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Posted in: Baker, Tachimoto win judo gold for Japan See in context

Two tomorrow and one over heavy women's Saturday ? **** Ippon judo Japan

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Posted in: Russian Khalmurzaev wins judo gold; Nagase gets bronze See in context

History tells us u can that all should be tested .When I was at the Muhen olmpics for judo there was no drug testing .The East German team were on drugs ,the women had hairy faces and the men had tits. The whole Russian team should have been banned for the sins of their government this time . Herr comrade Viser I.J.F. is a good friend of her president Putin who is honoury president of the ijf Which explains it all .

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Posted in: Russian Khalmurzaev wins judo gold; Nagase gets bronze See in context

hope they test him for drugs

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Posted in: With Tokyo 2020 on the horizon, Japan aiming high in Rio See in context

Their best hope is 6 gold in judo , 3 women and three men X Muhen Olympian

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Posted in: 30 new arrests as Israel presses West Bank hunt for teens See in context

My theory is that the Israeli secret service has done this to break up the new union between Hamas and the other mob

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Posted in: Gov't plans to spend Y10 tril on public works in 15 months See in context

Spend on making Japan beautiful again , get rid of the ugly power and telephone lines , that will employ 1000's of people

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Posted in: What shocks Japanese country folk about city life See in context

I met a Japanese girl the other day in Auckland nz who had never been to Kyoto, poor thing !

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Posted in: Finance minister wants BOJ to act on strong yen See in context

charge customers 2% for keeping money in the bank , that will work

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