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Posted in: Sanja Matsuri See in context

Why is a Shinto mikoshi being carried to a Buddhist temple? I know that Asakusa Shrine is right next door to Senso-ji Temple, but someone seems to be mixing up their religions. Good thing I'm atheist and don't have to worry about such superstitious rituals.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested for head butting police officer in Yamagata See in context

Too bad there isn't any video of the incident.

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Posted in: Kishida's cabinet support rate edges up to 24.2%: poll See in context

After the political funds scandal was revealed late last year, the support rate for Kishida's cabinet, launched in October 2021, dropped below what is widely recognized as the "danger level" of 30 percent and hit an all-time low in March at 20.1 percent.

So I take it this means that the new "danger level" is 20%, since he doesn't seem to feel in any danger. How low can you go?

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Posted in: Sunday is Mother's Day. What are your fondest memories of your mother? See in context

And here I was hoping to get some inspiration. JT comments never disappoint.

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to create economic security clearance system See in context

Sounds like they want to prevent people from knowing that the lawmakers are still going to be taking kickbacks without letting the public know. This in response to the LDP using slush funds.

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Posted in: Hamas says Gaza ceasefire efforts are back at square one See in context

I hate to repeat what others have already written, but since some of you don't seem to get it, I have no choice.

The terrorist attack by the terrorist group known as Hamas is what instigated this war. Israel was singing and dancing and having a good time when the terrorist attack by the terrorist group known as Hamas came down, killing over a thousand innocent people, raping numerous women, incinerating babies in ovens, and doing all sorts of other horrible things. Just because Hamas is full of hatred.

That is how it started. But then Hamas took it further. Instead of quietly giving up the hostages, laying down their arms, and making a complete surrender they decided to turn Gaza into a hell hole by using their own people as human shields, using hospitals as military bases, and leaving innocent people to fend for themselves. They consistently attack any aid trucks or convoys that somehow get through, and keep everything for themselves.

Hamas is one of the worst terrorist organizations on Earth right now. Israel has no choice but to obliterate them. If innocents are harmed, it's because Hamas cowardly put them in harms way.

Israel will win this fight no matter how hard Biden, other congressional idiots, and stupid university protesters try to stop them.

All that being said, once again, Hamas has the power to end this war by simply giving up the remaining hostages, laying down their arms, and making a complete unconditional surrender.

Unfortunately, I'm not going to hold my breath. Hamas is full of hate for Israel, Jews in general, and freedom.

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Posted in: Two men steal cash, watches, other items worth ¥1 mil from house in Saitama Prefecture See in context

I don't believe that it's always an inside job, but this one sure reeks of it.

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Posted in: Brazil's Lula invites Kishida to eat his country's beef See in context

I doubt it as good as Maesawa-gyu or Kobe beef. Cheaper for sure.

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Posted in: 'Operation Madonna': Rio readies for singer's free mega-concert See in context

But will the concert start on time?

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Posted in: Documentary focuses on man behind a cruelly bizarre 1990s Japanese reality show See in context

I remember Denpa Shonen from back in the day. It was my favorite show. Hiroiki Ariyoshi got his start on the same show when he and Kazunari Moriwake, known as SARUGANSEKI, hitchhiked from Hong Kong to London. I was so disappointed when the show was canceled.

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Posted in: Man arrested after filming up skirt of high school girl on escalator See in context


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Posted in: Biden and Netanyahu speak as pressure grows on Israel and Hamas to reach a cease-fire deal See in context

It's all up to Hamas. Return all hostages and completely surrender. Then there will be a ceasefire. It's all up to the terrorists. If the terrorists don't surrender, Israel will make them surrender.

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Posted in: Princess Kako to visit Greece to mark 125 years of ties See in context

I'm surprised it isn't Kishida. He's always looking to leave the country.

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Posted in: Japan's moon lander wasn't built to survive a weekslong lunar night; it's still going after 3 See in context

Way to go, JAXA! Keep up the good work!

