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Posted in: Odaiba set for world’s largest 'doujinshi' manga gathering See in context

the pic definitely needs a caption...

Okay. Here's a girl dressed as I-No from the Guilty Gear arcade game series.

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Posted in: Conservatives lost more than an election See in context

The author, Chuck Baldwin, was the candidate for President from the Constitution Party this cycle. The Constitution Party (formerly the US Taxpayers' Party) is somewhat similar to the Libertarian Party ideologically, but is more protectionist economically and more socially conservative. Like the Ron Paul movement, but with a lot more Jesus.

I figure most people haven't heard of him, since he only got about 100,000 votes nationwide.

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Posted in: Each Aug 15, Yasukuni area turns into riot zone See in context

Where can one purchase IJA marches in CD format such as the "Imperial March"?

I don't know about IJA anthems, but IJN anthem CDs can be purchased in the Yushukan gift shop.

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