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Posted in: Esteemed Japanese sushi chain ranks top 15 most popular sushi toppings among customers See in context

Please put the sushi names alongside their photographs for us to learn.

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Posted in: Abe re-elected prime minister See in context

In the ministerial system of parliament, when a PM wants to seek or confirm the view of the electorate, he or she can call an election before term is up. That is a fairly common practice in Europe and Britain. So why are you people ridiculing this happening in Japan?

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Posted in: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho consider big cutbacks in branches, staff See in context

US fires a lot of workers but on average it has a very low rate of unemployment, compared to europe, except in very bad crises. That's sign of an efficient labor market (which leftists abhor). Japan should learn this as number 1 lesson in its economic reform, if it is ever serious about it.

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Posted in: Aso clarifies comments attributing election win to N Korea See in context

Aso was being candid. The left opposition are indeed weaklings in front of norkor. Would they be any better in managing the economy? I doubt it.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc won election, but many don't want Abe to stay as PM: survey See in context

Well, Asahi is Maoist. It certainly likes the outcome for Xi in Beijing this week better. 99.9% approval rating, for him and for Dear Party.

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Posted in: Koike apologizes but sticks to party head post after election defeat See in context

Most who didn't vote were ok with the status quo, some may have been disillusioned, but few were angry with Abe, or else they would have voted. So don't believe the JT and other media that purveyed the blame-it-on-the-typhoon view that if turnout rate had been higher, the opposition would have performed better. Unless you believe that a plurality of Japanese people have been mostly idiots in the last five years, you need to explain why Abe has been successful, at least more successful than the DP or its newest incarnation CDPJ, for what is an incredibly long period in Japanese electoral politics, in spite of some alleged shenanigans with the schools thing and some of his much less popular policies like reactivating nuke plants.

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Posted in: 'Vanishing village' looks to LDP for survival See in context

I think Abe and the LDP have been doing a good job balancing the old and the young in this country, aside from the givens of a party grown bureaucratic in large part because the opposition is so (truly) inept. In a democracy the bulk of the policies benefit the majority, and the biggest majority today is the old folks. But who is there to thwart the voting power of the young when Abe tried to give votes to the 18-year-olds?

But the young are not disendowed. When the older generations die off, they have to pass on the real wealth (as well as the huge national debts in the form of paper wealth) to the young. It is a common adage that says Japan's huge debt is owed to its own citizens. That is correct, but the more exact saying is it is mainly owed to the older people, who had the money to lend to the gov't (in the form of money buying up the gov't bonds, and money paid in the form of a deflated currency since the 90s. But all this real and paper wealth and debt will go to a much smaller cohort of younger people. The bonds (paper wealth) and debt will largely cancel out, and they will be left with a chunk of real wealth, which is quite significant. The challenge is whether the younger generations can stand up to it. The elders - mostly the between-wars and post-war generations, went through their hardships and built a prosperous Japan. Now we will see how well the younger ones will perform.

Looking back over the last 70 years, if it was mostly the LDP's 70 years, the track record is not bad at all, against world standard.

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Posted in: Nuclear power issue unlikely to be decisive factor in election See in context

Look at the photo - where are Japan's young people?

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Posted in: Member of Nobel Peace Prize winning group raps Japan over nuclear weapons treaty See in context

Japan should not be trapped in its past experience. With three neighbors possessing nukes, it should of course have an option to possess it as well, whether it eventually decides to have one is a different question.

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Posted in: Abe proposes to add civilian control clause in Constitution revision See in context

The well-intentioned pacifists are in fact playing into the hands of China and Russia, obvious supporters of Kim. Abe is by no means a great politician, but he is the only hope right now for Japan to have a sensible defense policy.

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Posted in: Osaka may end San Francisco sister city ties over 'comfort woman' statue See in context

besides, they are all the same.

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Posted in: Japan's imports of U.S. frozen beef drop by a quarter after tariff hike See in context

They are tiny and slow but still can survive because of the many tariffs, which for the case of foreign rice imports is a whopping 787%. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Energy revolution underway in Japan as dozens of towns go off the grid See in context

Peter K, may be the least wasteful places to put up solar there are forest land. there is so much of that in northern honshu and hokkaido.

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Posted in: Golden walk See in context

Is this (Fujigoko area) a good area to live in long-term - a few years at least? Anyone has experience? Much appreciate.

