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I guess Gackt likes Cure whose album, Disintegration is almost surreal.

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I would love to take a look around and explore those countries. It's something I've been interested in. Then I would use this service. It would be great if I can happen to see Manati along the way. Tony, I hope QPR will stay up and bring in our players next season.

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From a neutral point of view, stand your ground laws, shoot first laws, blanket immunity are nothing short of unbelievable and beyond my comprehension. I think if you had not had these, both of them would not get in trouble now. It seems it just puts so many people in danger. It must be a chaotic, tense world.

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I find it funny more or less.

For some reason, I watched some of the previous ones shown in Japan. It's in no particular order.

Eddie Murphy - Toyota Celica 2. Spike Lee - Mazda Demio 3. Rowan Atkinson - Nissan Anthony Hopkins - Honda 5. Ray Charles - Honda Civic 6. Jeniffer Lopez - Subaru Legacy Jackie Chan - Mitsubishi-fuso 8. Winona Ryder - Subaru Impreza

I think they made a huge impact in the mainstream media.

Beyonce- Otsuka, crystal geyser 2. Charles Barkley - Acecook 3. Lucy Liu - Santory

And I find out Chinese/Hong-Kong girls tend to appear on big cosmetic, ramen and sake brands in Japan.

Zhang Ziyi - Kao 2. Michelle Li - Shiseido 3. Kelly Chan - Shiseido Karen Mok - Shiseido 5. Gong Li - Housefoods 6. Anita Yuen - Housefoods Joey Wang - Oenon

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I'm a sucker for coffee and ice cream, and can not help eating them. Black coffee can galvanize me. I'm just wondering what the Avocado Wasabi burger tastes like. Mesmerizing.

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It says she is from Kunigami in Okinawa. it's in the middle of nowhere. She established herself as a top model at the age of 15, getting dozens of famous brand commercials and a motorcycle driver license, being the Turkey tourism goodwill ambassador in 2005, and getting married to an a-list actor. Simply, she can take herself as far as she can. She is lucky enough to be good-looking, but she has kept making efforts not to get carried away with it. It's just a matter of time before she expects a baby. Super Girl.

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They must have been too naive to know who she really is. Seems like a typical psychopath because of the way she behaves, cruel, callous or whatever. She scares the devil out of me.

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I'm so excitede by the way you play I got goose bumps watching the highlight, and delighted to see you get off to a good start. You can adapt to the new environment and live up to the hype, no doubt.

Arguably, one of the most terrific players I've ever seen. I root for you even though I don't know much about ML. Is it a whole new ball game like we've heard so many times?

Looking forward to the next game.

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TPP and FTA could be a double-edged sword. Noda is going to see Obama later this month to discuss TPP and the realignment of US force. While some industries can expect the benefit of liberalization, others will suffer from more reasonable goods and the deregulation in the middle of more cut-throat competitive environment. But it seems we cannot ignore FTA anymore to be able to survive in the current world as well as Asia. So it is imperative to cope with the affected industries, in particular, embarking on swift agricultural reform. We need to figure out what sort of compensation, how much budget scale is required, how to expand the farmlands, and how to secure the successors. I want the government to explain these to us as easily and plainly as possible.

In the wake of TPP and FTA between USA and SK, China is keen to get Japan, China and Korea FTA deal done. There are two reasons. One is that to match TPP, international coalitions against China, it wants to keep USA from expanding in Asia and hold a closer relation between Japan and USA in check, making use of JCK FTA. The other is to attract good Japanese and SK companies by FTA to help nurture domestic industries. But it turns out we march to different drummers as of today.

EU also put great emphasis on reaching FTA agreement with India and Japan, so we will end up thinking about 3 negotiations simultaneously. I think TPP and FTA might be Noda's toughest job given how delicate they can be.

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I hope it's not off-topic. According to a journalist's article in Japan, actually USA and the SDF saw the rocket launch as the good opportunity while China has been baffled.

Okinawa, who has opposed to the deployment of the SDF, had no choice but to have about 1000 troops in place. What's more the SDF took PAC3 and Aegis equipped with SM3 there. It had wanted to openly train elite units. And USA also gathered its state-of-the-art machines in Kadena base to prepare for it. But on the other hand, China, which has bolstered its naval force to try to practically control the East China Sea and the South China Sea, had the most to lose. Because of this incident USA and the SDF managed to improve the position where they can keep China in check.

But it's not this, but missile launch itself that has bemused China. Although NK has tried to gain economic aid and food aid from west for long, it's a large amount of Chinese aid that NK wants most. But China had not paid attention to the issue, so it resorted to the favorite tactic to draw the best from China, which was what NK had in mind this time around.

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The world is astonished to see a regime admit to failure. Now that SK and the US seem to detect new earthworks at Punggye, third nuclear test may be the case which seems to be far more serious than the rocket launch. What concerns us most is that the embarrassed regime might be determined to cause a stir again to regain the pride and remind the world what they are made of.

The best case scenario would be technocrats within the regime grab this opportunity with both hands and see off militarists, convincing the leaders that long-standing defiance yields only extreme poverty and laughing-stock science, so it was time to make its peace with the rest of the world.

To achieve it, unlike usual sanctions, UN resolution and condemnations with no effect, it is important to take the longer view and work carefully to help those within the regime who want a change with more contacts and exchanges because it is we who can break the impasse not the other way around. I do not try to oversimplify what is complex. Is this off-topic?

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