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Posted in: Gov't panel recommends kids wear face masks at daycares See in context

Yeah, sorry, but not sorry, risks of suffocation and heat stroke are just as valid for adults as it is for children. I work at a kindergarten, and I saw more masks among the kids before the pandemic than now. I don't know why, but my guess would be pollen. I have two co-workers who religiously wore masks contract Corona. I have a medical exemption and wear only a mouth shield, which is bad enough. There is no way you will ever convince me that a flimsy piece of paper or cloth does anyone any good. Get the jab, take off the mask, and show me your beautiful face.

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Posted in: Have you taken a PCR test? How easy or difficult was it to arrange and what was the experience like? See in context

I have had only one when I had a fever of 39.5 one night. The next morning we called my doctor, he said to come on in. The fever was my only symptom. Turned out negative. I had non-Covid related pneumonia. I am thinking about taking my prefecture up on a free test before the end of the month. Just go to the local drug store and get a free test.

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Posted in: Miyagi restaurant refuses to accept customers’ money after tsunami warning evacuation See in context

I've always liked Bikkuri Donkey. Now I like them even more.

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Posted in: Athlete surveillance warnings cloud China's Winter Olympics See in context

Well, since China and the IOC have said there's no problem, we just have to believe them, right?


The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee told AFP that cyber-threat allegations "have zero evidence and concerns are totally unnecessary", adding that "relevant information is only used for the Olympic and Winter Olympic Games".

The International Olympic Committee has also dismissed the Citizen Lab claims, citing assessments from two unnamed cybersecurity organizations which "confirmed that there are no critical vulnerabilities".

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Posted in: 1,000 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

And this is the Top News Story because...?

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Posted in: Clap, don't chant: China aims for 'Zero COVID' Olympics See in context

Athletes are already gluttons for punishment. To compete in an authoritarian regime is just downright stupid. The Tokyo Olympics were bad enough. These in Beijing will be even worse.

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Posted in: UK authorities ease COVID testing requirements amid surge See in context

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the House of Commons that pre-departure tests for people traveling to England will no longer be required because the omicron variant is so prevalent that travel restrictions meant to contain its spread are now meaningless.

This. Now remove all other restrictions and requirements so that everyone can get on with their lives. If I get sick, I will stay home and do whatever else I have to do to get better. Until then, I want to live life as much as possible.

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Posted in: How will pandemic end? Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame See in context

Today we read:

How will pandemic end? Omicron clouds forecasts for endgame

Yesterday we read:

Weaker virus? Herd immunity? Omicron sparks cautious hopes

Which is it? I prefer to be optimistic.

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Posted in: Djokovic got no special favors on vaccine exemption: Tiley See in context

Sounds like Tennis Australia boss Craig Tiley has been taking lessons from the IOC. Money over anything else. I don't expect that Djokovic will be getting any warm welcomes from the Australian people as a whole.

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Posted in: Webb telescope fully deploys sunshield in mission milestone See in context

It's been a long road, and apparently there's still a ways to go, but thank you SCIENCE!

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Posted in: Weaker virus? Herd immunity? Omicron sparks cautious hopes See in context

Beginning of the end?

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Here's hoping.

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Posted in: What is Christmas going to be like for you this year? See in context

Wife will be at work and the kids have all grown up and moved out. Forecast is for snow, so it'll be a white, but lonely Christmas here. Probably just play games on the smart phone, listen to podcasts, and watch YouTube or the WWE Network.

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Posted in: Japan mulls fully automated driving service in limited areas See in context

This is needed for all those elderly people who can't tell the difference between the accelerator and the brake and end up crashing into convenience stores or worse. Seems to be a daily occurrence. At least there seems to be a new case in the news every day.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 trims cost estimate for Olympics See in context

But in the end, the Olympics and Paralympics delighted many home fans 

But it disgusted the vast majority.

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Posted in: Webb telescope launch again pushed back See in context

Here's hoping!

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Posted in: Panel recommends no change to male-only emperor system See in context

I think Hisahiko is going to have a really hard time finding a wife. Any woman who would potentially marry him need look only at his aunt Masako to see how rough a job it is.

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Posted in: Panel recommends no change to male-only emperor system See in context

I'm shocked.

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Posted in: A 'gold' year for some but not for many See in context

I don't think there was anything particularly "golden" about this year. How about 疲 for tired?

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Posted in: What are your fondest childhood memories of Christmas? See in context

Decorating the tree in shorts (very warm where I come from) and driving around town with the family on Christmas Eve to see all the lights.

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Posted in: 60% approve of Kishida's cabinet: poll See in context

They must have polled people outside of Japan. No one I know supports Prime Minister Kishida.

Those of us without children at home get nothing, but have to keep paying for it. Why do some people think that those without children at home (I have one that I am still partially supporting away from home) haven't been economically hit by COVID?

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Posted in: How karaoke bars are changing to adapt to coronavirus See in context

I used to hate karaoke because I was so tone deaf (still am), but someone I really liked invited me once and said it didn't matter how good you were but how much fun you had. She was right, and I have loved karaoke ever since. Alas, I have only been once during the pandemic, near the beginning, and am really looking forward to going back.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs record ¥36 tril extra budget for stimulus See in context

Since I don't have young children anymore, I won't see a yen of it. But my taxes are paying for it. Something is wrong here.

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Posted in: Boxing among 3 Olympic sports in danger of losing 2028 spot See in context

The governing bodies of boxing and weightlifting were described as problem children by International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach, who has long voiced concerns with the leadership of those sports and issues with corruption 

Pot, meet kettle.

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Posted in: U.S. House votes to punish China over Uyghur treatment See in context

From Newsweek:


The only legislator to vote against the second measure was Republican Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie.

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Posted in: City living vs country living in Japan: Which is better? See in context

I've lived in Iwate for more than 30 years. I love it here, but I would also like the experience of living in Tokyo or somewhere close to it for a couple of years. Not now during the pandemic, but sometime.

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Posted in: IOC says it had 2nd video call with tennis player Peng Shuai See in context

I trust the IOC about as much as I do the CCP. That is, I trust them both to lie.

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Posted in: Japan starts booster COVID vaccinations See in context

I got my second jab in August, so I've got a while to go, but I'll be looking for those Vaccination Coupons in the mail.

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Posted in: Fan fashions See in context

They look so thrilled to be there. Hope they didn't have to pay too much for tickets.

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Posted in: How often do you read a book for relaxation? See in context

Not nearly as often as I should.

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Posted in: Should everyone get a COVID booster? Experts divided See in context

Bring it on. As soon as the government sends out the next set of coupons, I'll be first in line.

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