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yakyak comments

Posted in: One dead, 30 reported injured as Singapore Airlines flight hit by turbulence See in context

So why is there a photo of a JAL plane when the article is about a Singapore Airlines plane?

A Singapore Airlines (Star Alliance) plane is behind the JAL plane.

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Posted in: SoftBank Corp to help call center workers by 'softening' angry customer calls with AI See in context

Just wait how angry you will be when AI shuts off your service and you have no one to talk to?

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Posted in: Locals in central Japan near Mount Fuji count on UFO craze for tourism See in context

American believe this UFO stuff to the point,were they become clinical insane

What a dumb thing to say.

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Posted in: Law change lets Japanese police crack down on rule-breaking cyclists See in context

How about fining police officers who sit in the Koban all day eating yaki soba pretending to be busy?

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Posted in: Fringe group members arrested for obstructing rival Diet candidates' campaigns See in context

Japan needs more "fringe" political parties to promote change and growth in a country crumbling before our eyes due to the lack of vision and political courage on what was once an economic miracle that our greedy politicians have slowly but surely sucked the life out of our country.

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Posted in: Seoul, Tokyo vow 'appropriate action' on weak yen and won See in context

Happy days, An 85-inch Sony TV in the US is under 1000.00

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Posted in: Samsung returns to top of smartphone market: industry tracker See in context

I don't get it, Samsung phones feel cheap and the software is very glitchy......... Any Chinese-made phone would do the same thing for half the cost.

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Posted in: Sean 'Diddy' Combs' lawyer says raids of his homes were 'excessive' use of 'military-level' force See in context

It's funny how his private plane went to Antigua, with or without him and nobody knows.

There is no extradition treaty between the USA and Antigua.

Whatever or whomever was on that plane it's not coming back.

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Posted in: New Zealand accuses China of hacking parliament See in context

China is just practising for the great American hack.

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

I think he is lying for the team...

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Posted in: Trump says Jews who vote for Democrats 'hate Israel' and their religion See in context

Americans who vote for Trump "hate America" and hate "Democracy".

This comment makes you a part of the problem, not the solution.

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Posted in: Ohtani won't play in Dodgers' spring training opener; stays away from live batting practice See in context

No athlete on planet Earth is worth 700 million dollars. Los Angeles has been duped.

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Posted in: Crooked restaurants caught overcharging customers, serving mislabelled meat See in context

Salt, pepper, garlic and olive make everything taste good. Just learn from the French.

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Posted in: Kim's powerful sister says N Korea, Japan can open 'new future' See in context

Remind me again what Japan needs from North Korea?

Money, contracts, minerals......

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Posted in: Taylor Swift reaches LA in journey from Tokyo to Super Bowl See in context

OMG, she jinxed the Chiefs. San Fran will now win by 14

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Posted in: Putin, in rare U.S. interview, says Russia has no interest in wider war See in context

After the Soviet Union fell Putin wanted to join Nato, The Americans said no. Think about it.

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Posted in: Taylor-mania hits Tokyo as Swift resumes tour before Super Bowl See in context

Bland, faceless wallpaper music. Enjoy your evening.

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Posted in: Americans have saddled themselves with credit card debt See in context

Japanese are saddled with debt as well, just about 5 years behind.

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Posted in: Junior high principal in Hyogo fired for stealing seven half cups of coffee See in context

Combini clerks do check that from their computers. No need to play a dangerous game

Really? That's a dangerous game?

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Posted in: Bank of Japan maintains ultra-loose monetary policy See in context

Here we go 160 to the US dollar.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy fighter jets strike Houthi missile launchers in Yemen See in context

What a ridiculous photo, it's so obvious those "warriors" are not up for a fight. Thank Iran for that.

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Posted in: Trump mocks Nikki Haley's first name See in context

I would have thought the best way to do that would be to call her out on her record and her policies, but I guess Trump knows his target audience pretty well.

He knows his target audience very well, politics is a very dirty game.

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Posted in: Trump in court as jury picked to decide how much he owes for denying sex assault See in context

More courts, more trials, more popularity. Somebody on the left is not that bright.

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Posted in: Trump notches big win in Iowa caucuses See in context

Well Done President Trump 2025

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Posted in: With eye on 'if Trump wins' scenario, Japan weighs committing to its own defense See in context

If Trump wins the election during the current state of the world NOW instead of when he was President four years ago, his administration would create a very nice alliance with Japan. It would be in the USA's best interest.

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Posted in: Japan lifts operational ban on world's biggest nuclear plant in Niigata Prefecture See in context

That photo looks like a Nuclear wasteland in Japan

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Posted in: Okinawa rejects court order to OK revised U.S. base transfer plan See in context

Send back invaders..

"After the invasion of Satsuma in 1609, Ryukyu became a part of Japan's shogunate system."

study your history.........

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Posted in: Supreme Court says no, for now, to plea to rule quickly on whether Trump can be prosecuted See in context

Come on America! I'm hoping you can do better.

Like, Keep Biden for another 4 years? Hopefully that will never happen.

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