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Posted in: Olympic organizers unveil strategy for using artificial intelligence in sports See in context

I suppose they should try artificial intelligence. There certainly isn't any intelligence being shown from Bach.

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Posted in: Judge warns Trump over juror intimidation; 7 jurors picked for trial See in context

So they found seven people who lied about being able to be impartial. Love him or hate him, and everyone does one or the other, no one can be impartial towards him.

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Posted in: Google yanks California news sites over proposed law See in context

I don't understand how linking to a news article deprives the news organization of money. If anything, they would get more views and more advertising money. What am I missing?

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Posted in: First foreign-born sumo grand champion Akebono dies at 54 See in context

I would argue that Akebono was the best of that era. Sure Takanohana had more yushos, but Akebono had to go against all of them. Takanohana, Wakanohana, Takanonami, and others from the Futagoyama-beya didn't have to compete against each other, which gave them a distinct advantage. Akebono and Musashimaru wrestled all of them, as well as each other. I got to meet Akebono a long time ago. There's a picture of me with him somewhere. If it weren't for Akebono, Musashimaru, and Konishiki, I would have never gotten into sumo as much as I have. The era may have passed, but the memories remain. RIP.

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Posted in: Biden praises Kishida's leadership and Japan's growing international clout See in context

The blind leading the blind.

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Posted in: Hamas says Israeli proposal fails to meet Palestinian demands, but is under review See in context

Israel's immediate aim is to secure the release of hostages seized by Hamas in the Oct. 7 cross-border rampage that triggered the conflict. It says it will not end the war until it annihilates Hamas, which has run Gaza since 2007.

Sounds about right. All Hamas has to do is return all hostages and completely surrender. Hamas started this mess. They can end it. If they don't, Israel will.

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in U.S. for summit, state dinner See in context

Can he just stay there permanently? He likes being overseas more than being in Japan anyway.

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Posted in: Israel finds the body of a hostage killed in Gaza, while talks will resume on a cease-fire See in context

The only talks should be about when the terrorist Hamas returns all hostages and completely surrenders. Until then, Hamas will be the sole target. If Hamas puts innocent Palestinians in harms way, that's on them.

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Posted in: Man arrested after staying 80 nights in hotel and being unable to pay bill See in context

Hotel management should be fired for letting that happen. I have never been able to stay at a hotel without paying up front.

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Posted in: Biden urges Egypt, Qatar leaders to press Hamas to come to agreement for Israeli hostages in Gaza See in context

So Biden is finally asking someone else to let Hamas know that they are the instigators and should give up the hostages and totally surrender? That's the only way this war will end. Aggressors are going to aggress.

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Posted in: Shizuoka governor to resign after gaffe insulting vegetable sellers See in context

He also told the incoming civil servants to remain honest, watch their language, and that it was "important to be compassionate...

A classic "do as I say, not as I do" situation. There was not compassionate one bit with this little gem.

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Posted in: M6.1 quake strikes northern Japan See in context

Yep. The earthquake alert woke me up. I couldn't go back to sleep. At least I was able to read some before getting ready to come to work.

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Posted in: Japan's imperial family debuts on Instagram See in context

Yet another reason not to create an Instagram account.

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Posted in: U.S. changes how it categorizes people by race and ethnicity See in context

Is there no box for "Human" or "Homo sapien"? That would be all inclusive and the way we should all feel about each other.

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Posted in: Adult siblings fall out over infirm or deceased parents: Who nurses them? Who inherits the property? See in context

I am living here in Japan while my youngest sister and her family are taking care of my mother in the U.S., who thankfully, can still pretty much get by on her own, but who knows when things will turn south? I've already made the decision that I'm not going to ask for anything or contest a will or do anything to break up whatever relations I have with my family. If it were up to me, my sister would get everything since she's the one who has been doing all the work. Even if I am left something (not likely since there isn't that much to begin with), I would probably just give it to that sister. She certainly deserves it. As long as I can keep my relationship with her and my other two sisters, I'm good.

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