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Posted in: 5 reasons foreigners find it hard to become friends with Japanese people See in context

Omg it depends. I living in The Netherlands. For example when i go vacation Japan which was 3 times already and again this year. Is that i make so easy new friends :D

For example in Osaka i went a Dancing club and then say to a group Japanese which they were celebrating bday of two people. I said in Japanese that I LOVE So so much Japan!! I love Japanese language and i would like to practise more my Japanese and all were suprised i speak Japanese they said woowoowow join us my new friend i was like wowowwww awesome I LLOVE Japan more and more :D not only Osaka but everywhere in Japan!

So if you really mean it to be friends with Japanese going get your lazy as up and learn JAPANESE!! so amazing omega beautiful langauge :)))

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Posted in: Meet Chubbiness, Japan’s latest chubby girl idol group See in context

Beautifull!!! im a foreigner and I love chubbies girls :))) more then then girls there in Japan :))) I hope they can come for a tour in Europe!! I will be they number one fan <3 <3

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki engaged to UCLA medical student 10 years her junior See in context

bet ya this relationship will end up after one or two years after.... like the other ex husband Australian men after one year got divorced... only way this relationship work if this ucla student know fluent Japanese... Ayumi I will wait you after you divorce him ^^ if I had a relationship with a Japanese woman working with AVEX group and which works with AKB48 and other famous group why not also a chance with Ayumi :D Dream can be true :)))

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Posted in: Japan's new home-run hero breaks barriers See in context

haha now finaly many Japanese will know where the island of Curacao and Aruba is :D i know is too small island and not known everywhere the world but nice someone from Curacao be known there. i wish i was him to live in Japan :( Xiron from Aruba ps. i miss to go Japan :( i hope to go soon for the 4 times the beautiful country of Japan

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Posted in: Japan has never had smooth ties with China: Aso See in context

bombaykittyMay. 06, 2013 - 11:32AM JST i agreed with you!

thx for the only person who read my comment =(

lets hope for peace one day!

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Posted in: Japan has never had smooth ties with China: Aso See in context

i feel so sad , so so much hate between China and Japan :(( both countries that i love. i received two Chinese person as guest in my house in Europe. and told me something i never knew that the red colour of the Chinese flag means the blood of many Chinese dead by Japanese.....

im not sure is this true.... even that past is past. German were also killed many other European countries now other European countries accept to be friends with German and no hate about that. also not forgot what happend but past is past and be united for peacefull world.

fight between China and Japan for a island also crazy from both of them. why we dont ask what the people of the island think. they have also free mind of speech. im from a island and we are now independed. as me as island mentality let the island people choose or even i think 80% people of that island want to be own country. or other solution make as Cyprus island which is devided half Turkish and half Greek island.

I hope one day will be peace between Japan and China :(( even my ex chinese girlfriend broke up with me because she hate it that i have some japanese friends :(( so unfair..

we human and every countries did very bad things, France was also bad guys, also Rome time Italian were bad, everywhere bad even American also were bad country to wipe out almost all native american indian.

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Posted in: ‘Women only’ train cars: Is it a crime for men to ride in them? See in context

i remember when i was in Japan in 2010 with my Friend we were asking for the right train to go in to a train worker which was arround 52 years old. He said to us that this is the train we need go in and he lead us fast to go inside before the doors will be closed. what figure out he put us to go in a women capsule train. OMG!!!! we were mad because we knew about this and we were tricked by the train worker.

everyboyd look us right away even in the other cabine were was very full people were watching... ssoo embarresed, so hatsugashi !!! anyway when we step out the line were woman waiting in the line staring us like hell like we like it to go the woman cabin :(( but after this happend i found funny experience XD

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Posted in: What happens to Japanese porn stars after they retire? See in context

or what you think about Sakura Kiryu who is a former porn actress and allowed to participate for miss Ryū ga Gotoku 5 , Yakuza 5. Im suprised no problem to participate.. only in Japan this..

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Posted in: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's world tour to start in February See in context

Wowww i cant wait to see her concert again in Belguim!! last year i was at her mini concert in Japan Expo in Paris! amazing show, many fans over there!!

i feel so amazing happy during the concert :D

looking forward for it!!!

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Posted in: Ayumi Hamasaki to divorce husband of 1 year See in context

i knew from the beginning when she got married that this marriage will not stand long because i saw her interview on CNN and she spoke only Japanese. I noticed her english not good. If the husband speak Japanese i think the relationship last longer.

