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Posted in: The Japanese government plans to launch a nationwide travel discount program in October to support the hotel, restaurant and transportation industries hard hit by the pandemic. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

Japan’ government, similar to the United States of America’s government, is technically insolvent.

More wasteful spending is not, and has never been, to this or any problem.

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Posted in: Americans give health care system failing mark: poll See in context

The most expensive health system in the world does not equate with the best health care!

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Posted in: 3 Dutch soldiers shot outside hotel in Indianapolis See in context

Another day, another shooting … this madness has to stop!

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Posted in: FBI: Trump mixed top secret documents with magazines, other items See in context

Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio continues to lie and blames it on a “witch hunt” … his gullible followers believe him.

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief has been a threat to democracy and a threat to national security ever since he declared his intention to seek the candidacy to the Office of President of the United States of America (POTUS).

Trump has caused enough damage to the USA and, in many ways, to the world at large,

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Posted in: J Lo and Ben Affleck hold lavish estate wedding See in context

This “Made for Hollywood” script will not last long.

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Posted in: Pence tells GOP to stop lashing out at FBI over Trump search See in context

A first good move on the part of Mr Pence … if he does decide to testify, it may help to further expose the disaster that Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio has been and will continue to be to democracy and stability of the United States of America.

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Posted in: Trump's angry words spur warnings of real violence See in context

Disinformation and misinformation continue to reign … the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief and his “brown shirts and storm troopers” continue to be the main threat to democracy and stability in the United States of America.

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Posted in: Back to the past See in context

Militarism … the scourge of the world!

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Posted in: Do you think it is possible to remove the Unification Church's influence from Japanese political parties? See in context

Too much “religious” money goes into politics … hence, no!

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Posted in: Trump says FBI conducting search of Mar-a-Lago estate See in context

The noose is tightening on the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief.

Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio will be summoning his “brown shirts” and “storm troopers” to distract his mindless followers.

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Posted in: Putin bets on an ancient weapon in Ukraine: time See in context

Mr Putin, the 21st century Josep Stalin, is the Butcher of Ukraine!

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Posted in: What does 'plead the Fifth' mean? Will the Trumps do it? See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief will do the only thing he knows … and it is the opposite of the truth.

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Posted in: Mixed fortunes of celebrities who leapt on NFT craze See in context

The latest fad … until a another mindless come along.

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Posted in: July 4 parade gunman bought 5 weapons despite threats See in context

Another day, several more mass shootings in the United States of America … this has got to stop.

As a nation, we lack the political will to do what is right and hide ourselves under the 2nd amendment to the constitution . However, the right to bear arms does not give anyone the right to kill.

A combination of metal illness and the firearm culture is again the culprit … when will this end?

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Posted in: Woody Allen says next movie may be his last in talk with Alec Baldwin See in context

The insufferable Woody Allen … let’s hope he means it.

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Posted in: Supreme Court's abortion ruling sets off new court fights See in context

The hypocrisy of it all!

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Posted in: 76-year-old man arrested for beating daughter See in context

Another coward!

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Posted in: Jan 6 witness: Trump 'detached from reality' over election See in context

The main fraud is the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief, and his gullible followers will continue to spread the big lie for decades to come.

We the People of the United States of America deserve better.

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Posted in: Capitol riot panel blames Trump for Jan 6 'attempted coup' See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief is 100% responsible for the attack on democracy … another “date that will live in infamy”.

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Posted in: U.S. opposes dictators? Yes! Except when it supports them See in context

The United States of America has welcomed foreign autocrats and dictators throughout the ages so long as they serve the purposes of U. S. policy … does Manuel Noriega sound familiar.

And the nonsense that “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” is must that … we not only negotiate with them, we fund terrorist and terrorist nations and have for decades.

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Posted in: Trump loses appeal; must testify in New York civil probe See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief thinks he’s above the law and he, and his blind followers, will continue to spew disinformation and misinformation every opportunity they have.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Another combination of firearms and mental illness in the United States of America … this has to stop.

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Posted in: Buffalo shooting latest example of targeted racial violence See in context

Another day, another massacre … this has got to stop!

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Posted in: Evidence mounts of GOP involvement in Trump election schemes See in context

Coach Jordan is one of the most loyal apologists of the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief … for shame!

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Posted in: Murdoch launches TalkTV channel with Trump trashing Harry and Meghan See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief thinks he is entertaining.

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Posted in: U.S. rocked by 3 mass shootings during Easter weekend; 2 dead See in context

The U.S. gun culture is the main culprit … this madness has got to stop!

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Posted in: Man blaming Trump's 'orders' for Jan 6 riot actions found guilty See in context

Just another blind follower of the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief … several million more on the wings.

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Posted in: Russia shifts focus to try to grind Ukraine's army in east See in context

A Russian wounded bear is more dangerous than a Russian angry bear.

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