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Posted in: Small-town America's never-ending struggle to maintain its values hasn't always been good for U.S. democracy See in context

Kind of interesting that the author speaks of "white Southern lawmakers" without calling out the Democratic Party, which was the majority at that time, including Arkansas Gov Charles H Brough.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to do utmost to tackle negative impact of price hikes See in context

Apparently the "utmost" doesn't include a reduction or elimination of the sales tax, the most regressive tax there is.

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Posted in: Japanese workers took 62% of paid leave allocation in 2022: gov't survey See in context

The school I work at is fairly lenient about giving paid leave. We are obligated to take 5 days off throughout the year, and every year there is an announcement that "Some of you still need to take time off." So they put in the paperwork for time off but then stay on the job. Not me. If I take time off, I'm off. I have no problem getting those 5 days. We get 20 days of paid leave, and up to 20 hours can be rolled over. So I usually start the year off with 40 and take 12~18 throughout the year. Never know when something might come up, so I don't take them unless I need to, or near the end of the year when the time comes for "use it or lose it."

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Posted in: What's your favorite convenience store brand in Japan? See in context

There's a difference?

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Posted in: Vietnamese President Thuong to visit Japan See in context

I wonder if Kishida will be here to greet him, or off on another trip overseas. Better check the schedule.

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Posted in: Ren (蓮), Himari (陽葵) most popular baby names in Japan in 2023: survey See in context

My daughter is expecting her first child (our first grandchild) in January or February. I am pushing for 琉公 (Luke) if it's a boy and 麗愛 (Leia) if it's a girl. So far, I think I'm losing. LOL!

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Philippines, Malaysia from Friday See in context

There he goes again.

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Posted in: Kishida plans income tax cut for households and corporate tax breaks See in context

A lower consumption tax rate, or even better, a repeal of the consumption tax, would be much more beneficial. And I have been in Japan long enough to remember when there was no consumption tax here.

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Posted in: Sapporo's 2030 Winter Olympics bid dropped; 2034 or later targeted See in context

They got it half right. Now they just need to complete the task and vow to never put in another bid for the Olympics.

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Posted in: Curry rice, to mix, or not to mix? That is the question survey attempts to answer See in context

Whenever someone asks me about mixing before eating, I ask them if they eat their meat sauce to the side of their spaghetti. Of course, curry and rice, sauce and spaghetti should be mixed before eating. It's the only way to get the full flavor.

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Posted in: Japan plans tax breaks to achieve economic security, wage growth See in context

The best tax break they could give would be on the consumption tax, but we know that will never happen. Too easy.

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Posted in: Gov't considers support for low-income earners in new economic package See in context

You can give everyone an 8%~10% increase in purchasing power by getting rid of the consumption tax, the most regressive tax there is. Nope. It'll never happen. It's too simple for the LDP to understand.

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Posted in: Little League World Series See in context

Didn't the Japanese team win the tournament last year? Maybe it was the year before. In any event, good luck to them.

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Posted in: 'Dungeons & Dragons' tells illustrators to stop using AI to generate artwork for fantasy franchise See in context

I've used ChatGPT for translating and writing purposes and I have found that, in the end, it is much like any other piece of software: a tool to help you out. There is no way I would turn something in without thoroughly going over the text provided. It's just not up to that level. My guess is that AI-produced art is the same way.

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Posted in: Ex-Japan PM Aso arrives in Taiwan See in context

I understand that the photo is of him visiting a gravesite, but couldn't Kyodo or JT find something a little more uplifting to capture this trip?

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Posted in: Japan opposition leader vows aid for Taiwan in boosting deterrence See in context

Tsai said she hopes the Japan Innovation Party will continue to exert influence in the Japanese parliament.

What influence? It's LDP (with a dash of Komeito) all the way.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy wakes up to find his parents dead in the house See in context

Some are suggesting the kid will be sent all around. My guess is that family, grandparents, aunts, or uncles will come to his aid.

