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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

You may be surprised to know that there have been 22 political assassinations in modern Japanese history.

Looks like this was done by quickly looking on google.

if you look at it in detail, almost all of those 22 occurred a century ago. Modern political assassinations are rather few

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Posted in: Japanese city passes down tale of rescue of enemy Russian sailors See in context

To say thankyou the German government built a miniature german village in Miyako and also gifted them pieces of the Berlin wall when it came down.

That is incorrect.

Japan passed the Resort Law in the 80s, which led to a bunch of foreign cultural parks opening up across the country. A Japanese private sector company caught on to this and built a theme park in Miyako based on the story of German sailors being saved in Miyako. There was no "gifting" it was just a marketing opportunity and Miyakojima city kept begging Schroeder to come, and he eventually did after a while.

The German sailors were going around the islands from Qingdao, to analyze the potential acquisition of them by Germany.

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Posted in: Taiwan lifts import ban on Japanese food linked to Fukushima disaster See in context

This is why residents in Fukushima Prefecture continue to suffer. Bunch of people here who can barely find Fukushima on a map, don't realize that the nuclear powerplant is located far on the coast, while most of the population lives in the western half of the prefecture quite far from the impacted area, and separated by a large mountain range. Yet because of these stereotypes and rumors, ignorant people think everything in Fukushima is radioactive

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Posted in: Japan on verge of women's curling semifinals after beating U.S. See in context

awesome! did yall know these athletes all came from the same small town in Hokkaido as well and are basically the local town's curling team

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Posted in: Okinawa governor refuses to approve change to U.S. base transfer plan See in context

The "majority" are apathetic to the landfill, or are for it. This "game" is the only way Tamaki and other politicians can keep their jobs!

Actually no, most Okinawans are against it. There are at least two major polls and referendums on this.

but you're right, Tamaki is doing this to keep his job, because that's what his people wants. If he supported the transfer he'd be voted out.

so how long are you going to pretend to be from Okinawa and misrepresent information? not too long ago you said you are from Yamanashi.

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Posted in: Japan protests against U.S. Marines dumping toxic water in Okinawa See in context

why does this ybaru person keep pretending he is from Okinawa.

I laughed when he said you can go months without seeing US soldiers in Okinawa. Maybe if he lived in Yonaguni or something. But on Mainland Okinawa island, you will see them easily, especially if you are in Central Okinawa like Yomitan, Ginowan, etc

and also BS about that referendum claim. A majority of Okinawans voted against new bases


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Posted in: Only 1 governor would accept Osprey drills from Okinawa: survey See in context

No this is NOT the reason, you conveniently choose to close a blind eye to history, or should I say you are trying to rewrite history, much like Abe, creating things that didn't happen to fit your version of it, thankfully the world knows otherwise.

Lol Yubaru strikes again. Ive never seen a weeaboo with a track record of so much outrageous claims

claiming US murder suspects should be tried in the US instead of Japan because the punishment would be harsher. But apparently he never bothered to keep up with the news when Japan sought to put Gadson in life imprisonment while the guys who committed the gang rape of a Japanese girl in the 90s received short sentences (only to commit more violence at home)

Has no experience with Okinawa. If he even bothered reading local news, he would discover how large anti-base sentiment is.

Locals do complain about JSDF issues. You wouldn't know since you cant read Japanese news.

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Posted in: U.S. dangles large land return as anti-base resentment surges in Okinawa See in context

The pro-base crowd simply doesn't understand Okinawa's history. Invaded by mainland samurai clans, then annexed by Japan and forced to fight in WW2 by Imperial Japan where the main island lost over 10% of its population. A lot of Okinawan friends lost at least 1 of their grandparents in that battle. Then a large chunk of heavily populated land confiscated through bulldoze or bayonet policy because of a threat that constantly changes (WW2 era US, then USSR, Vietnam, North Korea, and now China). Of course you'd be hard pressed to convince local Okinawans when they keep hearing the same things for decades now.

Solution is simply to reduce the American presence. Locals are not going to be convinced of a "Chinese" threat when historically, all the negative stuff that's been done to them like forced fighting, hosting foreign bases, crime, etc, have all came from japan or the us.

That said, Okinawans also have to realize times are also different. History hasn't been kind to them but Asia hasn't been a peaceful area in a while. The solution is to have the JSDF do more and increase the military budget. Since many Okinawans are also in the JSDF, local soldiers are significantly more tolerable to local population than foreign ones. Japan has the manpower and technology, but not the political will to do this.

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Posted in: Hayao Miyazaki joins Okinawan anti-military base fund See in context

lol @yubaru I think he is a weeaboo rather than some one from Japan. Yamanashi also hosted a lot of US marines a long time ago, and guess what, Yamanashi people protested and they are gone. Its funny how he says, Okinawans, as Japanese, must do their part for the defense of Japan yet failed to realized, they've been doing far more than their fair share. See battle of Okinawa, or the fact that 75% of US bases are there. If you're trying to argue the responsibility case, you should instead be arguing, why aren't other prefectures picking up more responsibilities, especially since there are prefectures much closer to north korea, russia, and north east china than okinawa. and probably much bigger with more space than a dense okinawa island.

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