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y3chome comments

Posted in: New immigration laws hinder some married expats returning to UK See in context

Is it not possible to claim human rights in that not being able to bring your non-UK spouse over that you are being denied the right to a family life or something like that ?

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Posted in: Japan's first private egg bank established for assisted reproduction See in context

Anyone know about sperm banks in Japan? Was thinking about storing some just in case, you never know what life throws at you.

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Posted in: 7 services that don’t make sense to foreigners in Japan See in context

i hate when walking round a shop, or in a restaraunt trying to have a conversation with a friend at a civilsed decibel level, and the staff shouting IRASSHAIMASSE at 110db in our faces every 3 seconds.

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Posted in: The king of pizzas? We sample Domino’s pricey new luxury pizza See in context

They know their market. Japan is the land of premium priced goods; for some strange reason Japanese tend to associate premium pricing with quality, and I can imagine a relatively decent amount of demand for these kind of money wasters despite the economic downturn. This kind of premium pricing psychology does indeed exist in most countries, though I find in Japan it tends to be much more prevalent.

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Posted in: Ichihashi's former mentor sheds new light on 2007 Hawker murder case See in context

‘I want to atone for my crime in a way no one can know.’”.... so i decided to write a book about it. What? I:m sorry but trying to paint him in some sort of good light, aint working at all. And it seems from the story that HE was the one ending it with his ex gf so, what exactly was HE having to endure to have made him commit the crime??

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Posted in: Abe wants to replace landmark 1995 war apology See in context

well to be fair the apology was never accepted anyway........

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Posted in: Japanese 'Avengers' fans up in arms over shoddy voice acting on Blu-ray release See in context

you cannot watch a dubbed movie and call yourself "Movie buffs"... unless it is one of the laughable movies from the 1970s that are so bad they are good (like the old bruce lee ones)

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Posted in: Girl dies after being hit by train on platform See in context

Poor girl. Hope it wasnt suicide. Either way very tragic and unnecessary.

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Posted in: Men who use trains on dates: Please stay single See in context

cleo - 45 seconds? speed reading? took me about double that..... wots your secret

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Posted in: 27 dachshunds abandoned on streets of Kitakyushu See in context

sad case- 27 dogs is obviously ridiculous, the owner likely had some kind of mental problem also. A least the animals were left where there was good chance of recovery

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Posted in: TV blunder labels Abe a train groper See in context

No it doesnt, it has the name of the announcer who was grabbed, above the picture of Abe with Abe:s name in it..... so no confusion.

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

when I say "sugoi" at things that really arent that great- haha, nice

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Posted in: Why do moviegoers in English-speaking countries tend to avoid foreign movies with subtitles, while in Japan, for example, it’s just the opposite? See in context

Japan prefers their dubbing to subtitles........ the subtitles seen on TV are mostly as previous commenters have said, for emphasis.

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Posted in: 'Rent-a-Girlfriend' service offers simulated romance See in context

To be honest i see that kind of service CAUSING more emotional problems than its designed to solve. And prostitution by any other name..........

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context


Yes I do understand KY. Just because there is a romanised abreiviation of the japanese word, does not mean it is a Japanese trait. AND if this were a Japanese trait, then they would only be using this word with reference to foreigners, which is not the case. The fact that there is a necessity for the word, would imply that Jpnese society is filled with a variety of people. So again, how is this anything to do with being Japanese?

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Posted in: Survey asks: What makes Japanese citizens feel distinctly Japanese? See in context

When I get irritated with people who are unable to read a situation or pick up on the mood of a conversation. (Female, 30)

Ummmm, what has this got to do with the price of fish? This was the strangest on the list by far, as it seems to be assuming that Jpnese somehow have a higher EQ than other nationalities. There are even plenty of skits on TV that make fun of the exact people she is complaining about in Japan.

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Posted in: When do Japanese people have their first kiss? See in context

i think the never kissed group were probably making fun of the survey...... or a large proportion of them anyway

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Posted in: A month after download law, consumers spending less on music: survey See in context

There is little upside to owning CDs - they take up space, get scratched, need to change them etc..... the music industry needs to innovate and offer something more, especially if they are charging those ludicrous amounts. If they were to charge a reasonably cheap fee per song, i think many of the current dloaders would pay a small premium. Those who were never going to pay anyway.... no lost sales there.

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Posted in: Convenience store food getting tastier See in context

Central Tokyo Recently the conbinis "meals" are around 400yen ; granted the amount isnt great but it is just that, convenient.... for when I cant be away from the desk for long. If given ample time and choice yes i wud choose real food- the only real option there is tachigui soba, but not EVERY day

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Posted in: Convenience store food getting tastier See in context

i just see it as a relatively cheap but unhealthy substitute when i cant get my hands on real food.

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Posted in: Tokyo court dismisses Prada sexual harassment suit See in context

i think she is losing the media battle : they choose one of the least flattering pictures of her in articles...... she doesnt stand a chance.

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Posted in: What are your favorite memories of Halloween? See in context

apparantly i was talking to some cute girls but I cannot for the life of me remember

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Posted in: It’s time for some real British food and drink in Tokyo See in context

One thing that is true is that the GENERAL STANDARD of restaraunts/eating out in the UK isnt great ; but there still are a good bunch of very good places for a reasonable price if one looks. I do always wonder why the british consumer supports such poor establishments. Gogogo> Highstreet fish and chips; i do agree there are many bad plaices (hoho) but you need to be careful which ones you choose... generally the big city fish and chips wont be so great. I think its hard to find a fish and chip that take pride in their work these days. And McDonalds as a barometer? something wrong there.

So yes eating out in the UK is a bit of a gamble... there are more bad restaraunts than good, but the good ones are outstanding.

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Posted in: The 'downgraded wives' who make hubbies squirm See in context

there are studies that show sitting to pee improves prostate health and is efficient at emptying bladder ; ive never heard that standing is medically backed. Very shoddy article

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Posted in: It’s time for some real British food and drink in Tokyo See in context

All these horrible generalisations about British food are about the equivalent of saying that American food is all McDonalds and Grape Soda and nothing more.

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Posted in: It’s time for some real British food and drink in Tokyo See in context

I:m sick of fighting the stigma against British food- most likely propegated by those countries who had an agenda to try and sell their own food to the global market. Japanese love their brand names etc, whereas much British cuisine has little to do with branding and more to do with what is locally available, so it may not appeal to brand hungry Japanese. There is fantastic British food - I don:t care if some people don:t believe it, it is their loss. The only thing that I lament is that the lack in popularity leads to a lack of availability of ingredients. I think if you want a good guide to british food, try watching something like The F Word series, entertaining and useful.

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Posted in: Scottish author's book details efforts to locate sons taken by Japanese wife See in context

The wife sounds like a monster..... I just wonder if there were any warning signs at all.. hard for me to imagine a normal person behaving in such a way (not saying its impossible though of course). Power to you Douglas, in not giving up what must have seemed like a hopeless battle.

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Posted in: Japan's radiation monitoring unreliable: Greenpeace See in context

politically tainted radiation readings

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Posted in: 9 things guys don’t want to find in a girl’s room See in context

any evidence of idol/celebrity worship is a big turn off, and shows a low level of mental maturity. Liking an actor/actress in one thing, having their paraphenelia everywhere is quite another.

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Posted in: Why Japanese girls are a better catch than Japanese men See in context

One strategy which works, not only in Japan.... is to pretend that you have no money (i used to have to pretend but recently it has become kinda true) but anyway.... pretend to be skint...... and if she still comes after you then you know she is probably more interested in you for what you are. I like to tell myself its for my good looks. ;)

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