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Posted in: Court sentences 'Joker' to 23 years for stabbing passenger, setting a fire on a Tokyo train See in context

Two years from incident to conviction. That's speedy justice for Japan. I'm just glad that there was no "suspended for three years" included in the article, which, unfortunately, happens a lot here in Japan.

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Posted in: Do smartphones belong in classrooms? See in context

I used to allow students in my university and high school classes to use cell phones. I no longer teach at university but work full-time at a private high school. (I have a teacher's license. I have my own classes, not ALT work.) I stopped allowing students to use cell phones with the current third-year students. I'd say that it was good that I did so. However, starting this year, the school requires all entering students to buy an iPad, so I have to return to using electronic devices. Being an Android guy, I am having a hard time adjusting to the new format. It's been a learning experience for me. I often have to ask my students how to do something. But that's OK. I have two mottos. "Let's learn together." "Teaching is learning a second time." So hopefully as I catch up with them on the iPad, they can catch up with me on the English.

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Posted in: How book-banning campaigns have changed lives and education of librarians See in context

More books, not fewer.

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Posted in: Why people tend to believe UFOs are extraterrestrial See in context

If life evolved here, there is no reason why it couldn't have evolved elsewhere. Whether that life has reached Earth is another question altogether.

I have seen several UFOs. I do not identify them as alien spacecraft, because if I knew they were alien spacecraft they would be identified, not unidentified.

To say one does not believe in UFOs is strange. There are many UFO encounters out there. To say one believes that all or some UFOs are alien spacecraft is where the question lies.

One shouldn't ask, "Do you believe in UFOs?" One should ask, "Do you believe some UFOs are from outer space?"

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Posted in: Gov't begins probe into Digital Agency over My Number issues See in context

I have a simple solution. Just abolish the My Number system and card. Problem solved.

"It is important not to view this as a simple mistake but to thoroughly investigate operational systems and organizational factors," a commission official said at a press conference.

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Posted in: Shops and public transportation services will withdraw from communities under further depopulation, and residents will no longer be able to maintain their lives. See in context

They are having a hard enough time in the city of 125,000 that I live in. Not an obstetrician around. My daughter found out she is pregnant. She has been going to her gynecologist for the first trimester, but from now on she'll have to go to a prefectural hospital in a city that is 30 minutes away on the expressway. Never mind that our city also has a prefectural hospital. They don't offer obstetric services. So much for being a "general" hospital. If they can't help people have babies, they aren't going to be able to do anything about depopulation.

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Posted in: Japan must accept population decline as inevitable and devise strategies to adapt to it See in context

I've tried to do my part. We had three children and are expecting our first grandchild next January.

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Posted in: China seeks equal visa treatment from Japan after COVID See in context

How about Japan restricting visas for Chinese citizens with connections to the CCP? In return, China can restrict visas for Japanese citizens with connections to the LDP.

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Posted in: Japan digital agency to be investigated over My Number problems See in context

So an LDP-run commission will investigate an LDP-run agency?

I don't expect much will come of it.

Just get rid of the whole My Number system. It was a bad idea when it started. It's getting worse and worse every time they try to make it bigger.

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Posted in: Yamashita re-elected as JOC chief; voices discomfort over Sapporo bid See in context

Just say no to Sapporo, or anywhere in Japan, in 2030 and beyond.

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Posted in: Back-to-back airings of the movie 'Titanic' put Fuji TV in hot water See in context

I saw Titanic in the theater back in the day. That's three hours of my life I'll never get back. I'm never going to watch it again, whether on Fuji or any other platform.

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Posted in: As fuel taxes plummet, U.S. states weigh charging by the mile instead of the tank See in context

I could perhaps go along with this if it meant no gas taxes, period. That is, as a replacement. My guess is that it will be an addition, just so The Powers That Be can take away more of our money.

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Posted in: Ohtani first AL pitcher in nearly 60 years to homer twice, strike out 10 See in context

I live in his hometown. He and my son were classmates in junior high school. He's been great for a long time. Kind of wish he'd go to Atlanta so that I could really cheer for him.

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