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Posted in: Giri-choco See in context

Do Japanese schoolchildren make valentines for their mothers? Or give them to each other?

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Posted in: Romney surges to double-digit lead in Florida See in context

Endorsed by Palin and Cain. Newt has clinched the grifter vote.

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Posted in: 'Tween' lingerie walks Lolita tightrope See in context

Hasn't the sexualizing of little girls already begun in Japan? First, the female college students started dressing like prostitutes. Next, mothers were dressing their pre-teen daughters in similar looks. Little girls should not wear crotch-hugging short-shorts and cavalier boots; ever.

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Posted in: Man suspected of murdering mother and sister in Hokkaido See in context

I was shocked! Who buys newspapers these days?

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Posted in: Baruto says the sake 'was delicious' See in context

Wasn't he asked to dye his hair black by the Sumo Association a few years ago?

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Posted in: Do you consider the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd to be eco-terrorists? See in context

Saving any wild animal from being killed is also?

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Posted in: Changes coming to foreign registration, visa system See in context

Virtuoso wrote: "Japan now has reciprocal arrangements with many countries so for example if you pay social security here for five years and then return home to the U.S., those funds would be transferred to your social security account." That is not true. It is the amount of time (quarters or years) you have accumulated that can be transferred. However, you can try to reclaim some of the pension premiums you have paid, but only after you have left Japan.

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