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Youtube is filled with Qanon crap in Japanese, in fact much more fake news than real news. Many Japanese conservative/right wing journalists and commentators bought into the conspiracy and spread it though SNS and youtube.

There are many players in this but some to note are Happy Science as written in some comments. Also many JP conservative sites refer to media such as Epoch Times, which is Falung Gong related and Washington Times, which is Unification Church. They also bought into many claims made by lynn wood, marjorie taylor greene, ted cruz, giuliani, and peter navarro.

Some are really stirring things up like Masako Ganaha with her youtube page and appearance on newsmax to claim ANTIFA was at capitol riot.

My parents bought into this conspiracy and currently dealing with this nightmare. If it's someone else, it's laughable but oh man, how hard it is to deal with parents in another dimension.

This is what happens when you don't learn English Japanese people, those auto translated bull crap youtube news will melt your brains with echo chamber!

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My form of protest will be to actually go to the election to submit no vote just to have me included in statistics and to avoid spending money on anything in Japan besides food and transportation.

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B.Moon - The rocks can be seen from Ulungdo with naked eyes but they cannot be seen from any Japanese island.

Do you know how useless that claim is?

Northern territories can be seen from Hokkaido, has Northern territories been given back to Japan?

Ceuta is located within the African continent, is Ceuta part of Africa?

Papua New Guinea is split, is the whole island independent? How about Timor Leste and East Timor? Malaysia and Singapore? Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam?

Don't you understand the real issue is that Syngman Rhee arbitrarily drew a line in 1952 after Japan had been disarmed while knowing that San Francisco Peace Treaty did not include Takeshima as part of ROK. June 1954, ROK Coast Guard took over the island and continued to kid nap and murdered fishermen until 1965. Why would you ever need to kidnap and murder civilians if in fact Takeshima is inherently part of ROK? We didn't even have SDF until July 1954, so in my mind, I can only consider this event as forceful annexation similarly to what happened in Crimea.

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Posted in: Japan urges caution for citizens traveling to S Korea See in context

Who are you to judge whether Korea is safe or not? Are you ready to take the responsibility if you claim Korea is safe and someone does get hurt? Seems like pointless claim and argument either way (whether it be safe or not) without location, time of event and statistics.

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Posted in: Japanese students more open to use of marijuana, survey suggests See in context

@Kazuaki Shimazaki

1) Just because something is "legal", it doesn't mean you need to use it. You can ignore the fact that marijuana even exists at your will, yet you want to be the person who is against it. Rat poison and prescribed drugs are legal and dangerous. Why don't you have problems with the items above? Isn't the real issue about making rational decisions?

2) Have you heard of "Alcohol-Induced Psychotic Disorder"? Alcohol can be hallucinogenic and an intoxicated individual can disrupt public order.

3) Marijuana has always been part of asian culture including Japan.

Whether you like it or not, Thailand and South Korea legalized Medical Marijuana and surrounding US territories and states such as Saipan, Guam, and Hawaii are going legal.

Foreign companies are already filing and acquiring patents for medical marijuana in Japan and Otsuka Pharmaceutical company had already joined the marijuana business in the US.

Do you believe Japan can continue to ignore the reality as they do with other issues?

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I'd have to emphasize that Japan's law is corrupt and he'll probably be released soon.

This is because the law here is so strict on victimless crime such as drug use (note: doesn't include cultivation, production, smuggling, and distribution) and tax evasion to the point they'd detain someone for 72 hours plus 10 days extension up to two times (total of 23days) along with trial, prison, probation, fine, etc. afterwards but at the same time they'd dismiss someone without a charge for raping his daughter. I don't care what social class or nationality you are but if you think of the case above, something is out of wack. Note that there're countless cases of assault, sexual assault, child molestation and murders that had received petty sentences (Just hit Next at the bottom of Crime section).

My assumption is that the Government doesn't care one bit about the citizens (it's no news) but they care more about protecting their system (eg; tax evasion = no tax = big brother ain't getting his cut).

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Posted in: Japan's antismoking plan with gaping loophole sparks outcry See in context

Whenever anti smoking article is posted here, everyone is harping on banning smoking indoors and which is fine but did you know that smoking is practically banned everywhere outdoors (especially in tokyo) besides few smoking areas by the station?

Japan has it backwards, if outdoor smoking became bit more relaxed, indoor smoking can be banned easily.

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