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Posted in: Australia to increase defense spending by 40% over 10 years See in context


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Posted in: Japan detects foreign submarine passing near Amami-Oshima See in context


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Posted in: Consortium to build new Asia-Pacific submarine cable See in context

Just look at that map. According to China they will own it all.

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Posted in: Trump calls for delay in G-7 meeting; seeks expansion with Russia, S Korea, Australia, India See in context

Maybe when Russia returns Crimea back to Ukraine we can talk about them returning to the "group".

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines busy as coronavirus ravages economy See in context

Once a week??!!

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Posted in: 78% think 1-year delay of Olympics appropriate: poll See in context

Delay yes, but please make it a 10 month delay or a 14 month delay to avoid the brutal summer heat. This is our chance to right that wrong at least.

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Posted in: Kendo armor chopstick rests See in context

Men! Kote!

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Posted in: Trump signs new NAFTA deal that could affect Japanese automakers See in context

The old NAFTA and the new deal (called CUSMA in Canada, USMCA in America) are far more alike than they are different, and the impact of the renegotiated agreement will not be that big. Last April, the US International Trade Commission found this version of the USMCA would create 176,000 jobs after six years and increase the GDP by 0.35% For comparison's sake the US added 266,000 new jobs last November alone. Trump's play is always the same; dissolve something that is working, call it the "worst deal in history" and then come to the rescue with something "better". His trail of destruction has left North Korea designing and testing weapons at it's fastest rate ever. Iran is now racing toward a nuclear bomb virtually unchecked. Putin is rubbing his hands at the chaos Trump has created with NATO. And on and on it goes. Trump is an idiot. He was a disaster as a businessman and far worse as a so called leader.

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Posted in: Abe meets Saudi king amid tensions in Middle East See in context

Abe should not have met with Mohammed bin Salman. He should have politely declined. The crown prince is a murderer.

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Posted in: China says outspoken Australian lawmakers should repent See in context

1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps. Who should repent?

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Posted in: The best spots to see autumn leaves in Chubu See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Chinese state media urge 'tougher line' on Hong Kong See in context

Tougher line?

Uighur tough, Tibet tough, South China Sea tough or Taiwan tough?

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Posted in: 10 places to experience the best of autumn in Japan See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Canada's rugby team help cleanup efforts in Kamaishi after game canceled by typhoon See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Trump says he is ready to help resolve S Korea-Japan dispute See in context

Trump couldn't resolve himself out of a paper bag. Send him back.

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Posted in: Raptors beat Warriors in Game 6 to capture first NBA title See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Blues win 1st Stanley Cup, beating Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 See in context

Go Leafs!!!

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Posted in: TPP meeting See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo protests over Chinese vessel's incursion into Japanese EEZ See in context

"Northeast Asia is one nation, as simple as that."

Akie, your comment is naive and embarrassingly nonsensical.

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Posted in: Facebook's vision of future? Looks like Chinese app WeChat See in context

"Politically sensitive posts are regularly scrubbed from the service."

"The company, however, has denied it keeps a record of user chats."

Enough said.

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Posted in: Taiwan, Japan to discuss orderly fishing near Senkaku isles next week See in context

Careful with this one Japan. China thinks, incorrectly, that Taiwan is part of mainland China. They will view these discussions as Tokyo/Beijing talks.

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Posted in: Foreign media reporting conditions in China worsen, group says See in context

Uighurs, Tibet, Taiwan, South China Sea, journalists.

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Posted in: Saudi teen who fled family leaves Thailand for asylum in Canada See in context

The exciting part is when she has to go to a Saudi embassy ...

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

Great. Japan, a G7 country, now joins other progressive countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Guyana, Tunisia and Sri Lanka in charging tourists a departure tax. Economically, are things really that bad Japan?

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Posted in: Taiwan reunification with China 'inevitable,' says Xi See in context

Ever been to Taiwan? The people are very different from the people of mainland china. Hell, they even have different passports! Taiwan is a different country. The Taiwanese people have worked hard collectively to get where they are politically and most want nothing to do with xi's repressive china. They want their deserved freedom and need the countries of the world to stand with them in this continued pursuit. Taiwan is Taiwan and china is a bully.

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Posted in: Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market prepares to shut See in context

Ratty the Rat!!!

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Posted in: Nishikori, Osaka power into U.S. Open semifinals See in context

Got it. Thank you Ganbare Japan!

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Posted in: Nishikori, Osaka power into U.S. Open semifinals See in context

I was side by side with Osaka last year going through immigration at Narita. I recognized her and happened to see her passport. She was using an American passport. How is that allowed? If she is playing tennis representing Japan does she not have to be Japanese? And if she is Japanese how is she able to hold the passport of another country? I thought the Japanese government did not allow duel citizenship.

Anyway, love her tennis!

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Posted in: Elderly account for 70% of victims of floods in west Japan See in context


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Posted in: Capitals win Stanley Cup, beating Vegas 4-3 in Game 5 See in context


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