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Posted in: TV personality Yukiko Shimizu found dead in Shizuoka cemetery See in context

These comments are morbid...


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Posted in: Obama says reaching out to enemies strengthens U.S. See in context

Liberals never fail to amaze - they can't get it through their heads that the US will always be hated by tyrants no matter how nice you are to them.

Very stale thinking that assumes tyrants are very strong. US relations with Venezuela, DPRK, and Iran are a lot more complex than your us vs. tyrants statement implies.

When the US met with Kruschev and formed the policy of detente, was that the US showing its weakness? Categorical statements get you nowhere fast.

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Posted in: Japan considers 'cash for clunkers' stimulus See in context

Do they have to buy a new car, or just a more fuel efficient one? I could probably pick up a more fuel efficient car for 10,000 yen - I would be 240,000 yen in profit.

You can buy a more fuel-efficient car for only 10,000 yen? That's less than Aso spends on one meal.

I thought Japan had a policy for getting people to buy new cars called "shaken". People usually buy a new car instead of paying the outrageous fees.

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Posted in: How important is the fate of U.S. automakers GM and Chrysler to Japan's auto industry? See in context

thats bad but good really. that way the japanese car industrys dont have competition, smart move to me..

Smart if you want a bloated, ineffecient company. One of the reasons the Japanese auto-makers set up shop over in the US is because the American government pressured the Japanese government into "voluntary" limits on the number of cars it exports (a reverse quota of sorts). Limiting competition for such a developed company will turn it into GM. Competition, like exercise, is good to keep companies lean, innovative and competitive on the world stage.

From a consumer perspective, the fewer the makers, the fewer the options. The fewer the options, the more control companies have over pricing; something consumers would be wise not to wish for.

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Posted in: Honda devises technology to operate robot with human thoughts See in context

and who is going to buy it in these bad economic times?

Great question....read the article for the answer. He's a short version: No one will buy it because it will not be sold until it gets beyond the basic research stage and starts to be incorporated into products that people will buy.

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