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I'm from Indonesia, a country a lot more poorer than Japan. I wouldn't be able to study in Japan if I don't get scholarship from my government. In my country, dead from starvation do exist, but not so many (compared with our 240 mil population). Finding job is tough in my country, that's why collecting can or plastic bottle and sleep under the bridge are considered "good enough" for thousands of unfortunate people in our capital city. Died because lack of medication, yes. It's more common, but not died from starvation. It's rare.

That's why I don't comprehend whole family died from starvation in a country desperately needs more workforce. Many of my classmates can easily find jobs as cleaning service, shop worker or in restaurant. People who works cleaning our dormitories are older people, above 60's I guess, since the university can't find younger workforce. It's true these kind of jobs are paid cheap, maybe 800-900 yen per hour. But at least, working 6 hour per day will avoid you from starvation. My monthly expenses on food roughly amounted 18.000 yen. That's why starvation due to no possession of job never crossed my mind for this country.

Life is getting tougher in Japan, yes. House renting, medication cost are expensive. But starvation should be avoided one way another, starting from us to increase our sensitivity to our surrounding. We should ashamed if we can sleep well at night after having our dinner while we know one of our neighbor (even homeless people sleep near our house) are starved. Don't wait for government, family of three died from starvation is just statistic for them.

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