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Posted in: Man robs convenience store, then asks employee to call police See in context

I'll bet loneliness and/or despair played a part in his decision to do something foolish. Too bad armed robbery is the way he chose to get attention.

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Posted in: Student shuts down 444 school websites to 'remind teachers they are incompetent' See in context

What an arrogant little nugget. So he learned how to do something illegal, and thinks that he can dole out punishments to adults because he feel like it.

His own incompetence should humble him, but I doubt it will. He is bringing nothing to the table of knowledge, but wants to knock it over like a spoiled brat.

I have no sympathy for hackers that make the daily lives of others difficult. I hope he has to serve a lot of community hours in a non technological manner, so he can see what hard work is like.

For those cheering him on, remember that the next time you are in a hacker's crosshairs. This is not nothing. It all starts from doing what you want to because you can.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting 16-year-old girl in Utsunomiya See in context

What a low life. He needed to try and bash her skull in to rob her? The poor girl, I wish her a speedy recovery and him a long stay in prison.

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Posted in: Man arrested for break-in says he needed money for tobacco, pachinko See in context

And getting a job like everyone else wouldn't do?

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Posted in: Police inspector questioned over groping incident on Osaka train See in context

I've been drunk before, but never "memory loss drunk." He lost his memory in the short time between touching her up, and being detained? Sorry not buying it.

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