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Posted in: U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy performs 'Koi Dance' in Santa suit See in context

Rather primitive performance if not plain stupid.

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Posted in: Trump says reports Russia helped him in U.S. election are 'ridiculous' See in context

@mukashiyokattaDEC. "Just to remind you, the American people voted for H I L L A R Y."

LOL. She was unable to control her husband. Can you believe that she would be able to control the state ? Trump haters, think a bit how silly you're looking for the people of foreign countries in those accusations ? "Russians accused in helping Trump to win". What a load of crap !

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Posted in: Kishida meets Putin ahead of Russian president's Japan visit See in context

@sfjp330"Russia is a third world country".

This "third world country" successfully broke a backbone of ISIS in Syria. If you have no valid arguments, please, keep silence.

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Posted in: Kishida meets Putin ahead of Russian president's Japan visit See in context

@Asakaze " Japan is not an imbecile child that needs constant "protection and supervision".

Indeed. Aren't we tired to listen again and again this old fairy tale about eternal "protection and supervision" ? Japan is a close neighbour of Russia. The mentioned Peace Treaty must be signed ASAP.

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Posted in: North Korea calls sanctions push after nuclear test 'laughable' See in context

@5SpeedRacer5 "I have to say that I have never met a person from SK who has thought unification was a good idea. Just like I have never met a Canadian who thinks unification with the US is a good idea."

Americans often seek for eternal enemy. Russians, Chienese, North Koreans....

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Posted in: U.S. sees 'disturbing trend' as Iran threatens to shoot down planes See in context

Iranian leaders are right, showing Uncle Sam his proper place.

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Posted in: Putin: Japan once passed up chance to take back two disputed isles See in context

@Harry_Gatto "My understanding is that the big brave Russians took over those islands AFTER Japan had surrendered."

Actually, Russians seized them in a battle. You should learn history much better.

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Posted in: Abe, Putin express new resolve to settle island dispute See in context

@DodgyDoner "Genuine question. Japan is so much closer geographically to Russia than America that I've often wondered why Japan is so pro-American and why they don't, for example, form closer ties to Russia."

Just because Japan became a boneless military colony of the USA after WWII.

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Posted in: Obama, Putin, agree to continue seeking deal on Syria See in context

@CrazyJoe "President Obama President Obama is a serious, thoughtful, intellectual, quiet, leader. Putin despises Obama because Putin is a brutish, lying, criminal thug. "

Correction : President Putin is a serious, thoughtful, intellectual, quiet, leader. Putin despises Obama because Obama is a brutish, lying, silly person.

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Posted in: Turkish tanks roll into Syria, pushing Islamic State out of key border town See in context

Its a shame Assad and the Russians have killed more civilians in Syria than they've killed ISIS terrorists.

In fact, Russians are now cleaning the bloody mess that US Government organized in Syria by fighting Assad and supporting so-called 'moderate rebels' i.e. various islamic radicals and pure terrorists. Shame on you, Americans, not Russians.

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Posted in: Video of small boy saved from Aleppo rubble sparks social media storm See in context

@Aly Rustom "we want assad out and we want the vampire vlad putin out with him- and we will. Syria is going to be Afganistan 2 for the Russians. This will be the conflict that tears russia apart."

Keep dreaming and beware speedy cruise missiles.Lol.

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Posted in: Russian cruise missiles target Syria See in context

@stormcrow "Russia's gonna have hell to pay when the chickens come home to roost."

Various sympathizers of ISIS from all parts of the World sing the same song.

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Posted in: Egyptian judoka refuses to shake Israeli opponent's hand See in context


Indeed. When a sportsman from certain country expresses verbal abuse to other competitors, it is also disgusting. Say, something like 'we lost to a bunch of cowards. The better team did not win'.

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Posted in: After all the bad blood, King beats Efimova in the pool See in context

@lostrune2"Against PED cheaters too?"

You know, there are no judges among sportsmen. When sportsmen hug, shake hands and congratulate each other, it meets the Spirit of Olympic Games. Unfortunately, certain arrogant and selfish pigheads showed "the Holier Than Thou" attitude towards to Russian and Chinese participants.

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Posted in: U.S. knocked out of women's soccer tournament by Sweden See in context

@CrazyJoe"Shake their hand"

Perhaps, Swedish football team did it.

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Posted in: After all the bad blood, King beats Efimova in the pool See in context

@lostrune2 "If Russian, Chinese, etc champions would say the same of their own countrymen".

No, thanks. Sportsmen must stay gentlemen, not cheap, selfish and dirty micro politicians.

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Posted in: Brazilian fans boo foreign athletes in culture clash See in context

@dcog9065"They are most definitely unwelcome guests."

Cry me a river, kid.

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Posted in: After all the bad blood, King beats Efimova in the pool See in context

@dcog9065 "...a case of Good vs Evil"

Not "Good" but pure hypocrites. And "Evil Russians" spit on westerners and frankly speaking, do it right.

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Posted in: IOC bows to Putin and Russian dopers See in context

Seems that Dahlberg has some personal problems with Putin or athletes...

