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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

If anybody wants to know a little bit about Alum - http://www.ochef.com/1080.htm

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Posted in: Japanese pop singer dressed as pineapple robbed in Sweden See in context

This is funny

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Posted in: Dealing with sexual harassment in the workplace See in context

There is sexual harassment in Japan. It is everywhere, but if it ain't broke don't fix it.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist campaigns to keep his family’s killer behind bars See in context

Wow, six people in a country where over 20% of the population has a mental condition, thats a recipe for a partyyyyy

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

I can see this entire thing play out. Can't anybody see the humor in this? Having her broken jaw wired shut will teach her to shut her mouth no? He punched her again even after the authorities had him. Then he said he couldn't help them about the crowded trains, the kid is a comedian (physical humor).

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Posted in: Sharp introduces receiver tuner module for One-Seg digital broadcasts See in context

Its just the beginning

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Posted in: J.Lo See in context

What the hell happened to her? It doesn't even look like J-lo. Plastic surgery man, murder

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Posted in: Two men arrested for pouring water from apartment balcony onto people below See in context

Hey Wakarimasen, you said it's better than some of the recent antics we've read about, like what?

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Posted in: Microsoft to let PC users turn off IE web browser See in context

Do you think any company is better than the next? They're all just looking for a way to cheat. Microsoft had a good game going on for a little, but now they have to figure out a different way to beat the competition, say... innovating, or, making a better product that doesn't crash every 2 seconds.

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