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Posted in: History says tariffs rarely work, but Biden’s 100% tariffs on Chinese EVs could defy the trend See in context

The main purpose of enacting this tariff is to obtain votes on November 5, 2024 … period!

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Posted in: 'Words matter:' Titles, Trump and what to call a former president See in context

Former Insurrectionist-in-Chief and head of More Anarchy Guaranteed Ahead (MAGA)!

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. that Biden's 'xenophobia' comment is regrettable See in context

Mr Biden’s statements are regrettable and it shows why neither he, nor the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, are fit to be the next President of the United States of America (POTUS).

It is hoped that neither one would be designated by either the Democratic Party, nor by the Republican (Trumpian) Party to be on the ballot in November.

We the People of the United States of America deserve better.

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Posted in: Hamas says latest cease-fire talks have ended; Israel vows military operation in 'very near future' See in context

Israel has been at war since May 14, 1948, with a few periods of peace.

Defang and defund the system that is dedicated to obliterate Palestine and the long suffering Palestinian people.

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Posted in: Former Trump aide Hope Hicks testifies he told her to deny Stormy Daniels affair See in context

Defending the indefensible!

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Posted in: Britney Spears, Sam Asghari officially divorced See in context

News about rich and dysfunctional people … ugh!

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Posted in: Trump sets out stark vision for authoritarian second term in Time interview See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief has brainwashed tens of millions about his leadership and negotiation skills.

It should remind us of an Austrian born former Corporal of the Wehrmacht who also brainwashed tens of millions of Germans about his political skills with dire consequences for, not only Germany and Europe, but the world at large.

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Posted in: Judge fines Trump $9,000; threatens jail for contempt in hush money trial See in context

Just another stop of the Trump Traveling Circus!

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Posted in: Trump meets former Japanese PM Aso; criticizes strong dollar against yen See in context

Two highly dysfunctional so-called leaders … another meaningless photo opportunity!

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Posted in: Boeing in the spotlight as Congress calls whistleblower to testify about defects in planes See in context

The dump on Boeing barrage has got to stop.

Stonecipher, one of the worst disciples of GE’s Jack Welsh, did a number of Boeing.

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Posted in: U.S. Steel shareholders approve takeover by Nippon Steel opposed by Biden administration See in context

As November 5th approaches quickly, the main reason for opposing it is for political (votes) reasons … period.

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Posted in: One killed, five wounded after shooters open fire on crowd in DC neighborhood See in context

Another day, another mass shooting … enough already!

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Posted in: Former Trump officials are among most vocal opponents of returning him to White House See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief is the gravest threat to U. S. national security and to the world at large

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Posted in: Kanye West accused of racism and antisemitism in new lawsuit See in context

Tired of hearing/reading about dysfunctional narcissists!

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Posted in: Trump selling Bibles to encourage supporters to 'Make America Pray Again' See in context

The hypocrisy of it all!

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Posted in: Japan approves plan to sell fighter jets to other nations in latest break from pacifist principles See in context

Japan’s Military Industrial Complex (MIC)is doing what other countries’ MICs have been doing for decades.

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Posted in: One of Ohtani’s endorsement deals looks pretty awkward right now See in context

It’s almost always about money … show me the money!

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Posted in: Should you be concerned about flying on Boeing planes? See in context

The press, who knows little about the subject, has joined the bandwagon to criticize Boeing … enough already!

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Posted in: 'Curse of the Colonel' KFC statue disposed of in Osaka See in context

The World Series should be called the MLB Series … the world does not participate in them, only the United States of America, and perhaps Canada.

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Posted in: Australia defends its U.S. ambassador, Kevin Rudd, after Trump attack See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief is an equal opportunity offender.

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Posted in: Netanyahu agrees to send Israeli officials to Washington to discuss prospective Rafah operation See in context

Another window dressing session … Israel’s goal has been the complete annexation of Palestine and bordering countries since it was created by the United Nations in 1948.

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Posted in: Pressure grows on Israel to open more aid routes into Gaza by land and sea as hunger spreads See in context

Defang and defund the occupiers of Palestine … this time around they been doing it since 1946 … enough already!

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Posted in: Trump backs Israel's war in Gaza See in context

MAGA stands for More Anarchy Guaranteed Ahead … enough already!

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Posted in: Masked shooters kill 4 people and injure 3 at outdoor party in California See in context

Another day, another massacre … the deadly gun culture continues … enough already!

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Posted in: Trump is not isolationist, former U.S. envoy to Japan believes See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief is the largest fraud perpetrated on We the People of the United States of America.

Is he an isolationist? He’s a Trumpist, which means he is clueless about U.S. internal and external policies.

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Posted in: Netanyahu says cease-fire deal would only delay 'somewhat' an Israeli military offensive in Rafah See in context

B Netanyahu will go down in history as “The Butcher of Gaza”!

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Posted in: Half of Japanese firms see another Trump presidency as risk, poll shows See in context

Another four years in the White House with the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief would be chaotic, not only for. the United States of America, but for the world at large.

Let’s hope that the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) rules by following the constitution and prevents the insurrectionist from being on the ballots.

We the People of the United States of America deserve better.

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Posted in: Back in the day, being woke meant being smart See in context

The autocratic current governor of Florida should use his leadership to fix deep problems the state has been subjected to during his two terms in office. One of them is them being the insurance crisis.

Instead, he has been busy wasting taxpayer money in transporting Israelis to Florida and Venezuelans from the Texas border to cities in northern states, as well as sending military and law enforcement forces to Texas.

As the consummate politician that he is, he has subjected Florida residents to fascist policies.

We the People of Florida deserve better.

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Posted in: Solemn monument to Japanese American WWII detainees lists more than 125,000 names See in context

A black mark on U. S. democracy.

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Posted in: Baskin-Robbins brings 31 Flavors to Japan in 1974 See in context

Does anyone remember Howard Johnson?

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