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Posted in: Trump says White House 'fine-tuned machine,' despite turmoil See in context

Trump's tenuous grip on reality has slipped even more. He thinks just by saying something he makes it true. He's done that time and time again, lie after lie. Finally, frustrated by trying to explain another ridiculous Trump statement, Sean Spicer metaphorically threw up his hands and said, "This is what the President believes." Trump can believe anything he wants, I suppose, but that doesn't make it true. He's a pathetic, delusional old man, unfortunately surrounded by people so hungry for power that they are more than willing to support and encourage his delusions. Never imagined seeing the U.S. in this sad mess. It's humiliating.

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Posted in: Yoshiki performs 2 sold-out shows at New York's Carnegie Hall See in context

The American Dream now is to somehow survive the next four years.

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Posted in: Man arrested for mailing more than 500 garbage items to former bullies See in context

An interesting idea for revenge, but did the bullies even know why they were being targeted or by whom? If not, then it was a waste of time and energy, unless it just made him feel better to confuse and upset them. Like most of their kind, I'm afraid they had probably forgotten all about their past abuse of this guy. Although, maybe they did remember and were able to tell the police who they suspected and that's how he was caught.

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Posted in: Clinton, Trump target two different Americas in final push See in context

Isn't it odd that 8 years ago, one of the biggest complaints Republicans had about Obama was that he was too inexperienced in government to be President. They went on and on that he was "just a community organizer". He was a community organizer before he earned his law degree. Then he went on to teach Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago, serve 3 terms in the Illinois Senate, and then, in 2004, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Now they support Trump? A crooked failed businessman, reality TV "star", and lunatic ignoramus? Can he even spell "Constitution"? We already know he doesn't know anything about the Constitution, if his speeches and so-called policies are anything to go by. Has the man ever even read a book? At the very least least, Clinton has experience, intelligence, and dedication on her side, as well as not being out of her mind.

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Posted in: Japanese director Kitano awarded France's Legion of Honour See in context

Must be part of their "Jerry Lewis is a genius" mentality!

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Posted in: Hate standing in line? Japan now has self-driving chairs See in context

They could have used their smarts and technology to increase accessibility for those who truly need assistance, some elderly or disabled people, for example.

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Posted in: Japan swimsuit teen's eel ad pulled over sexism claims See in context

If the girl were replaced with a boy, what then? Any change in reaction? Just curious.

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Posted in: Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech See in context

And you think Trump doesn't believe he is "above the law"? He's certainly lived his life as if he believes so.

@Lizz: Can you tell me what the vetting process for immigrants currently is? Just curious.

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Posted in: Beefy, beany stew is warm, simple meal with slow cooker ease See in context

Sounds good, but judging from the nutritional information, I'm not sure it qualifies as healthy with so much sodium. But, I'm not a nutritionalist, so maybe it's okay.

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Posted in: MPs debate banning 'fool' Trump from Britain See in context

Please don't ban him. We'd like to get rid of him, even it's only for a short time!

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Posted in: 47-yr-old woman arrested over murder, assisted suicide of parents See in context

I have been taking care of my mother for 9 years. She's 88 years old now. I'm blessed that she can still walk fairly well and doesn't have dementia. We get along very well, but still the stress and responsibility can sometimes be overwhelming. It's important to have support from other family members, but even more important to have caregiver support groups available. People to talk to who are dealing with the same issues. I feel so sorry for this woman if she didn't have that support. It can be terribly isolating to be a full-time caregiver. I hope the judge will have mercy on her, although I think she will never forgive herself. This sentence breaks my heart, "then she took her mother by the hand and led her into deeper water and then let her go." Tragic.

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Posted in: Actress Tomoko Tabata reportedly attempts suicide See in context

Wow. "Crazy eyes." "Nutjob." Is it any wonder some people with mental health issues try to hide their problems? Such compassion. I hope she gets the help she needs, whatever her issues may be.

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Posted in: The resplendent autumn colors of Nikko See in context

It is beautiful, but the two photos accompanying the article aren't very impressive!

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Posted in: What do Japanese men think about dating foreign women? See in context

It was great to see several of the guys give quite thoughtful answers to all the questions. They seem to be pretty knowledgeable already about the pros and cons. All of the guys were interesting, though - smart, funny, attractive, etc. They should have more confidence! From the background, it looks like some kind of international event or something, so maybe a lot of the visitors were already interested in foreign countries and/or meeting or dating foreigners. Good luck to them all!

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Posted in: Osaka convenience stores to help wandering dementia sufferers See in context

A practical and caring plan, particularly with the number of elderly in Japan on the increase, and many of them still living alone.

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Posted in: Apple ups hiring, but faces obstacles to making phones smarter See in context

Instead of making our phones smarter, why don't we try to be smarter ourselves? We need more work in that area, I think.

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Posted in: Kanye rants at VMAs; Miley Cyrus flashes breast See in context

I don't know why there have to be so many entertainment awards shows anyway. What other industry feels the need to pat itself on the back in public repeatedly year after year after year? How insecure are you? Strange cult of celebrity, I guess.

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Posted in: Fired reporter kills 2 former co-workers on live TV in Virginia See in context

Liberals -- both foreign and domestic -- can shake their li'l leftists fists all they want, but my 2nd Admendment right trumps their whining and day of the week . . . .

