic virtues.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Philippines, Malaysia from Friday See in context

Most important issue for him to talk to the two SEA countries -- countering the military threat of China.

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Posted in: Small group learning key to survival of Japan's least populous city See in context

Any solution must be radical. Otherwise it more or less continues on its familiar trajectory. All over Japan can one find one single counterexample?

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