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Posted in: When you first heard about the coronavirus, did you think it would escalate into a global crisis that would still be with us as the new year begins? See in context

Not at all. I only thought it was spreading within China and its adjacent countries. I never imagined wearing masks throughout the year, with summer being extremely hot. I have no idea when we can get back to normal(at least to a point where we don’t have to wear masks everywhere). There were deadly viruses in the past like Ebola and SARS but they didn’t get too serious worldwide.

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Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context

The efficacy of SOE is questionable but nobody knows the right answer.... Well at least we have hope for vaccines

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Posted in: Suga tells G-20 Japan will lead international efforts on climate change See in context

Japan has the responsibility to combat climate change as the world's fifth most CO2 emitter, so Suga's announcement really contributes to the global trend of addressing the issue.

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Posted in: Do you think the U.S.-Japan relationship will change with Yoshihide Suga as Japan's new prime minister? See in context

I don't think it will change since Suga administration is merely an extension of Abe's. I am looking forward to see how President Trump will approach him.

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Posted in: Do you feel nowadays that you don't know who to believe or trust regarding information on the coronavirus, how bad it is and what are the best measures to contain it? See in context

There is no such thing as truly objective sources of information, considering that every human being has some kind of bias and prejudice against something. Even science is not a reliable since scientists are "biased" wvwn from when they are coming up with their hypothesis. There are especially many conspiracy theories regarding coronavirus and all of the information on the internet seem questionable. The influence those posts have on people is humongous, with millions on users around the world cam easily have access to them and be deceived. However, we can say that sources from experts are way more reliable than those from ordinary people. What we need is media literacy and critical thinking to not be controlled by false information.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

COVID-19 vaccines are controversial , some say we need to develop it immediately, while others are cautious about unintended side effects and its effectiveness because of the rush in clinical trials. I'm not an anti-vaccine person, so I think I'll try if it is free.

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Posted in: What are some ways to help children, especially young ones, who are not doing well with online learning at home? See in context

I think it's the responsibility for parents and teachers to make learning enjoyable. If children are having a difficult time studying, it's certainly not their fault. To make online teaching more interesting, teachers can show them videos and have young ones play educational games, instead of giving boring lessons where they ink take notes and memorize what is on there. This boils down to the significant flaw of Japanese education system, where rote memorization undermines students' creativity and problem-solving skills. I'm certainly the victim. Reform is necessary.

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Posted in: Which countries do you think Japan should start allowing more international flights to and from? Or do you think it is still too early for that? See in context

Some countries are seeing a drop in infection cases so Japan should gradually accept entries from those countries. Balancing between economy and health is very difficult but sooner or later we have to open up to revitalize tourism and flights industry.

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

Though there were many problems in his policy, the fact that Japan still remains the third largest economy in the world points out that he still did a good job. What matters that most is the post-Abe position, that person will be the key to Japan's future.

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Posted in: Abe set to resign, citing worsening health See in context

Imagine working for 2799 consecutive days under exponential pressure and criticisms.. no man can stand that.

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Posted in: Honda goes small with first all-electric car See in context

With the Electric vehicles market domination of Tesla and other major companies, it’s quite interesting to see how it will turn out for Honda.

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Posted in: Tokyo area population outflow exceeds inflow for 1st time See in context

Now is the perfect time to promote the decentralization of the capital . Tokyo is too packed.

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Posted in: Japanese athletes give Tokyo Olympic stadium a test run See in context

It is quietly likely that the Tokyo Olympics will not be held next year unless an affordable vaccine appears. Even if it became feasible, athletes would struggle to find facilities to practice at, and if there wouldn't be any audience, they would undergo a tough time of not being able to boost thei motivation by the cheers. There will be other issues too, like athletes from certain parts of the world where there were city lockdowns will have disadvantages because of the lack of practices.

I hope the athletes won't lose faith and continue to sustain their motivation.

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Posted in: How would you compare Japanese and American animation, particularly in terms of technical aspects and story-telling? See in context

Though I'm not a heavy anime viewer, I see some differences between Japanese and American Anime.

First of all, American anime tends to focus on extraordinary characters undergoing many adventurous expedition, whereas many Japanese anime depicts challenges in people's ordinary life. There are some unique Japanese anime too, but in general, they have relatively average powers.

Secondly, in terms of technique, Japanese animation is more likely have superior technology since the country is the hub of anime, and is good at showing characters' subtle emotions. On the other hand, American ones look a bit cheap and too simple when it comes to character representation.

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Posted in: If you got tested today for the coronavirus and the result turns out negative, that doesn’t mean you won’t get it next week. So should people be tested regularly? See in context

I believe that in order to track the spread of the corona virus, people should be tested regularly. However, by regularly, I mean about three times a year for people without any symptoms. If we were to test every citizen on a regular basis, the public health centers will be overwhelmed with hundreds of tests to deal with due to the lack of qualified personnels to conduct the test. Additionally, the increase in number of tests will clearly lead to the number of infection skyrocketing, stirring people's fear and it will bring about further economic recession. It is difficult to trace the virus and keep the economy running, and I'm an advocate for implementing more tests. Yet, considering the downturns it might provoke, it would be better to have only the people with symotoms be tested.

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Posted in: Can a democracy exist without competing parties? See in context

I don't think that a democracy can exist without competing parties. First of the idea of democracy spurned by people who opposed to the conventional tyranny by noble status. There has to be some king of opposing parties to reflect as many citizens' opinions as possible since it is quite impossible that everyone advocates same policy. By having competing positions, we can prevent the government to become arbitrary. One example can be found in China, where there is only one political party. The government is known for its stringent policies that sometimes seem to be infringing fundamental human rights. The reason such regulations are feasible is because it doesn't have opposing parties.

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Posted in: Frontline health workers in Japan continue to face discrimination over virus See in context

Japanese people tend to be discriminatory against people who are “different”. This really Is a negative culture.

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Posted in: What do you think are some effective measures to deal with cyber-bullying? See in context

The simplest way is to quit using social media and just ignore the comments. All those people who are criticizing the person should know what they are doing can easily make someone commit suicide like the recent news about the woman on Terrace House. It never means that you can malign someone with anonymity.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc to urge gov't to retain April start for academic year See in context

As a student, I believe some measures have to be practiced to support those who do not have learning environment at home. Although I do assume a huge transfer of the academic year in Japan from April to September will cause confusion not only at schools but also businesses that seek for graduates to be new employees(They also will be required to change their annual schedules too), I am an advocate of starting the school year in September because it is a global standard. I especially was in favor of shifting the academic year by a month for five years and ultimately initiating in September since it won't cause much confusion among the students, teachers, and enterprises. However, I once saw in TV that people are prone to come up with only positive aspects of the issue when under some kind of crisis. Therefore, I was worried that the government would just introduce a drastic scheme and repel any misgivings and criticisms. Now that they came to this conclusion, there is a part of me that is sighing with relief. On the other hand, there are a myriad of students who were not able to study during the corona break including me. Schools should provide them with a sufficient support both for studying and their mental health.

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Posted in: What do you think about the coronavirus contact tracing app that some countries are urging their citizens to download? See in context

I think it's great to have such apps to track any civilian who might have the virus, but even with scrutiny, the risk of leaks of personal information is inevitable. The government can confidentially use GPS tracking to somehow control their citizens. Although I believe this risk is low, there are people who are trained with hacking techniques and can easily penetrate into the system and abuse the information. To ensure this doesn't happen, the government should propose more explicit security measures to the public and make it clear that the app is just used for the health of the country's citizens and not for any other political activity.

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