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Posted in: Without U.S., 11 nations in TPP inch closer to a deal See in context

On the other hand, Taiwan should be allowed in.

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Posted in: Without U.S., 11 nations in TPP inch closer to a deal See in context

Leave China out. It is an effective bully without the US serving as a counterweight.

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Posted in: San Francisco unveils memorial to WWII 'comfort women' See in context

Beijing has a heavy investment in all this, for quite another motive.

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Posted in: N Korean hydrogen bomb-tipped missile could fly over Japan See in context

Weasel, there is a saying it takes one to know one. so to deal with a mad nutcase, we may need some nutcases too. former presidents indeed failed to contain NKs nuke ambitions, so may be if we leave it to the nutcases now residing in the WH, it could work. but at huge costs, no doubt.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn't sign nuclear arms ban treaty See in context

The anti-nuke people ought to be aware that we are in a world with nukes in the hands of madmen and dictators. Disarm Japan, de-nuke the US, and what do you get? Don't be naive. Making nuke bombs and missiles are today regarded as low tech. poor countries with enough population base can easily make them, as pakistan did in the 90s and China in the 70s, so nothing surprising now for NK to join the club. Why, any decent high school physics student know the basic principles. Total nuke free is a pipedream. All democratic countries with the means should have the bomb, as deterrence. It is hypocritical to want peace and security and stay under the US umbrella and free-ride, while chiding uncle sam.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign minister fends off toughest critic... his dad See in context

There is nothing wrong with the Georgetown grad qualifier. academic pedigree does matter, to various extents. In political science and diplomacy, Georgetown has strength, more so than say Stanford, where the first DP prime minister cut his teeth. In China, the person who heads the National People's Congress had "studied" at the department of economics of the Kim Il Song University in NK. Does that not matter?

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Posted in: Japan aims to more than quadruple rice exports in 2019 See in context

alas, some of the comments here belie an absence of basic economics knowledge - like supply and demand. and the abe detractors, as usual, fail to see this as the tit for the TPP tat to open up japan's domestic market.

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Posted in: Int'l unity crumbles over N Korea; Trump to let Japan, S Korea buy more military equipment See in context

NK is drawing US into East Asia, thwarting China's effort to drive US out. Very good ally of China, Mr Kim! But then its all China's own fault. It gave nuke to Pakistan in the 70s and 80s, then the Paks gave it to the Kims.

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Posted in: U.S. takes aim at countries doing business with N Korea See in context

 we work so hard to peacefully resolve this issue ...

Haha, indeed China worked very hard to supply NK with oil against the strong and justified demands of the world community otherwise.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy relieves Seventh Fleet commander after collisions in Asia See in context

Man on the bridge or wheel drunk. The only reason.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan searching for sailor missing during South China Sea joint naval drill See in context

If a sailor goes missing, why then are the two countries or navies incompetent idiots? Do you have superior knowledge of the case or just bias?

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Posted in: Gov't to survey unpaid medical bills by foreign tourists See in context

Mostly these tourists are from Communist China. Some Chinese also set up sham companies in Japan. According to Japanese labor law, employees who have worked three months or more are eligible for 70% reduction in medical and hospital costs. So these companies will "hire" terminally ill but appearance-wise normal people from China, such as those diagnosed to have early-stage cancer, who pay big fees to such companies for the "service" and the phony wage payments they receive during those three months (which fools Japanese authorities).

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Posted in: Missile strike on N Korea an unlikely response to aggression See in context

Start getting all those people out from Seoul if only to preclude a first-strike by the mad regime of Kim. Moon is a softie inviting trouble.

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Posted in: Trump denounced after insulting tweet about woman TV host See in context

What a pathetic psychopath for a president. The GOP ultra-right deserved that.

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Posted in: Ishikawa governor retracts call to drive N. Koreans to starve See in context

The N Korean people, by accepting totalitarianism without even a faintest hint of pushing back, are Kim's accomplice to a certain degree. Like the Chinese, when their totalitarian country becomes powerful and rich, they will all become little dictators in the image of their Great Leader. After all, where does the leader gets his immediate supporters, and where do those supporters get their supporters? You guys are too naive. Read V Havel.

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Posted in: U.S. military in Japan unveil Global Hawk surveillance drone See in context

They should have more of these in Japan if Abe cannot get the parliament to pass bills to change the constitution and get more money to build them in the country. The US should put them in Mongolia, Taiwan, Vietnam and India too.

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