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Yasuragi comments

Posted in: Man, daughter found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

nosukeToday 06:16 pm JST

What were the motivations of this murder suicide? Did father murder his daughter against her will or the opposite

She...hung her father and then strangled herself to death?

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Posted in: Eat your bento and your bento box too with these next-level onigiri rice balls See in context

So....it's just an onigiri except harder to eat, twice as expensive and pretending to be eco friendly?

Well, it has a cutsey name so I'm sure people will line up for an hour to try it once.

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Posted in: Missing husband hinted at killing wife, police say See in context

David BrentToday

How do you "hint" at murder?

"So, yeah, I may have, you know, can't be 100% certain, but, yeah, might have killed her like".

She had it coming

She had it comin' all along

I didn't do it, but if I'd done

How could you tell me that I was wrong?

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Posted in: Japan to reduce plastic waste from April See in context

Can they do anything about reducing snack packages? Must everything be individually wrapped, in a plastic tray, inside another wrapping, inside a box? It's an awful lot of garbage for six cookies.

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Posted in: Man arrested for locking 2-month-old son in freezer See in context

“My son is so cute that I just wanted to play a trick on him and had no intention of abusing him.”

iT wAs JuSt A pRaNk, BrO!

What a garbage person.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over attempted murder of 3-month-old son See in context


I used to work at a school where the local children's home kids attended. I thought they'd mostly be orphans but, no, as you said many had parents who just couldn't care for them.

But the most heart breaking was a girl whose parents got divorced, so she lived with her mom until mom got remarried and punted her off to the father until the father got remarried and punted her off to the children's home. She had younger siblings! Two parents that just couldn't be bothered to care for their kid. And she was a good kid, too! I hope she's doing well.

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Posted in: Glass object thrown from high-rise building hits car on expressway See in context

Square decorative glass stone? Sounds like someone's balcony garden is missing an outdoor light.

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Posted in: Woman with signal blocked-TV loses appeal contesting her obligation to pay NHK fees See in context

Why are you folks wasting time talking to the NHK, even just to tell them to pound sand? Don't even open the door in the first place.

We get an NHK prowling season about twice a year. Sometimes they're pounding on the door three times a day. Couple times they've showed up after 10pm. Then they dissappear, hopefully having rethought their life choices and found employment elsewhere.

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Posted in: Ghibli Museum asking for donations from overseas fans to help it through hard times See in context

Maybe the CEOs could arrange all their private yachts to spell out "doumo" after the donations start coming in.

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence over death of newborn child See in context

1.36 kilograms? That is awfully small. Even if the baby was heavier at birth it was still a couple months premature. How sad.

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Posted in: Woman gets 3 years in jail for starvation death of 10-month-old daughter See in context

Three years from now she'll be released and get custody of the survivors. Just you wait and see. :(

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after falling from 25th-floor balcony in Osaka See in context

I have stop locks on the sliding doors and windows to prevent my cats from sharing the same fate. Why aren't these standard for houses with children?

So awful all around.

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Posted in: Mother suspected after 9-year-old son fatally stabbed See in context


Tragic. How can a mother do that and why only one of her sons?

Motherhood isn't a magic spell that makes someone a good, sane person.

Likely, she was planning on killing both and the older one escaped before she could.

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Posted in: 75-year-old woman arrested after body of another woman found in house See in context

Decomposition at the hottest time of the year...phew. I cannot imagine.

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Posted in: Man arrested in train stabbings says he suffered rejection in relationships See in context

Unlucky in love, huh? Can't imagine why.

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Posted in: Osaka police ask public for help on girl missing for 18 years See in context

One must assume she's already gone. But then you hear about people escaping their captors after being locked in basements for years and wonder. Could be she's walking around outside but unable to leave because she's a still captive in her mind.

Poor girl. Poor family.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 1-year-old son See in context

He kicked a baby?

Mom took him to the doctor nearly 24 hours later. Did she not notice a bruise? Would this injury not leave an obvious mark?

"Their apartment". Lovely, a year old and mom's already moved a new guy in. New boyfriend/girlfriend is practically the middle square of Abused Child Bingo.

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Posted in: Woman arrested over fatal stabbing of boyfriend See in context

I could almost buy a "I didn't meant to kill him argument" with a singular stabbing in the heat of the moment, and then realising what you did. Multiple stabbings? Maybe not premediated, but definitely murderous intent.

I knew a guy in college that killed his bother like that. They were having some dumb argument in the kitchen, the brother smacked him across the face breaking his glasses and the guy stabbed him a single time with the fillet knife from the counter. Hit him right in the aorta. Amazing aim, you know, without glasses and all.

He called 911 immediately and stayed on the line doing his best but I believe the brother died before EMTs arrived.

Something tells me this situation is...quite a bit different.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man caught on school grounds sent to prosecutors See in context

We have a stranger danger drill every few months at my school. Does anyone know how much force I'm legally allowed to use if a crazy person charges us with a knife? 'Cause my first reaction is to hit them hard enough with a chair that they can't get up again soon. I could never forgive myself if anything happened to the kids. My goodness how terrifying.

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Posted in: 3-meter pet python found after 2-week search in Yokohama See in context

"The owner said the snake will be no longer his and will be managed by the Yokohama city authorities."

Does...does this mean it's being sent to hokenj- I mean, a nice farm where it can slither and play with all the other snakes in the butterscotch fountain?

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Posted in: Man kills 6, then himself, at Colorado birthday party shooting See in context

It was Colorado's worst mass shooting since a gunman killed 10 people at a Boulder supermarket March 22.

The worst mass shooting in almost two whole months!

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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder See in context

Why wouldn't the man's name be released if he's not a minor?

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

Well, he's a garbage person but was what he did illegal? Birthday gifts are given freely. And at 100,000 yen between 35 women it's not like he was emptying their retirement accounts.

Honestly curious, does Japan have laws about fraud in anticipation of marriage? Or is this in the scope of rape by deception?

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Posted in: Woman says she left husband’s body at home because she thought it wouldn’t fit into coffin See in context

he died sometime between Feb 27 and March 23.

I know they're probably only basing that on the last time anyone saw him alive and the day his daughter discovered what happened but surely they could narrow it down more than that?

If he died a month ago...my goodness I cannot imagine the state of decomposition. That poor daughter walking into the living room and seeing that.

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Posted in: Mos Burger adds sliced bread to their menus See in context

And people will wait in lines wrapped around the block hoping to make a reservation.

For white bread.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context


My sarcasm didn't come through in my post as much as I'd intended.

This is an awful tragedy and I feel not a single drop of sympathy for the neglectful mother.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died after being left in overheated car gets 6 years in prison See in context

Sure, only six years, but golly hasn't she been through enough? Isn't losing her children the real punishment here? /s

The poor father.

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Posted in: Mother whose daughters died in overheated car while she went drinking goes on trial See in context

I still cannot believe she knew something was wrong at dawn and still slept it off another 7+ hours before calling the ambulance. She didn't want a DUI and now two innocent children are gone because of her.

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Posted in: Watch out for the wolf See in context

There's also a kamishibai called Uirusu ookami. We have it at work. It's a proper story with the big bad wolf tempting Little Red Riding Hood into not wearing a mask, eating in crowded places, not washing her hands and visiting grandma even though she has a bit of a cough. The kids love it.

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Posted in: Daughter left mother's body in freezer for 10 years See in context

Why is it in these cases the people have no end game in mind? This woman had ten years time to, I dunno, dispose of the body slowly or bury it in the woods somewhere. Instead it was left for someone to find in a closet.

I guess true crime shows aren't as popular over here. They have nothing to guide them.

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