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Posted in: Top Democrats leave open option of Trump impeachment after Mueller report See in context

What does Make America Great Again mean, Trump supporters?

The overall vision of a the country is lacking in its former greatness, Thus MAGA!

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Posted in: Iran's Khamenei calls U.S. blacklisting of Guards a 'vicious move' See in context

"I am telling you (American leaders), if you pressure us, we will mass-produce IR8 advanced centrifuges,"

Go ahead and mass produce, then see what happens to your country.

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Posted in: May's Brexit talks with Labour stall; delay request fails to convince EU See in context

political cowardice

Thats an understatement. The U.K. is toast!

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Posted in: 'I have names' - Ghosn vows to clear his name in trial See in context

 However, don't underestimate Japanese prosecutors, they are professionals and they are very tough to beat.

They are corrupt and force confessions out of you.

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Posted in: U.S. House committee seeks Trump tax returns from IRS See in context

I guess the toilet paper the Democratic chairman is using is a bit to rough, he needs something a little softer.

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Posted in: Ghosn, lawyer protest his rearrest; prosecutors confiscate Ghosn's wife's passport, mobile phone See in context

Japan will reap what it sows. A country that’s basically bankrupt has nothing to lose except face. When that’s gone there’s nothing left. Enter the new saviors, China.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to shut Mexico border, again See in context

Don't threaten anymore, please do it! It's enough already!!

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Posted in: DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016 See in context

Trump installed Barr in the justice department, so that Barr could do exactly what he did......

Distorted reality. Democrats look at yourself in the mirror and finally accept you have no one to blame but yourself for the humiliating loss to Trump. Heads will roll soon enough and it will be on your side!

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Posted in: DOJ: Trump campaign did not coordinate with Russia in 2016 See in context

great news! Now I can enjoy the Cherry blossoms! MAGA!

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Posted in: Trump complains social media sites discriminate against conservatives See in context

They do, it’s a fact.

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Posted in: Australia cuts annual immigrant cap, puts key cities off-limits to some See in context

The irony of a white government limiting immigration to land they stole from the indigenous people seems to go unnoticed by most posters here.

Oh brother.

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Posted in: Gov't OKs plan to legally ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

Its all about balance and reason. The challenge here is everybody has their own balance and reason. Unfortunately there is no "Almighty" guide book on how to raise a child.

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Posted in: Gov't investigates 700 foreign students AWOL from Tokyo university See in context

They all got married and are doing factory work in the country now.

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Posted in: Paris rioters run amok at yellow vest rallies See in context

Wow, and Rome burns.......Now France.History keeps repeating itself. The Human race is a doomed species.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concerns over uncertain Brexit outlook See in context

Such a shameful and wimpy Government! The People spoke and the Government refused to listen. Anarchy in the U.K.

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Posted in: Nissan asking shareholders to vote to oust Ghosn as director See in context

Wouldn’t it be funny if the board elects to keep him? Then what happens?

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Posted in: Over 70% of voters reject U.S. base transfer in Okinawa referendum See in context

They should just pull out and let the Japanese fend for themselves. Then see what happens.

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Posted in: Venezuelan troops open fire near border, killing 2 as aid standoff intensifies See in context

After the comment above, why would anyone still want to be a Democrat?

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Posted in: Trump says he will meet with China's Xi to try to seal trade deal See in context

If his administration pulls this off, it will be a huge win for him and America.

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Posted in: Democratic Sen Kamala Harris kicks off 2020 campaign; warns of divisions See in context

Ironic comment considering the past two Democratic presidents left the country in significantly better financial circumstances than the previous two, who left it in a worse place. Then you add on Trump's $2 trillion that he's added to it, and all I can see to whining about the Democrats and spending is: But you guys.

Once again such an insightful comment.

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Posted in: Germany's Merkel to visit Japan from Feb 4 See in context


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Posted in: China demands U.S. drop Huawei extradition request with Canada See in context

I remember when “Fine China” was a phrase that meant quality and pride. Not anymore.

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Posted in: Trump proposes wall-for-DACA in bid to end U.S. gov't shutdown See in context

It’s so easy but trump is too weak to make Mexico angry.

What planet are you living on? The reason the Democrats are melting left and right is this TRUMP PHENOMENON is too strong and scary for the lefts agenda. When Trump nominates the next Supreme Court justice, it will all but be over for the left, as that will solidify the next 30 years of American policy. That’s what the Dems. Are really trying to stop.

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Posted in: Trump stops Pelosi from using military plane for overseas trip in shutdown fight See in context

@ Black Sabbath, I support a wall or barrier of some type.So I guess it is now TWO guys.

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Posted in: Trump vows no end to shutdown until he gets $5 bil to fund border wall See in context

Stay the course! Show the world why you were elected. I know all the thumbs down coming, but isn't it amazing how we finally have a President in the oval office that actually does what they were elected to do?

This is not a left or right issue. In my lifetime there has never been a President that did what he said he would do if elected.

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Posted in: Ghosn's detention extended by 10 days until Jan 1 See in context

Boycott Japan and Japanese business. This is getting ridiculous.The hierarchy of Nissan are just a bunch of spoiled babies. This will surely backfire and break apart the alliance and Nissan. Super Mario is all you will have left.

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Posted in: Ghosn vows to restore his honor in court, lawyer says See in context

Time to change the company name back to Datsun!

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Posted in: White House digs in on border wall demand, risking shutdown See in context

Chuck Schumer is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. He should be working in an ice cream parlor.

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Posted in: China demands Canada release Huawei executive See in context

China is a nation of law and order.

Yes, according to their law and order.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn to be served with fresh arrest warrant See in context

He should just confess that if it wasn't for his leadership the company of Nissan would have been just another casualty of a corrupt Japanese car company that went bust. He should also admit to never having the desire to speak Japanese or abide by Japanese culture as Nissan knew full well that their saving grace could only be a Gaijin C.E.O. from outside of Japan. In this throw away culture it's time to start throwing away our Nissans.

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