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Posted in: Japan Rail now accepting suggestions for how to use a car on the Nozomi bullet train in March 2022 See in context

Isn't the answer obvious? Kit it out with lava lamps, pillows and mattresses and use it for a 100 person Tokyo to Osaka orgy.

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Posted in: Women's tennis tour suspends China events over Peng concerns See in context

Good call WTA. A little late but the right thing to do. IOC are you watching? Time to ban the Genocide Olympics.

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Posted in: Japan considers lending statue of famed Chinese Zen master to China See in context

...alleged human rights abuses... ?!!!

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Beijing amid boycott calls See in context


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Posted in: Beijing rolls out COVID-19 booster shots ahead of Olympics See in context

BOYCOTT the genocide Olympics.

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Posted in: Organizers unveil COVID-19 rules for Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

Taiwan number one!

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Posted in: Hosts China face possible exclusion from Olympic ice hockey See in context

First, I am still hoping that the genocide games will be so thoroughly boycotted that they would have to be canceled. The tantram the chinese would throw would be better than any Olympics.

If they must go ahead I would love to see their mens hockey team have to play Canada. 15-0 is a good start.

As well, have the 2 Michaels suit up and let them loose to play a couple shifts.

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Posted in: Taiwan applies to join Pacific trade deal days after China See in context

Canada requirements. Release the 2 Michaels.

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Posted in: Pelosi calls for U.S., world leaders to boycott China's 2022 Olympics See in context

Boycott the genocide olympics!

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Posted in: Chinese swimmer Sun Yang handed Tokyo Olympics lifeline See in context

He is a cheat. Ban him from the Olympics.

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Posted in: China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics See in context

At its core, the ethical question is simple. If the internment and trafficking of millions of ethnic minority citizens in Xinjiang isn’t enough to demand a boycott, what is?

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Posted in: NHL concerned about Canucks’ COVID-19 protocol situation See in context

Go Leafs!!

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Posted in: Airline IT provider hacked; frequent flyer data breached See in context


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Posted in: A wearable tech defense vs COVID-19 in world junior hockey championship See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Chinese foreign minister to visit Japan to discuss virus, regional concerns See in context

How is this for regional concerns: Mass incarceration of a minority, the Uighurs in Xinjiang, on a scale unlike anything since the Holocaust. Forced sterilization of the women. Massive population transfers. Organ harvesting and the marketing of tons of human hair. Slave labor. Systematic torture. The removal of children from their families, mandatory political indoctrination, an elaborate system of advanced-technology surveilance unprecedented in the history of police states. That should keep them busy. Lots to talk about.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics Q&A: Should athletes be priority for vaccine? See in context

What vaccine?! It could still be many years away.

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Posted in: Australia to increase defense spending by 40% over 10 years See in context


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Posted in: Japan detects foreign submarine passing near Amami-Oshima See in context


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Posted in: Consortium to build new Asia-Pacific submarine cable See in context

Just look at that map. According to China they will own it all.

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Posted in: Trump calls for delay in G-7 meeting; seeks expansion with Russia, S Korea, Australia, India See in context

Maybe when Russia returns Crimea back to Ukraine we can talk about them returning to the "group".

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Posted in: Suicide hotlines busy as coronavirus ravages economy See in context

Once a week??!!

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Posted in: 78% think 1-year delay of Olympics appropriate: poll See in context

Delay yes, but please make it a 10 month delay or a 14 month delay to avoid the brutal summer heat. This is our chance to right that wrong at least.

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Posted in: Kendo armor chopstick rests See in context

Men! Kote!

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Posted in: Trump signs new NAFTA deal that could affect Japanese automakers See in context

The old NAFTA and the new deal (called CUSMA in Canada, USMCA in America) are far more alike than they are different, and the impact of the renegotiated agreement will not be that big. Last April, the US International Trade Commission found this version of the USMCA would create 176,000 jobs after six years and increase the GDP by 0.35% For comparison's sake the US added 266,000 new jobs last November alone. Trump's play is always the same; dissolve something that is working, call it the "worst deal in history" and then come to the rescue with something "better". His trail of destruction has left North Korea designing and testing weapons at it's fastest rate ever. Iran is now racing toward a nuclear bomb virtually unchecked. Putin is rubbing his hands at the chaos Trump has created with NATO. And on and on it goes. Trump is an idiot. He was a disaster as a businessman and far worse as a so called leader.

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Posted in: Abe meets Saudi king amid tensions in Middle East See in context

Abe should not have met with Mohammed bin Salman. He should have politely declined. The crown prince is a murderer.

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Posted in: China says outspoken Australian lawmakers should repent See in context

1 million Uyghurs in concentration camps. Who should repent?

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Posted in: The best spots to see autumn leaves in Chubu See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Chinese state media urge 'tougher line' on Hong Kong See in context

Tougher line?

Uighur tough, Tibet tough, South China Sea tough or Taiwan tough?

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Posted in: 10 places to experience the best of autumn in Japan See in context

Go Leafs!

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Posted in: Canada's rugby team help cleanup efforts in Kamaishi after game canceled by typhoon See in context

Go Leafs!

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