And which "well-regulated Militia" do you belong to?

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Posted in: Yamada was questioned by police in Tokyo 2 days before Osaka child murders See in context

Didn't Tokyo police have access to his criminal record? I thought I read that he was recently released from prison for other crimes involving handcuffs, children, etc. Surely, the Tokyo police must have known that. They kept him for 3 hours and must have checked. And he was allowed to keep the stun gun? I know these things in themselves are not illegal to possess, but if they knew his record, how could they let him go? Couldn't they hold him on some charge for having those things in his possession given his criminal history? None of this makes any sense to me.

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Posted in: Traces of blood found in minivan of suspect in child killings See in context

From The Japan Times:

Tokyo police stopped and questioned Yamada around 12:15 a.m. on Aug. 11 while he was driving a car with a male passenger in the capital’s Akiharaba district. Aside from the stun gun and handcuffs, a syringe was also found in a bag of his, prompting police to conduct a drug test, the sources said.

His urine sample tested negative and Yamada told the police the stun gun was for self-defense, leading the police to release him three hours later after deeming that he had not violated any laws.

The police asked Yamada to hand over the stun gun voluntarily but he refused, the sources said.

Because the stun gun appeared old and did not have a battery inside, Yamada likely did not intend to use it immediately, the sources said.

Didn't Tokyo police have access to his criminal record? Wasn't he on parole, or don't they have that system in Japan? I thought I read that he was recently released from prison for other crimes involving handcuffs, children, etc. Surely, the Tokyo police must have known that. They kept him for 3 hours and must have checked. And he was allowed to keep the stun gun??? None of this makes any sense to me.

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Posted in: 59% of 'salarymen' find family life more exhausting than work See in context


Bottom line, not everybody is meant to get married and be a parent. I'm often asked "but won't you feel lonely in your twilight years?" Well, I'll take my chances. I cherish my freedom and peace of mind.

Exactly. I always reply, "You have a spouse and children now, but do you have any guarantee that you won't feel lonely in YOUR twilight years?" Who can say what the future will bring? I know lots of elderly people who were married, but their spouse has died, or had children, but they moved away or just don't take the time to visit. Having a family is no guarantee of happy twilight years. Better to just build the best life you can, whether that's as a married or single person.

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Posted in: Folding fan emblem proposed for 2020 Olympics soars in popularity See in context

I like this much better, but can anyone tell me why the Paralympics always have to have a different logo? Why can't they use the same logo? Is it just "tradition"? Just wondering...

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Posted in: 'Children of the aggressors' - Japanese war babies adopted by China See in context

So sad that he couldn't see his adoptive mother again. She cared for and raised him for 13 years, from age 3 to 16, all of his childhood. She must have missed him dearly. How lucky he found his birth mother, but still a pain in his heart that he never saw his adoptive mother again. What a terrible chapter of WWll, made worse by both governments after the war.

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Posted in: New Tokyo hotel lets you sleep in a bookstore See in context

The hotel says they are targeting overseas and out-of-town travelers as their main customer base

If this is the case, if would be helpful if their website offered info in some languages other than just Japanese for their overseas guests. Anyway, looks like a unique idea.

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Posted in: Sexual images of minors in manga and anime: Art or obscenity? See in context


People keep saying 'as long as no one gets hurt', yet it's the sexualization of children, among other things, that lead some people to the conclusion that child pornography, sex abuse don't cause any harm. Children are people, not objects.


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Posted in: Olympic emblems unveiled See in context

You'll never please everyone with the design. By the way, if the Paralympic Games are equal, why do they have to have a separate logo? Can't they share the same logo? It's the Olympics, for everyone. Just curious.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 7 wounded in Louisiana movie theater shooting See in context

Yes, let's all just pray, for all the good that will do us. Because we're just too stupid or cowardly, or lack any political will or guts to change anything about the gun culture in the U.S. For God's sake, what will it take to make people wake up!!! Honestly, I just despair of it ever changing, it just gets worse. I wish they could take the bodies from this latest crime to Washington and lay them at the feet of the congressmen/women who are the biggest supporters of the NRA. Maybe they need to have it made real to them. I mean, if the murdered children in Sandy Hook wasn't enough, what will it take? And it's not just these mass shootings; what about the gun deaths that happen DAILY in the U.S.? I doesn't have to be like this, people. It wasn't like this 50 years ago, so what has changed? More guns? More pissed-off people? More mentally ill people? More violence on TV, in movies, in video games? Whatever it is, can't we work to change it rather than just pray?

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Posted in: Video asks young Japanese adults what they know about Canada See in context

I thought it was fun. It wasn't meant to be some serious research, and I don't know if you'd get a much better result asking a small group of average American college students the same questions. At least one boy said he'd study Canada more! ;)

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Posted in: Trump stirs new controversy by criticizing McCain war record See in context

I have no opinion on whether John McCain is a hero or not, but he certainly did his own part in firing up "the crazies" during his campaign for President when he chose Sarah Palin as a running mate. He's responsible for putting that looney on the national stage. And now Donald Trump is whipping up the same group of mouth-breathers. If only the media would just ignore him, but the story is too good, I guess. Oh, please let it be over soon!

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