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Posted in: Tokyo’s Monster Grill serves up gigantic beefy challenges for meat lovers See in context

Yum … sign me up!

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Posted in: Prince Harry says UK royals got into bed with tabloid press 'devil' See in context

What a combination … irrelevant British “royal” and irrelevant Hollywood “starlet” … Enough already!

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Posted in: Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazil Congress, presidential palace See in context

Trumpsonaro … enough said!

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Posted in: Sports unraveled, collided with politics, racism in 2022 See in context

The so-called “culture wars” on steroids!

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Posted in: Even if charged and convicted, Trump can still run in 2024 and serve as president if elected See in context

“Pukey2 America deserves it” … do you hate the United States of America (U.S./USA)? Or do you hate America (North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean)?

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Posted in: Crypto's ties to sports raise ethical questions See in context

Anything connected with cryptocurrencies raises ethical questions!

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Posted in: Harry accuses Prince William of screaming at him, his aides of leaking stories See in context

Where dysfunctional British royals and Hollywood meet!

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Posted in: How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone? See in context

I ask the person to put it down, and if he/she doesn’t, I walk away!

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Posted in: 'I like Hitler': Kanye sparks outrage in wild Infowars stream See in context

Ye, the current Mental Illness poster child!

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Posted in: Trump 2024 rivals court his donors as primary season begins See in context

Former South Carolina Governor Haley who was/is considered an up and coming politician, lost most of her luster last week by suggesting that Georgia Senator Wornock should be deported.

Mrs. Haley, of Indian heritage, made that suggestion during a rally for candidate Walker, who like Wornock, is of African heritage. All three are U. S. citizens by birth.

Another low in U. S. politics by a member of the Election Results Denier/Insurrectionist Caucus following, who is an apologist for Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Mori harsh on Zelenskyy over war in Ukraine See in context

Senile comment … time to stay home!

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Posted in: Across the U.S., a return to democratic order. Will it last? See in context

The United States of America has been in an undeclared state of emergency ever since Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, also known as the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, announced his intention of running for President of The United States (POTUSj in 2015.

Mr. Trump has been the main threat to democracy and the rule of law ever since.

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Posted in: Trump launches 3rd campaign for U.S. presidency See in context

A remarkable 70 minute rambling summary of disinformation and misinformation … quite delussional!

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Posted in: Trump vs. DeSantis: A simmering rivalry bursts into view See in context

Enough Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, I say!

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Posted in: Future of American democracy loomed large in voters' minds See in context

Democracy: 1 - Trumpism: 0

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Posted in: Trump faces blame from GOP as he moves forward with White House bid See in context

I would urge Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, to stop ruining the United States of America effective immediately.

He’a done irreparable damage to the country and the most of the world.

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Posted in: Kuroda says he has no desire to be reappointed BOJ governor See in context

Good riddance … tired of ruining Japan’s economy?

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped Ghosn flee Japan sent back to U.S. See in context

Soldiers of fortune!

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Posted in: Russia declares end of mobilization for Ukraine See in context

Mr. Putin go ahead and declare “you won the war” and take your troops back to Russia!

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Posted in: adidas ends partnership with Ye over antisemitic remarks See in context

Several weeks ago I posted a comment to the effect that “hero worship for dysfunctional people has got to stop” … not surprisingly, I was clobbered with negativity.

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Posted in: Jan 6 panel subpoenas Trump for testimony on Capitol attack See in context

The United States of America has been under an undeclared state of emergency since the day Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, also known as the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief announced he was running for President of the United States (POTUS).

The latest congressional hearings regarding his involvement in the attacks on democracy in the USA a surprised very few. He is and has been a complete fraud since childhood and has been able to stay one step ahead of the law by bribing and manipulation.

Theoretically, no one is above the law … time will tell if he gets away this time, but, I for one, believe he will obfuscate as he has in the past.

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Posted in: Instagram, Twitter restrict Kanye West accounts over posts deemed anti-Semitic See in context

The “hero” worship fir dysfunctional people has got to stop.

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Posted in: Human rights campaigners of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine win Nobel Peace Prize See in context

Congratulations to the three of them. The civilized world appreciates your sacrifice and work!

It’s ironic that Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio, the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, lobbied for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Posted in: Japanese KitKats get a new regional flavor, straight from a Tokyo island See in context

Very creative on Japan’s Nestle folks …marketing at it’s best.

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Posted in: The Japanese government plans to launch a nationwide travel discount program in October to support the hotel, restaurant and transportation industries hard hit by the pandemic. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

Japan’ government, similar to the United States of America’s government, is technically insolvent.

More wasteful spending is not, and has never been, to this or any problem.

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Posted in: Americans give health care system failing mark: poll See in context

The most expensive health system in the world does not equate with the best health care!

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Posted in: 3 Dutch soldiers shot outside hotel in Indianapolis See in context

Another day, another shooting … this madness has to stop!

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Posted in: FBI: Trump mixed top secret documents with magazines, other items See in context

Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio continues to lie and blames it on a “witch hunt” … his gullible followers believe him.

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief has been a threat to democracy and a threat to national security ever since he declared his intention to seek the candidacy to the Office of President of the United States of America (POTUS).

Trump has caused enough damage to the USA and, in many ways, to the world at large,

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Posted in: J Lo and Ben Affleck hold lavish estate wedding See in context

This “Made for Hollywood” script will not last long.

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