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I have some experience in the industry, and there are as many possible things that happen to girls after they retire as you can imagine. Paulinusa is correct that a certain number end up as "kept women" and often live in a paid for luxury apartment on their few million yen a month stipend in exchange for being available at a moment's notice. But this is rare - you're talking about someone on the level of a Mirai or Natsuki Iijima. Many others go back to soapland-type work. In many cases it pays better and they can establish a list of regular clients. There are some who manage to break away entirely and attempt a "normal" life. Many of the "gyaru" types end up back cycling through pink salons, hostess clubs and part-time retail. There just isn't a cookie-cutter answer to what happens when girls leave the industry.

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This is absolutely unacceptable. Edano is getting his dressing down now and will be singing a different tune by the end of the week.

We will never allow nuclear power to be phased out of Japan. It is our cash cow.

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Thunderbird, you basically proved my point..."a lot of cultures still use troughs and thunderboxes." ie, not toilets.

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"Unfortunately, in some situations, this could mean making three mistakes all at once."

Sorry, but no - I really can't stand seeing this kind of nonsense. The western greeting is never a mistake. This is the global standard and people from other countries need to get up to snuff if they want to participate in the global markets. This is like saying, "The western calendar" when all one needs to say is "the calendar," or "western toilet" when simply "toilet" or "real toilet" will suffice.

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If the Japanese people truly want to defend themselves, they are going to have to fight for their second amendment rights. One option is to consider statehood, but that might prove a time consuming process. If that cannot be done, the Japanese can adopt amendments from the US that would help Japan. For example, the right to practice self defense and protect one's family - the second amendment - would be very popular in Japan, where people live in constant fear of these types of violent crimes due to the fact that they don't have the right to protect themselves.

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Posted in: Do you agree with the Japanese government's decision to order the restart of the Oi nuclear reactors? See in context

Yes, I can finally say that the Japanese government has not only made the right choice, but has done something I support 100%. This is about economics and national sovereignty. Japan cannot economically survive without nuclear power, which is the cheap, clean and environmentally friendly choice for the future. We also see protests against nuclear power which echo suspiciously the anti-Japanese mantra that one hears from pro-Chongryon or pro-CCP groups - one is forced to wonder if the "citizens" protesting nuclear power aren't actually professional members of the unionized hard left who have come to do the bidding of their puppet masters.

I see the restart of these reactors as a step in the right direction, a sign of recovery.

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Sorry, but I don't see how "Seismologists" are relevant to what is essentially a discussion about the economy. Japan needs these alternative energy plants to start running again to provide jobs and power for the economy. Nuclear power is the cheap, clean, environmentally friendly energy choice of the future.

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Turn these reactors on and the Japanese economy comes ROARING back. I think the only opposition to powering this nation back up again is very cynical and political. Quite simply, some people want to see the current ruling party fall. So they oppose the restarting of Japan's power grid in order to make the DPJ look bad. I wish we could get the cynicism of anti-nuclear movements out of politics.

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We're still here, aren't we? I think TEPCO has done a great job thus far at containing this meltdown to a very small area. They had to deal with the bad imported design, which was a major hurdle to overcome.

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Too bad these guys can't use their enthusiasm and zeal for something positive.

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I would think Hashimoto has bigger issues to worry about.

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The 50-75 year-olds still believe in Japan as a great nation, capable of doing anything.

I'm only half that age, and I believe the same.

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Posted in: Dogged by 'bully' charge, U.S. nuclear chief Jaczko resigns See in context

This guy was the poster child for more regulation, more government interference in the free market, and more waste of taxpayer money. We are better off now.

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