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Posted in: Japan detects season's first bird flu case; to cull 40,000 birds: NHK See in context

Egg prices will jump again!

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

Blaming others for your failed marriage. Sounds like a narcissist

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit shrinks 70% to ¥662.5 bil in October See in context

Japan is facing big hurdles such as the decline in China's economy and lackluster domestic market. The yen is a reflection of the deteriorating fundamentals in Japan.

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Posted in: Cannabis-derived gummies probed after 9 fall ill in Tokyo See in context

Not derived but synthetics.

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Posted in: Kishida rules out dissolving lower house this year See in context

Desperate to keep his job

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Posted in: Japan's April-Sept current surplus triples to record ¥12.7 tril See in context

Due to the worthless yen

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Posted in: Support for Kishida's cabinet hits record-low 28%: poll See in context

Anyone paid in yen is feeling poor. No surprise Kishida's popularity is low

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Posted in: Kishida unveils ¥17 trillion stimulus package as poll numbers slump See in context

Bandaids which won't stick nor resolve the root problems of stagflation.

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Posted in: Japan 'on standby' to take all possible steps amid yen decline See in context

History repeating itself. With a far weaker economy and larger asset bubble, this will be one for the textbooks

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

What we put into our bodies is a personal choice. Why so pushy?

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't won't hike taxes to boost defense budget See in context

This guy is clueless

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't won't hike taxes to boost defense budget See in context

What a nightmare for the MOF

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Posted in: Japan's automakers unveil EVs galore at Tokyo show to catch up with Tesla, other rivals See in context

Toyota is a large conglomerate of parts suppliers who are largely against EV's. Toyota is not a market disruptor but rather fighting to hold on.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

More MMT, More Inflation!

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Posted in: IMF projects Japan's GDP to fall to world's 4th in 2023 after Germany See in context

Reality check. It's not too late!

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

Committed to this bubble. The higher the mountain, the deeper the valley

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke admits to helping parents to commit suicide See in context

He brings the shame and then proceeds to poison his parents to supposedly atone for his mistakes? That's some ego!

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Posted in: Kishida asks ruling bloc to weigh income tax cut to fight inflation See in context

OR just raise interest rates like the rest of the world to combat inflation

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Railway companies have been struggling with huge fixed costs while overall rider numbers declining for years. Scapegoating the temporary foreign traveler is way easier to explain than to acknowledge real issues

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Posted in: Kishida to deliver policy speech as gov't maps out new economic stimulus package See in context

This government knows only to spend money they don t have .

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Posted in: Japan at major turning point in wage-price cycle: BOJ member See in context

Majority of Japanese companies/business are heavily reliant on the domestic market which is shrinking and facing ever greater competition globally. Salaries are the largest fixed costs so when you combine it with Japan's low labor productivity, doubt management is in a rush.

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Posted in: Kishida cabinet's support rate falls to record low 32%: poll See in context

No surprise as consumers in Japan suffer from stagflation. People are feeling poor as they look at the inept Kishida administration do nothing.

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Posted in: Japan's Self-Defense Forces struggling to recruit new members See in context

No surprise here

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Posted in: Publishing exec gets suspended sentence over Tokyo Olympics bribery See in context

The Olympic bid was won with a bribe so it's all very fitting

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Posted in: Japan's current account surplus triples to ¥2.28 tril in August See in context

Trying to spin a horrible miss of 3 trillion forecast. Economy is not doing well

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Posted in: Reports Sapporo will drop 2030 Winter Games bid draw mixed reaction See in context

Thank goodness!

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Posted in: Japan household spending falls 2.5% in August on rising prices See in context

Stagflation with inflation eating away at our saving and earning. Thanks BOJ

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Posted in: Mayor of Tokyo's Shibuya Ward again asks Halloween partygoers to stay away See in context

Still a free country so good luck

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Posted in: PR firm says it made Johnny's press conference reporter 'blacklist' See in context

Hear, see, speak no evil as the saying goes

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks snap 5-day losing streak on bargain-hunting See in context

The BOJ bought ETF again yesterday to prop up the market.

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