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Posted in: How foreigners’ daily lives change when they live in Japan See in context

after going to Japa for vacation i went back to my work and my boss and all colleague became irritated of me because i became too polait and saying too much thank you lol

I Love so much Natto that my ex not japanese girlfriend became crazy of me in the morning. my ex cant stand it when im eating mine favourite breakfast. it happend two times already she vomit because me eating natto with rice and soya sauce. also then she eat breakfast not together in the same room i eat...

and i got addicted to search for a Japanese woman to live and marry with me. i try not to be choosy and try with other not japanese woman but the relationship became bad because i like too much speaking Japanese and Japanese things. maybe if i met a not japanese who the same crazy japan ass me then i could live a happy live....

who wanna be my girlfriend ??

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Posted in: International marriages See in context

@ southsakai, vladrin ,ReformedBasher Thank you for your great words to me! i feel stronger and watch in advanced and finding the right person for me. i feel better because you all

@ choiwaruoyaji, actually i dont want to put my feeling here but im feeling depresive after this happend this to me. my both parents are dead and im still young. is difficult to live without parents. and live alone without family in a foreigner country in europa that i live. but im strong person and all is past now. i will just carry one my live and be happy and find the ONE

@ gogogo i can speak some Japanese already but im still studying hard so maybe after 2 years im fluent with japanese.

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Posted in: International marriages See in context

Im glad to hear succefull and beautifull live story. but also have sad story like my sad story with my Japanese Love

last year i met a Japanese woman who was my first love years ago. she broke up with me because her dream to be succesfull was first and that time she must go back to Japan. i met her in my country.

then this year im back with my ex japanese girlfriend which i love her so much. i thought finally i will get marry and to the woman i love. She came to my country and we have great 2 weeks together. then we stay in tough with skype. after couple month i came to Japan for 3 weeks and we plan to marry and have a family. I was plan to come next year to live in Japan with her and become houseman, (cleaning the house etc..) and looking for a parttime job. She earn good money with her business and she is populair in Japan and working with populair people on tv. As man it feel bad a woman have more power then men. But for me i could live with it aslong she treat kind to me and love me.

I went to Japan to learn about her busy work. It was suprised how succesfull she was. and cool meeting a actor who is quite famous in Japan. i wish to say all the details but for her business i cant say about it.

Anyway i went other city to meet her parents for the first time. but the pain in me was she was not with me as she promise. i cant understand she too busy. but at least one day we could not be all together. she i went alone with her family for vacation and visit other city of Japan and it was family day so visit the tombstone of grandgrand family. Before i left my girlfriend she told me to pray for her dead family so i did from my heart.

after 4 days alone with her parents and family i came back to meet her.

My instinct felt she dont love me. i felt cold. i try to put my arm on her in the bed during sleeping and she dont like it. and instead holding me in her hands she hold in her hands her cat.... i dont understand why she not no more nice to me. and very mean to me often. one people who work for her told me she is very mean boss and not kind. ok working mentality i dont say nothing but she is doing this also to me as her boyfriend. that is really unfair. i speak not good japanese like 30% with bad grammatic. i learn Japanese bymyself and i can speak with Japanese without using english in a small conversation.

so one day she had business meeting and i was with her. her businespartner who was a woman dont speak no english so she spoke at me in Japanese and i answer back in my bad knowledge japanese language. My girlfriend correct me very rude way. instead just say normal to me then i can learn but she scream at me and become very angry that i say not good grammar wrong japanese sentence. her business partner she to her that she is mean to me and she is scary and say to me also if i dont think so. i said yes.

i felt very sad about this. couple days later my girlfriend ask me if i dont have nothing to say to her. i said what. she said if i dont ask her marriage. i said after all she did to me i said no for now. i want to marry her but she need to change. she dont think she can she because this is her character she said. then she said ok she will change ( but looks not really) after 4 days with her she changed little bit but still so mean against me and i did not felt she love me.

we did not spoke more about it. then i came back my country and she sent a email that she braking up with me. i felt very sad. but life goes on. it healt slowly my heart. i wish she loves me because i love her so much. all my plan to move Japan finished.

Now im single and focusing to working hard and go Japan next year because i Love so much Japan and the language. and maybe i can meet in Japan my princess to marry for the rest my live.

Sorry for long story, im living in my country alone without family because all my family lives in another country also.

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