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The Japanese justice system. Keep him in jail until he produces the admission in the form the police want. People should think carefully before attending the 2020 Olympics, especially if they plan on partying.

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The system of Justice in Japan has a lot to answer for. I hope people bear that in mind when deciding whether to visit Japan for the Olympics. Japan is ride with corruption and arbitrary enforcement of laws. Was anyone from Tepco responsible for the Fukushima disaster questioned and detained in this manner? I think we all know the answer. I hope people protest by staying at home in 2020.

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Surprise surprise.

Japanese people don’t want more foreigners. Yes, there is a lot of prejudice in Japan, but it is their country and you can’t really blame them for looking at other countries and seeing their cultures ruined by immigration.

On the other hand, foreigners should be under no doubt that they will be treated as second class citizens, especially manual labourers like this. Japan is the last place I would want to go as a manual labourer unless I had no choice.

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@Mike O'Brien, thanks, that is helpful. I don't know what Murata's qualification is and his letters are all so short and without support that it gives him little credibility (other than that he was the former ambassador to Switzerland). Get the feeling he is looking for a cause. On the points I raised, judging by your answer it is hard to know whether we should feel comfortable about our kids in Tokyo. Seems nobody does know.

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This is a half baked article if ever there were one. A few questions for all you experts here. (1) It is clear that hot spots were found at various places after 3/11. These were well documented ( kanagawa prefecture, Chiba and even Tokyo). (A) How do we know they were all cleaned up? (B) do we know hot particles are not still circulating around Japan? ( i understand they are difficult to find and measure) (C) it possible to quantify the risk of ingestion of these hot particles by a child living in Tokyo? (2) How do we know that continuing radioactive plumes are not contaminating large parts of Japan? It seems steam is still being regularly released. If you look at articles by experts like Ichiro Iiyama, the situation is not good. And the former Ambassador to Switzerland is warning the world of the risks. Are these people not credible? I would like to believe all is safe. However, almost everything I read is about background radiation and i dont really see much attempt to quantify the risk of internal radiation from air, water, the food chain etc. i guess no-one wants to cause panic in Tokyo which is understandable. And I don't want to either. My guess is riisks are minimal but would appreciate advice from someone with real knowledge.

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