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I've had it happen to me on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thank you NetNinja, you made my day with this sentence!

perhaps because he was confused by the incorrect readings.

See, unlike you, some people can imagine that piloting through a shitstorm while the captain is away and multiple indicators are failing may be a confusing situation.

Hell I wasn't there but I would like to know how the guy is supposed to know which display to believe when they are all reporting crap.

Ho and yeah, in a moment like that, I am sure the guy has plenty of relaxing time to consider "his gut feeling".

Gentlemen, I seriously doubt any of you is an active airline pilot given the level of your comments. Experts are saying many questions are left unanswered. Besides human error does not necessarily mean crappy pilot, all pilot make mistakes, and the conditions will determine the consequences...

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I see 3 NPA bodyguards in Frame and possibly 1 IHA staffer...

Yeah, you kinda missed the most obvious: the RGA camouflaged as a flipped-over boat on the far right.

I think these type of personal visits by the Japanese royal family to devastated areas in Tohoku has and will help people cope during these trying times.

Got to agree, even if the role is no more than symbolic nowadays, this is still a strong symbol for many. If they can give some strength to people's will, then this is positive.

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Posted in: Optometrists: Nintendo 3DS could identify vision disorders See in context

Optometrists: Nintendo 3DS could have vision issues

Not being a native speaker, it may be an understanding issue on my side, but no matter how many times I read this title, I just can't make any sense of it!

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Posted in: Optometrists: Nintendo 3DS could identify vision disorders See in context

Intuitively, the idea of using auto-stereoscopic equipment to check for related vision issues sounds like a sensible one. But you have to first confirm the device is indeed harmless for young children, plus you then need to prove it actually works. This implies researching and developing the appropriate software, and conducting an extensive study on a large enough sample of population. So yeah I understand people feeling perplex about already elevating this as news...

I HATE 3d, only get headaches. But its being forced down our throats.

Keep in mind that the fact "you hate 3D" does not mean everybody else does (even if many share your point of view). Also I cannot see how anything is forced down your throat: any 3D capable TV is also 2D capable, you get to choose which version of a movie you want to watch at the theater, and even in the case of the 3DS there is a convenient tiny slider on the side that allows you to adjust the 3D effect down to turned off.

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Posted in: Jobs breaks from medical leave to unveil iPad 2 See in context

@Cleo: the condescending tone and single-sided point of view sound a bit unusual from you...

To be back on the subject, the iPad is a very interesting phenomenon and I am looking forward to seeing what the experience can be on the 2nd version. Also, to add my share of oil in the Apple-NonApple troll fire, I personally use on a daily basis MacOS, Windows and Linux in the computer world, and other various solutions for various aspects of mobile technology... So saying Apple is a Mercedes and anything else a piece of junk appears to be as valid an argument as saying that people who take the train instead of owning a luxury car are lame. As for performance or productivity, maybe Google doesn't put as much money into the marketing of android as Apple, but what I hear from the people around me using both is not so much in favor of iOS. As for the hardware, we might as well get started on abstract art before finding a definition of what looks good and what are the right specs.

Apple products are cool, even sexy, and usually do not disappoint. Their price tag is usually a bit too high, and that doesn't mean they are perfect or unbeatable. Let us not dismiss what bogva meant by freedom, because I think I know what he is talking about, and I am pretty sure you don't.

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Why does it have to be postprocessed HDR?

I get this kind of result with something like 30sec exposure (that includes the bluish sky at 3am)

I agree it does not look very natural to our eyes but hey, if one did have eyes sensitive enough to see this bright in the middle of the night why wouldn't that be what he'd see?

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"The loss of public green space" is a sufficient reason.

This screams "corruption" so loud I am surprised the plan is not for a pachinko.

Furies: everyone's problem

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Posted in: Nissan ready for electric vehicle offensive See in context

Ever heard of BYD?

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Posted in: Tokyo has one safety standard for U.S. beef and another for Toyota's cars and I am extremely tired of the imbalance. See in context

I am NEVER getting US beef again! The brakes don't even work half the time and my last attempt to park ended up in a disaster... not to mention the insurance companies that won't accept my application! If that's not a sign.

