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Posted in: Miyazaki town remembers Japanese, U.S. dead from 2 plane crashes around WWII end See in context

The other accident occurred on Aug 7, just as the war was drawing to a close. Piloted by Sgt. Gijin Toku, who was 21, the fighter was on its way from the Metabaru airfield in Saga Prefecture, a training site of the kamikaze special attack unit, to the Korea Strait for night navigational exercises before it crashed.

Although government documents placed the crash site in the Korea Strait, residents in Takachiho found the fighter's fuselage in the mountains. They also buried the body of Toku in the military cemetery in the town.

What makes the gov't report even more suspicious is that, if this was a navigational exercise, why was this pilot so way off-course? Takachiho is probably a 12-minute flight in the exact opposite direction from the Korean Straits, assuming he was flying at the Hayabusa's max speed (500km/hr) over the 100 km distance to the crash site. But more likely, he was at cruising speed and would have taken closer to 30 minutes. 30 minutes of flight time off-course is unlikely esp. if it's in the opposite direction ...

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Posted in: Moroccan Olympic boxer tries to take a bite out of opponent See in context

Kudos to NyIka's classy response and sportsmanship.

Wishing him gold.

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Posted in: Why Japan took the word 'mansion' and applied it to condominiums See in context

They probably wanted to avoid having to say コンドーム for short.

Better nomenclatures (than マンション) could have been:

a co-op








... but we're stuck forever with マンション.


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Posted in: Doctors in euthanasia case indicted over another death 10 years ago See in context

The father was only 77 years old and under the care of a mental institution.

They willingly took him out and killed him the next day. No way could the father have been in the right state of mind to consider the gravity of this option and give consent.


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Posted in: Shogo Suzuki: The CEO changing Japanese society’s attitude to ex-inmates See in context

Good for Shogo for the making the most of a second chance. Cheering him on to bring great social change and to serve as an inspiring role model for the scores of others who have the slightest doubts in themselves about their ability to stay straight and become a productive member of society.

In case Shogo already hasn't, I'd recommend that he get in contact with others who have an inspiring story like himself and start a global, collaborative effort -- People like:

Prof. Aaron Kinzel, another former incarceree who has gone on to become a professor at the University of Michigan and who is an inspiration for prison reform.https://www.huffpost.com/entry/from-ex-prisoner-to-professor-and-prison-reform-advocate_b_58acba34e4b040d4868a61c2

Michael Santos who served 26 years of a 45-year sentence and there discovered, by chance, a book on Socrates and philosophy. That book turned him around enough to educate himself in prison and end up becoming an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University in criminal justice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_G._Santos

Last but not least, there's Dr. Stanley Andrisse, a professor at Johns Hopkins and Howard University whose road is similar to Shogo's and whose mission now is lessen the stigma former prisoners face when trying to establish themselves in their return to society. Check out his talk here: https://theconversation.com/i-went-from-prison-to-professor-heres-why-criminal-records-should-not-be-used-to-keep-people-out-of-college-97038

Like Shogo mentions, and which I found the others to mention similarly, the recidivism rates are high, particularly when there isn't a strong and sustainable support system. I think the four of them (as well as other inspirational people like them) NEED to get together.

All the best.

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