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Posted in: 42 reported killed in Turkey as military stages attempted coup See in context

@Joeintokyo "Only took 8 months to happen. Not bad".


Swallow it, Erdogan. Next time you should think twice before playing dangerous games with the Russians.

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Posted in: Canada vows Baltic battalion to counter 'troublemaker' Russia See in context

@gcbel"Russia can change the tone for the better....Thanks, Canada!"

Your NATO looks out like a bunch of imbecile kids playing with fire on oil depot.

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Posted in: NATO irks Russia with massive war games in Poland See in context

@Crazy Joe"...his ambitions need to be curbed".

His ambitions or ambitions of US hawks? You see, people are tired of endless US aggressive plans to be a "World Cop" or something.

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Posted in: Obama still undecided about Hiroshima visit See in context

@Sabrage"Please enlighten us with this "fact".

Every educated person know it except some US folks. You see, in two weeks Soviets completely defeated main Japanese forces in northern China and Kuril islands. Japan turned to be surrounded by allies from all directions. Aand all supply lines from Japanese colonies to mainland were cut. So there weren't any strategical or tactical reasons to bomb cities filled by civilians. Solders fight soldiers while cowards prefer to "fight" defenceless women and children.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan agree to Putin-Abe meetings this year See in context

@globalwatcher"You cannot compare Okinawa to the Northern Islands. It is moron. The Northern Islands were stolen by the thief (Russians)".

No. Kuril islands were seized by Soviets in a battle, during wide-scale offensive operations in 1945. Your problem that you have zero knowledges of world history (as a typical westerner) but anyway you rush to stick irresponsible labels. Once again : before chatting about "theft" and "northern territories" you should begin with foreign occupation forces on Okinawa.

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Posted in: Russia, Japan agree to Putin-Abe meetings this year See in context

@globalwatcher"all need to be returned without question. Okay? I have nothing else to say". Good that you have nothing else to say. Because there many things to be discussed between Russia and Japan except those poor islets. Tourism, joint business projects etc. Besides, if you wish to talk about seized territories, think about bases on beautiful Okinawa first.

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Posted in: U.S. Air Force plane intercepted by Russian jet in 'unsafe' manner See in context

@Madverts "Seems the Russians didn't learn their lesson in Turkey".

Which one lesson you're talking about ? Turkey attacked a bomber. Try to attack bomber with high-speed fighters interceptors around.

"Don't Putin has lost it." Your rather childish hatred to Russia and Russians looks out merely laughable. Try to realize that every independent country has a right to defend borderlines.

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Posted in: U.S. says Russian planes buzzed navy ship in Baltic Sea See in context

@Asakaze"Taking Palmira from ISIS-that was a real victory, mostly ignored by the West."

By western two-faced political hypocrites, to be precise.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors look to Obama visit for nuclear disarmament, not apology See in context

@Dmitro Kovalov"It's all Ukrainian propaganda".

That's right. In addition, even that Crimean peninsula was a gift of insane Soviet leader Khrushchev (sp?) to Ukrainian Socialist Republic in 1954. Now crimeans decided to be with Russia again and you're speaking about "Russian aggression" again and again. About lack of Ukrainian nuclear weaponry. All warheads were Soviet (Russian) property, not Ukrainian one. You weren't able to support a fleet of tactical and strategic bombers let alone nuclear warheads. That is why Russians decided to take weaponry under strict control under Russian authorities and within territory of Russian Federation.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors look to Obama visit for nuclear disarmament, not apology See in context

@Dmytro Kovalov"Go ahead. Disarm. Be the next Russian victim".

What a load of crap ! Many countries have no nuclear triad and they aren't victims of Russia. Stop spreading silly and rather aggressive ukranian propaganda.

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Posted in: Kerry arrives in Japan for landmark Hiroshima visit See in context

@Fizzbit"One question....if Japan had a couple of nuclear bombs, would they have used them...What say you Yamashi?"

Pretty laughable. If Japan had ICBMs, combat laser platforms, deployed on LEO together with Death Star station? We're talking about real events, not Sci-Fi "what if".

@JeffLee "the 10 million people the Japanese murdered in Asia". Please! The last thing for American is to think about revenge for murdered Asians ! Your countrymen used to show arrogance to all Asians, calling them by derogatory names. Do you know American derogatory terms for Chinese, Koreans, Philipino people ? Besides, those Asianpeople were killed by IJA, not Japanese women and children. For the pure revenge, Americans would have bombed say, Army Command center or naval harbor.

"Your worldview only works by ignoring the most events and facts.".

History repeats itself, JeffLee. In Syria and Afganistan American pilots of combat jets mostly attacked bazaars, hospitals, wedding ceremonies. Do you remember it ? It's so easy to slap a defenceless kid or woman instead of armed thug. The same mentality. During WWII Soviets fought IJA and didn't bomb Japanese civilians. In Syria Russians are fighting ISIS thugs, not women or children.

"It was desired by the rest of the world".

A clear example of US-invented mythology and weak attempt of self a justification.

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