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How can u focus on your subject and yet get backround into so amazing bokek

Notice how the kids are sharp and the bubble guy already blurred... this is called post-processing: when opening max wide your lens is not enough -> photoshop

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Posted in: Foreign-born politicians put new face on Japanese officialdom See in context

How on earth can one think that you should get married as a mean to get something else than a husband or wife???

I mean I understand that getting married to a Japanese citizen would certainly make the process to Japanese citizenship much easier, but how could this influence such a decision...

I really hope this was just poorly put, otherwise it is just a matter of time before there is a law to cancel the citizenship change upon divorce...

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Posted in: Should freedom of expression include the right to offend others? See in context

The question is asked as if one had to pick one of two extremes.

Take a look at the laws in most countries, you will find that though freedom of speech is kept in the top list of human rights, insults or defamation are part of the "offending" things you are not allowed to use... which I personally think makes sense.

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Posted in: Seven dogs bite five students in Mie school grounds See in context

Unique chance to have the bunkasai theme song changed to "Who let the dogs out" this year.

As much as I agree the farmer should be held responsible of those consequences, I disagree with the idea of taking the dogs down. They need to be disbanded and properly taken care of, no more.

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Posted in: Prominent Kyoto restaurants say no to Michelin See in context

I know that even the French cannot be bothered about Michelin these days.

I would add: What is the point in buying a book listing restaurants you cannot afford? At least in Japan you can find various price levels...

Also, I doubt the people visiting restaurants and those making stupid comments in press conferences are the same... Restaurant owners reaction was to be expected.

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Posted in: Baby boy dies in locked car while mother plays pachinko in Akita See in context

I cannot understand how common this is. Every year babies and children die in a car left by their pachinko-addicted parents, and every year there are still people who think it is safe to leave babies in cars... This has to be a new kind of fine: if leaving a kid in there costs you 10 times a normal parking ticket, then it might give some food for thought

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Okay, okay, what's the hitch?

By cooking at lower temperature, it will take a bit longer to get the food ready... Not such a big downside, but probably has an impact on fast foods...

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“They did an incredible job,” she said. “I would have done the exact same thing.”

I like how these sentences imply things that the lady interviewed never meant... Great editing!

2 co-pilots still there, I can hardly see at which moment the situation could have become critical for the plane.

Still, 60 is a bit early to go, my thoughts for the pilot and his family.

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1- What percentage of Japanese people is aware that "Executions are carried out by hanging". (

2- Didn't the recent various events of random killing, such as the stabbing episode in Akiba, turn out to be a form of suicide, the culprit expecting a death sentence for his act?

If you do not deserve to die for whatever crime you committed, you just don't. And if someone did something wrong enough, then he probably deserves to slowly rot alone, away from our society, rather than being given the easy escape of death.

Not everyone fears death, in Japan in particular some people actually desire it and will try to have a "grand" last appearance instead of going alone... Capital punishment is likely to be more harmful than productive in such conditions.

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Posted in: Suicide of prominent Ginza club hostess reflects economic downturn See in context

I hear hostess club = yakuza background. I may be wrong, but doesn't it sum up? Yakuza + unpaid debts = something that resembles a suicide...

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Posted in: What behavior by passengers or staff at airports annoys you the most? See in context

I love KIX for many reasons (which end up converging to the point: less stress).

In the US, France, UK, I'd say immigration/security is the part I hate most.

Why do they have to exclusively pick grumpy people who hate their job for the task?

They treat you like you are trying to invade their countries and, when letting you in, behave like if they were doing you a favor! Best part is: you can't complain, there is no counter power to this, you just have to shove it and shut up, even in your own country. Try to remind them the difference between power and duty, and you might end up being refused the right to enter.

In Japan, they manage to at least pretend showing some respect.

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Posted in: Try to get a credit card in Japan See in context

"Normal" cards are not for "us", this is what everyone who tried to obtain a credit card has felt as far as I know. Gaijin must mean a straight trip to the trash can for any application. On my side, I have found two solutions:

First one was a JAL credit card. I needed someone to agree on being my guarantor, but they gave me a CC and I receive miles for using it.

Second method is much easier: MitsuiSumitomo. They offer a range of standard credit card, cheap and good service. And all the people I know who applied for it got their CC. You just need to give an address which can be the one from your home country, no need to harass a Japanese friend or colleague.

