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Your comparison between the yakusukuni shrine and Anzac Day commemorations is so far off the mark it is unbelievable. Having been to the shrine and to several Anzac days l can say the two are nothing alike. Anzac Day is a day where those who served and those who gave their lives are remembered, it is a day that points out the sadness and horror of war. And it is a day to hank those that have served their nation. Yakusukuni on the other hand is a shrine to remember the Japanese dead including those that committed terrible atrocities, however it is so much more. I think what detracts from the shrine is the museum that stands on the grounds of the shrine. The museum that contains symbols of Japanese terror and atrocity (the Thai/Burma railroad train). The reasoning behind Japanese aggression and the way they the Japanese portray themselves as the saviours of Asia and how they where forced into the war by the western nations and only fought it to save Asia from those western powers. You say you have visited the shrine, l guess you missed those bits though?

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You need to look harder, as there are several jokes around about 9/11. You see a lot of people know this is just black humour unfortunately the Japanese are just to thin skinned and do not get this humour and then complain that they are being picked on.

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If this is the same disgraceful safari park that is located near the base of Fuji, then all l can say is no wonder. The animals at that park are kept in atrocious conditions. Even worse than the typical disgraceful Japanese zoo.

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Samurai blue

Sorry but the only sore losers are those Japanese that have a genetic inability to take a joke even at their own expense. Seriously if people can't look at the light side of things then they need to lighten up.

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I really think the Japanese need to harden up a bit. After all it was their government that said their is no long term health effects from this unfortunate little incident and that we all have nothing to worry about.

Now they can't handle a little joke. Come on seriously toughen up princess. People can have a laugh and a joke without it being nasty.

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I really don't see how this is news, they are legally allowed to transit the area which they are doing so what is the problem?

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A man can carry 100 knives either as long as it is checked in luggage there is nothing to prevent him from boarding.

Normally yes this is the case, however when flying from Tokyo to Sydney at Xmas l was astounded when a guy from my flight got pulled up at the transfers security screening carrying a fake katana in his carry on luggage. While these do not have a sharp blade as a stabbing weapon they are still dangerous and Tokyo airport security let him take this carry on. Unbelievable! Airport security is only as good as the low paid clown conducting it...

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“This research reinforces Australia’s commitment to non-lethal research of whales. This contrasts with Japan’s so-called ‘scientific whaling’ where the alleged research begins with a harpoon.

Very well said, l am just wondering what lame excuse the JWA will come up to continue their slaughter now

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Good to see the Chinese ignored Japan's demand to leave its territorial waters. Just like Japan ignored Australia's demand that the japanese leave our territorial waters earlier this year. Ah karma! It's a good thing hey Japan!!!

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My response is "Ferme ta geuele", try educating South Korea about those wonderful Korean guards in the POW camps. How about the Korean Tigers in Vietnam? Before lecturing Japan, please clean up your own house.

YuriOtani, of the two items you describe where either of them issues that the Koreans inflicted on the Japanese? No they where not. One is Koreans assisting the Japanese with their murderous rampage and the other is the Koreans assisting the US and others in Vietnam. Neither instance is Korea inflicting pain or damage on Japan. However the Koreans are specifically referring to your nations occupation and cruelty towards them. The other incidents you mention are between the Koreans and the allied nations and the Koreans and the Vietnamese. Oh and by the way the Koreans make full mention of their activities in Vietnam you can go to the Korean war memorial in Seoul to get a better understanding if you wish.

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"even the war crimes that soldiers (on the "good side") did in WW2, Korea, Vietnam and even now." Can you list them that are on the textbooks? Yeah. I thought so.

If you care to look you will find many references.....

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Thanks for the update. I have seen quite a lot on this story in the media, print and tv here in Vic and there has been no mention whatsoever of this so l was just wondering where you got your info. So thanks for clarifying. Maybe your right and it's to do with his case and isn't reported here bit unusual though.

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Tamarama asa an Australian, this murder is a shocking indictment on our legal system. The man that killed this woman was a repeat sexual predator who had been in and out of jail for rape and was on parole at the time of this murder

While l agree that the judicial system in Australia is a joke, l would love to know where exactly you get your details from that allow you to make you claim that this guy is a repeat sex offender, and was of bail at the time. This has not been mentioned at all I the Australian media, and even a search on google brings nothing to support your claim. Can you give a reference to support your claim.

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Koreans need to stop whining about stuff that happened many decades ago. You don't hear us complaining about the Brits burning the White House or attacking Philadelphia or New Orleans even though, to my knowledge, they have never apologized. These days Koreans seem intent on presenting their nation as a collection of sleep deprived five year olds.

Amusing you say the Koreans need to stop whining about their treatment at the hands of the Japanese, yet year after year, month after month we hear about the poor Japanese and how they suffered... Don't hear you telling them to stop whining.

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So now there are another 11 countries that have requested that the Japanese stop whaling activities in the Southern ocean, this is 11 on top of the other nations Australia, New Zealand, US, SA, UK, to name a few. Yet we still hear words like imperialistic or illinformed or hatred aimed at the Australians for their stance. How can this be when there are now so many countries that are against the Japanese actions. How can all these nations who have a vested interest in the southern ocean because many bored the region be classed as imperialistic. When the definition of imperialistic is "The policy of extending a nation's authority by territorial acquisition or by the establishment of economic and political hegemony over other nations.". Now given that Japan a single country is forcing its will on so many nations who then is being imperialistic in their approch.

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