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Posted in: Who's a hero? Some U.S. states, cities still debating hazard pay See in context

If everyone is a hero, no one is a hero … period!

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Posted in: If you do not live in Japan, once the country reopens its international borders without restrictions, would you like to visit? See in context

I was in Tokyo in February 2020 and am waiting to take the first of my usual six yearly trips to Japan.

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Posted in: Braves overpower Astros to win World Series See in context

It should be called the MLB Series ... the world doesn’t get to participate in it!

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Posted in: Braves throw 2-hitter; blank Astros 2-0 for 2-1 World Series lead See in context

It should be called the MLB Series as the world doesn’t get to play in it.

The World Cup (football/soccer) is truly a “world” championship as participating teams are from all over the world.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau arrives See in context

Grape juice is grape juice!

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Posted in: Japan envoy pick Emanuel says he did nothing improper over Chicago teen shooting See in context

My beef with Emanuel is that, although he was born in the United States of America, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He should have lost his U.S. citizenship and should have never been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and then as Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration, and after as Mayor of the City of Chicago.

His loyalty is not with the United States of America and should not represent We the People of the United States of America in Japan or anywhere else.

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Posted in: No. 2 House Republican refuses to say 2020 election wasn’t stolen See in context

The Republican Party (GOP) as we knew it, no longer exists.

The Trump (Insurrection) Party continues to thrive with the “Big Lie” and all the lackeys who are following their leader to the detriment of We the People of the United Sates of America.

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Posted in: Suzuki to be Japan finance chief; Motegi to stay as foreign minister See in context

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

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Posted in: Kishida fills ruling party key posts with Abe allies See in context

Politics as usual!

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Posted in: Tattoos have a long history going back to the ancient world – and also to colonialism See in context

A waste of ink.

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Posted in: Takaichi joins race to be next PM; outlines 'Sanaenomics' policy See in context

Copynomics ... how unimaginative can it get?

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Posted in: Abe supports conservative ally Takaichi as Suga's successor See in context

Abe-san’s blessing will be Takaichi-san’s curse.

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Posted in: Nike’s newest addition to ISPA sneaker line blends Japanese tradition and contemporary style See in context

Marketing ... pure, undiluted marketing!

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Posted in: Do you respect anti-vaxxers' stance? See in context

Ignorance is bliss.

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Posted in: Conservative media offers mixed messages on COVID-19 vaccine See in context

The followers of the former Insurrectionist-in-Chief continue to undermine We the People of the United States of America ... period!

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Posted in: In Trump's Jan 6 recast, attackers become martyrs, heroes See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief continues to lead his cult followers to the detriment and expense of We the People of the United States of America.

Enough already!

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Posted in: Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief is just preaching to his choir and wasting the judicial system’s resources and time with one of many frivolous lawsuits.

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Posted in: Biden announces infrastructure agreement See in context

The USA’s infrastructure has been in decline for decades.

Wasting trillions of taxpayers funds in mindless wars of choice, as well as nation building, is not the way to go.

We have wasted trillions on a client state in the Middle East since 1946 just to satisfy a religious, but ever powerful, minority.

Enough already.

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Posted in: One dead, 99 missing after Florida beachfront condo collapses See in context

This particular building was built on reclaimed land. It has been reported that it had started to sink a few centimeters in recent years.

Due to the proximity to the ocean, salt water erosion has affected the foundation and is being investigated as the, or one of the causes, of the sudden collapse on this particular section of the building.

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

These Soldiers of Fortune gambled, and lost ... period!

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Posted in: Israel parliament poised to vote on anti-Netanyahu gov't See in context

Israel must stop occupying its neighbors ... period!

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Posted in: Do you think professional sports stars should be required to attend news conferences after their game or event? See in context

Professional sports are business enterprises ... the followers (not me) are interested in the players and what they have to say.

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Posted in: 8 dead in shooting at rail yard serving Silicon Valley See in context

Another day, another mass shooting ... this lunacy has got stop.

A combination of mental illness and the availability of fire arms, in addition to the gun culture, is the culprit.

The USA does not have the political will to stop this decades old pandemic.

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Posted in: Gov't extends state of emergency through May 31, adding Aichi, Fukuoka prefectures See in context

The new abnormal!

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Posted in: Facebook board upholds Trump ban, but not indefinitely See in context

The former “Insurrectionist-in-Chief” is a disgrace and a complete fraud.

His attempts, and the ones of his cult followers, have tried and failed to destroy democracy in the United States of America.

Enough already.

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Posted in: 8 killed, several others wounded in shooting at Indianapolis Fedex facility See in context

Another day, another mass shooting.

There isn’t the political will to stop this pandemic in the USA.

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Posted in: Narita airport starts facial recognition trial for faster travel See in context


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Posted in: Trump insults Pence, McConnell in speech to party donors See in context

The former Insurrectionist-in-Chief continues to be the poster child for mental illness, and is the cult leader of millions of potential malcontents.

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Posted in: Japan says North Korea missile launch threatens peace See in context

Some is looking for attention!

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Posted in: 10 killed in Colorado supermarket shooting See in context

Another day, another mass shooting.

Mental illness is prevalent and not addressed.

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