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Posted in: Man gets 7 years for forcing stepdaughter into prostitution to pay cell phone bill See in context

I am proud to Japanese laws pretecting the Child's rights, it looks like they really works. In Russia it is absolutly useless, as a result childreen are unpretected.Bravo!

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Posted in: Ai Iijima died of pneumonia; no foul play, say police See in context

Very sad story. I wonder why she didn't stay permanently in hospital having such mortal desease? She wasn't a child, she had to realise all the seriousness of her situation.

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Well, the situation is very alike in Moscow undergroung. Recently, the administration of subway began to translate a request advising to passangers to give up sits to pregnant women. Yeah, seriously.

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Posted in: Dating in Tokyo is pretty easy—if you’re not looking for a single guy See in context

I have a very familiar story on my own, I had met a nice, handsome & adequate Japanese - Korean man. We had all the chemistry b/w us. Later some kind girls told me he is married (matched marriage-which is awful itself)and has 2 childreen. I was glad I didn't go to bed with him. Otherwise it would be a real tragedy for me, cause I hate the idea of cheating and being used blindly. He told me he didn't live with a wife,he told me he wasn't a family devoted man, but on my question why did you still married? - he answered - Oh! I couldn't leave my childreen!!! Simple as that... I am thankful to him really, he taught me a good lesson-never trust a men, indeed. Thanks Jong.

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Nice and bright holiday, I was lucky to be in Japan in 2006. The beginning of the spring - nice subject to celebrate. Though in Tokyo is warm now , compare with Moscow. Yesterday was mines 24 degrees. I am the one who is really eager to have spring time.

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I wonder what for she has born and adopted so many childreen? To pay to babysiters, while she is acting in a move? If you decided to be a mother of many childreen and be responsible for life of humanbeings, you have to be serious and devote you life to them.

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she is good-looking anyway, the promotion is a good reason to come to Tokyo, but as she wants to be a mother with a large family, ain't it better to settle down finally?

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I agree about freak party-right word for such show!

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Posted in: Paris Hilton See in context

Paris take part in to all promo actions, sometimes really rediculous, as in Russia, Moscow. It looks like her grandfather cut down her money, indeed.

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Posted in: Lemurs See in context

Beautiful beasts, I don't want to think they will be eaten up and served at one of the Ginza restaurant. Shame on you, all Japanese.

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Posted in: Maquillage campaign See in context

The lades look quite acceptable for Japanese. Unfortunately, lack of temper, passion and sex. They remind me schoolgirls on the party.

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