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Posted in: Scanners that see through clothing installed in U.S. airports See in context


Nobody wants that, but the meaning of the word "terrorist" couldn't be any simpler. They wish to instill terror into the minds of other people to achieve a political agenda.


Actually the invasion and occupation of Iraq was planned by the Neocons before 9-11 and they used that as a trigger by ratcheting up the fear index in the USA.

You wouldn't dare accusing Bush's government of terrorism... would you?..

Are those "security" devices another kind of tools used to "ratchet up the fear index in the USA"?

Could someone remind me what are the odds of dying in a terrorist attack? In a plane crash? In a car crash?

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Posted in: Scanners that see through clothing installed in U.S. airports See in context

I guess my point here is that, silliness happens at entry points into every country in the world and to say some of the knee-jerk things that are being said here is not only childish but irresponsible.

I don't know if it's childish or irresponsible... I do feel it is a bit off-topic. Yet, this kind of thing never happened to me in Canada, Japan, Spain, China, Netherlands... My feelings might be biased, but my experience tells me this was nearly systematic in the US. The only other airport which can make me feel nearly as bad is France's CDG.

Can a machine exposing your genitals to complete strangers make you feel any better ?

I usually travel in economy class, with sometimes up to 3 connections with up to 30+ hours from departure to final destination. It is very stressful both for your body and mind. Feeling mistreated in such occasions is just making it much worse.

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Posted in: Scanners that see through clothing installed in U.S. airports See in context

US immigration has become so painful that I refuse to go through it anymore.

I have to agree. People having a residence permit or a visa may get through without problems, but for those who just need a connection, being treaded as if we were attempting to illegally enter US territory feels really insulting on the long run. I mean, once I almost missed a connection even though I had a whole hour... which I spent answering that no, I did not intend to work illegally in the US, that no I have never belonged to any communist group, that no I have never had any mental disease or killed anyone... then having my bag searched, along with my shoes etc...

Now on top of all that, you will have to imagine that one of those guys is staring at your wife's everything because she was picked to get through one of these machines.

Yes direct flights look more and more like a very fine alternative...

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“There are sex volunteers for the elderly and for the handicapped,” Where do I sign up?!

Altria, are you this interested in elderly and handicapped ?

Jokes appart, this is the first time I hear about "sex volunteers"... Is this a Japanese exclusivity ? There are really weird concepts sometimes :/

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The prosecution of Bush would not bring anyone back to life, only a small piece of justice... and it is not even likely to happen. Iraq war is already engraved in our history, along with many others. May we all remember what war means the next time some crazy leader tries to force us into it.

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Has anyone noticed the quote marks of "babysitter" ? This is just another in-mall animation to entertain a few kids. There is still a/several adults watching over them, the old fashion way...

This IS obviously a talking computer, so crying on how we loose our humanity, quoting Azimov, or asking why it cannot make us coffee sounds a bit off topic to me.

Using old and worn out stereotypes as arguments to criticize this kind of technology without even having seen the thing in action and talked to its creator is not exactly helping keeping an opened mind and constructive curiosity.

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"What are the failed, post-modern pseudo-states of Europe going to do if we don't dance to their silly tune on "global warming"? Are they going to refuse to sell us their cheese? Are they going to launch gratuitous lawsuits against multinationals like Microsoft?"

This would be a funny comment in a context where there wouldn't be much to worry about.

Only, this leaves the main element out of the equation: climate.

Indeed, there is not much Europe can do, just like when the US decided to begin war in Irak. But this time, we'll all pay the price...

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Posted in: Boozy Russian man fails to notice knife in back See in context

"I will have to check out Russia one day for myself."

That would be the least you'd have to do before posting any sort of opinion about Russia (or anywhere else in fact). Yet it would still not give you the right to expose readers with such low level comments...

This news belongs to the "odd news" category. Just go to the closest hospital you can find, and ask the doctors the oddest cases they've ever dealt with. I'd bet you'll be able to find cases in your own country that would beat this one on the odd scale.

You can laugh at it for it is incongruous, just forget about judgments (particularly general statements / stereotypes about countries or groups).

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