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Posted in: EU opens probe into TikTok, YouTube over child protection See in context

Youtube can be reformed. TikTok is beyond redemption.

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Posted in: Japanese island holds disaster drill in shadow of China threat to Taiwan See in context

Japan should support implicitly or explicitly Taiwan independence, in case China attacks Taiwan, for its own good. China is bent on invading and expanding. Now the East and South China Seas, tomorrow everywhere with a drop of water.

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Posted in: Australia holds crisis talks as ports disrupted by cyberattack See in context

Look which country is eavesdropping on the Aussie-US naval base in Darwin by taking over its port management and you know who-dun-it this time. China. No others. Albanese is nuts to do further business with China.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain eye ministerial security talks in Tokyo next week See in context

Good partnership to counter the Russia-China axis.

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Posted in: Kishida says policies necessary; doesn't care what names he's called See in context

Japan has managed its affairs well, in the context of a fast ageing society. Much better than some other countries with problems not half as bad. Japanese citizens are responsible for that decline too, just like elsewhere. My generation and my parents' were poorer yet we raised many more babies.

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Posted in: Samurai trash collectors clean Tokyo streets after Halloween revels See in context

Worst countries have a lot of garbage in streets and no garbage cans. Better are those with no garbage and lots of garbage cans. Best and most advanced are those with no garbage and no garbage cans. Japan normally belongs to the third category. Halloween in Shibuya is like Daytona Beach in the US, smaller in scale and tamer. We will forgive the kids -- foreign and Japanese, just once in a year, but they should be educated in civic virtues.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Philippines, Malaysia from Friday See in context

Most important issue for him to talk to the two SEA countries -- countering the military threat of China.

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Posted in: Small group learning key to survival of Japan's least populous city See in context

Any solution must be radical. Otherwise it more or less continues on its familiar trajectory. All over Japan can one find one single counterexample?

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Posted in: 92-year-old driver ordered to pay ¥140 mil over fatal Tokyo crash See in context

Was he deliberate?

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Posted in: About 1 million nuisance calls made to Japan embassy in China over Fukushima See in context

It's a good way for China to earn disdain quick. Now that Japan knows the national character of its giant neighbor, it's time for Japan Inc to pull out and go elsewhere where people are more civilized.

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Posted in: Next-generation urban agriculture See in context

To qualify as a farmer in Japan you need a lot of permits obtainable through official tests, one of which concerns the use of pesticides. Plenty of rules and regulations to learn and follow.

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Posted in: China formally arrests Astellas Japanese employee suspected of spying See in context

Japan like many other western countries have been wrong about investing in China. It was a trap, an investment trap, alongside the debt trap for poorer nations. Only remedy is to decouple as quickly and as completely as possible.

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Posted in: China, Japan say their ships faced off near disputed islands See in context

Japan should recognize and arm and help defend Taiwan agaisnt China and get Taiwan to abandon its senseless claim on the Senkakus.

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Posted in: Why are some Chinese women still looking to the West for love? See in context

For love? Come on. Its anything but.

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Posted in: As China’s economy slows, Hong Kong aims to rebuild its international image See in context

Fat chance. Good luck. After what happened in 2019?

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Posted in: Gov't to offer shopping points to promote contactless delivery See in context

excellent idea. i hate receiving a note saying some delivery attempt was made in my absence and that i should call to make a reappointment. maybe not so good for city compound dwellers with no security person on duty.

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Posted in: South Korea hosts Japan, China as U.S. allies try to reassure Beijing See in context

Japan, SK and US should talk smooth and carry a big stick.

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Posted in: Asian Games open with more participants than Olympics See in context

In China games are sheer politics. Everything is political there but games are among the most. And, mind, it is Chinese politics, not your run-of-the-mill western politics.

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Posted in: Controversial U.S. livestreamer 'Johnny Somali' arrested in Osaka See in context

Send them to China or NK.

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Posted in: Japan's new foreign minister dampens hopes for improved ties with China See in context

In Japan, "balanced diplomatic strategy toward China" means kowtowing. So use or read that phrase carefully.

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Posted in: Solomon Islands leader 'appalled' at Japan over Fukushima water release See in context

"If this nuclear wastewater is safe, it should be stored in Japan. The fact that it's dumped into the ocean shows that it is not safe," he said.

*What an idiot. And those who agree with the idiot's statement are even worse.

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Posted in: Lula struggles to revive Brazil's 'soft power' amid U.S.-China tensions See in context

Brazil is stupid to remain in the BRICS and the company of Xi and Putin not to mention the LATAM leftist radicals.

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Posted in: Upheavals in Xi's world spread concern about China's diplomacy See in context

But this is quite normal for China. anti-corruption campaigns have been conducted since 1950 almost as soon as the Party came into power, but corruption has become worse and worse, especially in the military, which is 100% non-transparent.

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Posted in: China to soon decide whether to arrest Japan national over spying See in context

Best solution to avoid such diplomatic blackmailing is for Japan to cease all trade contacts with that country which many people in China refer to as South Russia or East Kazakhstan.

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Posted in: Taiwan blasts Elon Musk over latest China comments See in context

Ping An Sep. 14  11:43 am JST

Simple mathematics: 14 billion people is greater than 2,300 people.

14 billion? Even if you are correct, consider this. To every Chinese there are at least 1,000 flies. So should the Chinese eat what those flies eat? Simple math says...

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Posted in: Medvedev says Japan's 'militarization' complicates Asia-Pacific See in context

Complications, of course, for the ganster trio -- Russia, China and NK.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing in the midst of a gender revolution in Japan See in context

LGBTxxx people deserve sympathy. The LGBTxxx Movement went overboard and should be suitably checked or regulated, with input from both LGBTxxx and non-LGBTxxx sources. Progressives should agree to significant restraint and reform in that movement.

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Posted in: The fight over a 'dangerous' ideology shaping AI debate See in context

Many economists are business economists, often a bad mutant of the true thing.

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Posted in: Rented electric scooters vanish from Paris streets See in context

Ban those huge tires on sidewalks. Allow much smaller batteries and slower scooters.

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Posted in: 'Talk about something else' -- Chinese AI chatbot toes party line See in context

Well, this is Chinese AI, and there's nothing artificial about it. It's made by Xi Jinping alone. Garbage in, garbage out.

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